5 July Trends in Marketing Automation

“Survey Says!”

The Marketing Automation (MA) market will expand by 9.34% CAGR through 2026, according to the latest research by Forrester. Driven by demand for digital marketing and adoption of automation tools, the CAGR in MA will grow fastest and highest in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Europe. North America will continue to hold the biggest market share. Expect no family feud on that point.

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It’s no big surprise then, that the following marketing automation trends have been and will be gaining the big “mo” – momentum – along with mo’ users, mo’ insights for execs, and mo’ adoption by businesses.

1. Automation visuals: Prettier than a Reubens

Once a picture was worth a thousand words. In today’s B2B software market, ActiveCampaign figures a picture must be worth a thousand dollars, at least. Recently, the biz software developer released its Automation Maps, which supply users with a visual of connected software automations that indicate how entire teams of a company interact on a project. Integrated with ActiveCampaign, Automations Map tool visualizes automation status for an account, automation connections across the floor, and automation performance.

2. Quantum Marketing: What’s it and what’s it mean?

The IDM’s Managing Director, Jean Cave, addresses a few issue on the latest skill challenges encountered by marketers in the digital world. Productivity can’t increase until digital skills are mastered. Recent research shows that half of marketers feel they haven’t been “learnt” in those skills, like data analysis and reporting, mobile marketing, and search marketing, that will advance careers and boost bottom lines.

3. Strategize, plan, execute – Trust the process to boost MA’s power

Jonathan Brown for ClickZ identifies five automations that have helped businesses “personalize their messaging and reach buyers wherever they are in the customer lifecycle.” Marketers ignore these at their own peril. And it’s not like these innovations are rocket science. As the locus of marketing campaigns shifts, marketers can leverage these five innovations to optimize campaign outcomes run through MA software.

4. Five ways MA won’t help your business

Marketing automation comes complete with instructions on how to get the most from it. Unfortunately, most of us read into those instructions creatively, and in our minds, conjure up marketing automation as the silver-bullet that slays the supernatural beasts of underperforming business.

But MA is not a be-all-and-end-all. In fact, Adam Oldfield in MarketingTech discusses five ways MA can’t help your business.

5. Odd bedfellows: Should BI and MA software remain apart?

Two of the trendiest buzzwords surrounding B2B software are “business intelligence” (BI) and “marketing automation” (MA). And while both solutions are emerging as incisive and critical to making sound, strategic business decisions, could their synergy be maligned – especially from the MA side? Chitra Iyer, editor-in-chief at MarTechAdvisors, explores this short-circuiting conundrum between MA and BI solutions, as she interprets ambiguous results from a recent satisfaction survey conducted by Heinz Marketing and Insight Squared.

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