Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP Review

Good: Prints in black and white and erasable blue toner, flexible paper-handling features, strong speed and capacity on optional dual-scan document feeder.
Bad: Color printing and copying is not offered, document feeders are only optional.
Bottom Line: Innovative new black-and-white MFP with erasable toner technology for reducing carbon footprint.
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Product Overview

The new e-STUDIO4508LP is one of Toshiba’s most innovative MFP yet. It’s the first black-and-white MFP that includes a unique hybrid printing technology – an MFP with an ability to print off a temporary document and then erases the print off the page for later re-use.

The erasable toner technology represents Toshiba’s latest feature in helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. In many offices, employees typically print off documents for temporary use (such as proofreading) and then throw them away. With this new technology users can opt to print with the blue toner that erases the text when the user is done with the document.

To do this, the user selects the erasable blue toner option for printing, which can be set as a rules-based feature in the printer driver. Once the user is done with the documents, the papers can be placed back into the cassette and the user simply selects the Erase icon on the control panel.

Toshiba also offers an optional separate toner erasing unit, the e-STUDIORD301. This unit performs the same erasing functions as the MFP but also sorts reusable and non-reusable paper and electronically archives the printed documents.

The e-STUDIO4508LP includes standard copying, printing, scanning and faxing features. It can print and copy at up to 45ppm in black and up to 35ppm with the erasable blue toner.

The e-STUDIO4508LP runs off of Toshiba’s latest generation e-BRIDGE Next controller that includes a 1.33GHz processor, 4GB of memory and a 320GB self-encrypting hard drive. PCL, PostScript, XPS and JPEG printing languages are included. Standard USB and Ethernet connectivity is supported and Toshiba offers optional wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mobile printing is supported via the e-BRIDGE Print & Capture app on Apple and Android devices. Cloud printing and scanning is also supported – users can send documents to or print them from cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

The MFP features a 9″ control panel that tilts and include touchswipe functionalities, much like a tablet. It includes a customizable web browser for accessing commonly-used functions.

We’ve detailed the e-STUDIO4508LP’s other features in our Features section below.

The e-STUDIO4508LP includes many of the strong features for the medium-to-large-sized workgroups or businesses as on other Toshiba MFPs. However, the unique blue erasable toner will help companies save on expenses and carbon footprint.


Paper handling starts with two 550-sheet drawers and a 100-sheet bypass for a standard capacity of 1,200 sheets. Toshiba offers optional paper trays that adds up to a maximum of 3,200 sheets. These include a 550-sheet paper feed pedestal, a 550-sheet drawer, a 550-sheet envelope cassette that holds up to legal-sized paper and a 2,000-sheet large capacity feeder. With the exception of the large capacity feeder and the envelope cassette, the other trays accept up to ledger-sized (11″ x 17″) paper.

There are two optional document feeders: one is a 100-sheet reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) and the other is a 300-sheet dual-scan document feeder (DADF). The document feeders allow for color scanning and the 300-sheet document feeder scans both sides of a page (at up to 240ipm duplex) in a single pass.

There are a few finishing options. First, there is the inner finisher that includes 50-sheet multiposition stapling. Second, there is a console finisher with 50-sheet multiposition stapling. And there is also a finisher that staples and saddlestitches up to 50 sheets. There is an optional 2/3-hole punch unit for each finisher. And finally, there is a job separator for batch printing.

The scanning function supports many file formats, such as TIFF, PDF, XPS and JPEG. Toshiba’s e-FILING features one public box and 200 private user boxes for document management. Each box holds up to 100 folders and each folder holds up to 400 documents. Users can optionally add connectors to SharePoint and Google Docs for printing and scanning needs.

The faxing function utilizes a 33.6kbps modem with JBIG compression. It includes both G3 and Super G3 compatibility, as well as up to 100 pages of memory and second line faxing.

The e-STUDIO4508LP includes strong security features, such as user authentication, disk overwrite, IP Address filtering and LDAP.

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  • Ethernet Connectivity?
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  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


The two document feeders are only available as options, whereas they’re typically offered as standard features at this level of the market.

Companies looking for color printing and copying can check out our reviews on Toshiba’s color MFPs.


Toshiba has been on the upswing in the office copier business, thanks to a steadily improving product line.

Although it may be among the smaller forces in copiers, the company as a whole is much larger than most of its competitors.

Toshiba handouts include Fortune corporate rankings indicating that its global revenues across all product lines are about the same as those of Canon, Ricoh and Xerox combined.

Product line: In recent years, Toshiba has been raising its copier profile both by re-energizing its U.S. marketing and by becoming more innovative with its products. Its line of e-STUDIO models is quite strong, and the company is starting to make an impact on the market.

Toshiba distribution: Toshiba brand sales are split nearly 50-50 between dealers and the company’s Toshiba Business Solutions division. In all, Toshiba has about 250 copier dealers, of which about 30% have Toshiba as its exclusive A3 MFP OEM partner.

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