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Auvik Networks Inc.
Auvik Networks Inc.
Waterloo, Canada
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Auvik At A Glance

Good: Quick implementation, unlimited users and sites, scalable features.
Bad: Steep learning curve for some users, managing alerts can occasionally be tedious.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based software that automates network management tasks, so IT can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Product Overview

Auvik is a cloud-based software that helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and corporate IT departments stay on top of network management tasks. IT teams can troubleshoot network issues either on site or remotely. And because Auvik is deployed in the cloud, companies won’t need to worry about software hosting or maintenance. The software can be deployed quickly due to a lightweight collector application that runs on virtual appliances, physical appliances or Windows servers.

There are numerous benefits to Auvik, such as:

  • Out of the box compatibility with over 15,000 network device types from 700 vendors
  • Intuitive interface with little training required
  • Scalable features to support business growth
  • Mitigated business risk


Here are some of Auvik’s key features.

Navigation – Users can find a specific device, get alerts, see physical and logical connections and drill down into the details about the device (e.g., IP address, status). Auvik has intelligent search and filter features, and alerts can appear on top of the affected device within the network map.

Network mapping, inventory and documentation – Users can see real-time connections of all the devices, and the software also performs an automated inventory of every device on the network. Users can see full details, such as the model number and IP address. They can also see the device’s lifecycle data that shows if there’s an update needed or if it needs to be replaced.

Network monitoring and alerts – Auvik has 50 preconfigured alerts based on industry best practices ranging in severity from informational to emergency. Users can modify or add their own alerts, and they can also set up notification frequency. They can see live and historical data of their network performance. The syslog feature compiles the log data for all network devices, so users can search and filter to get to the root cause faster. Auvik also monitors VPN networks and checks for ISP issues.

Configuration management – The software performs an hourly scan of the network for any configuration changes, and it automatically backs up the latest configuration if any changes occur. The old configuration is logged for review, and users can look into their device’s version history for any addition, changes or removal of any configuration elements. They can also quickly bring back a configuration from the version history with a Configuration Restore button.

Remote management – Users can access a network device and troubleshoot issues from anywhere via Auvik’s in-app terminal. They can also remotely log into a device’s web interface from the Auvik dashboard.

Distributed site management – The software supports an unlimited number of sites, so companies with global locations can easily manage multiple sites on a network. Users can visualize the network performance of each site with a map, manage alerts from all sites with a central dashboard, find vulnerabilities with the global inventory feature and control user access.

Auvik TrafficInsights (network traffic analysis) – This feature uses machine learning to identify any applications (e.g., Netflix, Dropbox, Slack) that is hogging the bandwidth, and users can drill down into an IP address to see which employees are responsible. The geolocation feature uses a real-time map to show users if the network traffic is delivered to or received from an unauthorized country, and users can also search through flow records for additional insights.

Security features – Auvik requires that all users enable two-factor authentication when accessing the software. Administrators can control user access to specific features based on their job roles, as well as view audit logs to get a complete history of all user changes to sites, networks, configurations and more.

Target Market

Auvik targets MSPs and IT teams in organizations of all sizes. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • Alvarez Technology Group
  • Bmore IT
  • 5K Technical Services
  • F8 Tech LLC
  • Helient Systems LLC
  • ITque
  • Network Doctor
  • NoctisIT
  • Resolve Cloud Solutions
  • Winxnet


New clients can test the software in an interactive sandbox or sign up for a 14-day free trial. They can install the lightweight collector in minutes because Auvik can discover network devices as soon as it’s deployed.

The vendor offers two onboarding packages:

  • Standard – The Standard package includes a dedicated onboarding manager, a series of onboarding meetings, self-paced training and a dedicated success manager.
  • Plus – The Plus package includes all of the features of the Standard package, plus enhanced project management and training.

The software has prebuilt integrations with professional services automation software (e.g., Connectwise Manage, Freshdesk), business intelligence solutions (e.g., BrightGauge, CloudRadial), collaboration tools (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams) and remote management systems (e.g., Connectwise Automate, Continuum Command). It also can export data to a third-party system via webhooks and APIs.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the support portal to browse articles, check the system status and submit a request. They can also reach out to their dedicated success manager.


Auvik has two subscription plans that’s based on a per-network-site strategy, which includes unlimited users, sites and support.

The two plans are:

  • Essentials – The Essentials plan covers the core network monitoring features, such as automated network discovery, alerting, configuration management, remote management, global dashboards and integration with third-party tools.
  • Performance – The Performance plan includes all of the features of the Essentials plan, plus NetFlow monitoring and analytics, Geo IP tracking, forensic traffic data and syslog collection.

Auvik doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that Auvik can have a steep learning curve, especially in setting up alerts. Also, tasks, such as managing alerts and navigating maps, can occasionally be slow and tedious.


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Auvik Networks Inc. was founded in 2011 by Marc Morin, Alex Hoff and David Yach. Its mission is to help IT teams manage their networks more efficiently. Auvik reached several milestones, such as $15 million in Series B financing raised (2017), the Auvik Certified Professional program launched (2018) and three new offices opened (2018-2019).

The vendor has received numerous awards, including the Channelnomics MSP Award for Most Valuable Software (2018), DattoCon EMEA’s Most Innovative Product Award (2018) and the #3 ranking and #12 ranking on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and Technology Fast 500 lists, respectively (2019). It has over 2,000 customers and 200 employees and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada with offices in Sydney, Barcelona and the U.K.

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