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Schoox At A Glance

Good: Takes minutes to implement and easy to scale for adding many users.
Bad: Content creation is an additional service. Social features may seem unnecessary for LMS needs.
Bottom Line: Highly intuitive cloud-based LMS with strong social and mobile features.

Product Overview

Schoox is a unique learning management system (LMS) that strongly resembles a social platform.

The solution not only supports SCORM-certified content, but it can also incorporate many types of files into lessons, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. Administrators can also share training content directly off the Web with employees.

Users update their profiles with accomplishments as they complete courses. Employees are able to engage with others in their workplace and collaborate through discussion boards.

Gamification is a unique feature that brings out competitive aspects in top-performing talent. Leaderboards allow employees to see where they rank against each other.

The solution integrates with Citrix GoTo Training for real-time instructor led courses as well.


Schoox has a wide variety of features for managing and assigning courses intelligently. Here we’ve included five highlights:

1. Collaboration: Schoox includes unique gamification features for users to earn badges, rank on leaderboards and earn other accomplishments to display on their employee profiles. Users can collaborate on discussion boards, rate courses and receive course announcements.

2. User Management: Schoox has flexible notification settings for users and a self-service password recovery process to save administrators’ time, as well as a comprehensive organizational module to keep track of the whole company’s management structure.

3. Content Management: Share content directly from a website to the LMS, upload a variety of file types for sharing, create rules-based folders for specific employees to access content, and connect with document management solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

4. Talent Management: Assess and rank users by skill sets and job duties, and automate assessments by course completions. Create exams for each course, update course material for multiple courses at once and tailor courses to on-the-job training.

5. Reporting Features: Access reports based on internal criteria such as the organization’s hierarchy, create infographics for visuals on reports, compare groups of learners to one another (such as those at different company locations) and export data to Excel.

Target Market

Schoox best serves restaurant, retail and corporate environments.

Here’s a list of eight sample customers:

  • Subway
  • FiveGuys
  • KIA
  • Cane's
  • Pure Barre
  • Real Mex Restaurants
  • Newk's Eatery
  • My Fit Foods

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Schoox is a cloud-based solution that takes minutes to implement. It offers three specialized implementation packages:

Basic: This package includes a four-hour product overview, a walk-through of the solution’s training management module, a walk-through of the solution’s content-management module and a walk-through of the solution’s reporting tools.

Professional: This package includes everything from Basic, plus a service to brand the solution’s interface for your company, a service for creating your organization’s hierarchy, and a personal coach to add users and assign them courses.

Enterprise: This package offers everything from Basic and Professional, plus setup through the talent-management suite for identifying the skills, jobs and courses that align within your company; assistance for third-party integrations; and any further support to address implementation challenges.


Customer Service & Support

Additional services include Success Planning for Schoox, which helps customers reach their goals and connect key performance indicators (KPIs) to the rest of the business, and Professional Content Creation for Schoox to develop high-quality courses that engage your talent.

Schoox also has a Help Center with a variety of answers to common questions.


The information below reflects the pricing as of the date of this review’s publication. Schoox no longer displays their pricing publicly, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.

Schoox offers three price packages to choose from.

  1. Light Academy – $6/user per month, up to 300 employees.
  2. Professional Academy – $5/user per month, up to 1,000 employees.
  3. Enterprise Academy – Handles 1,000+ employees. Please contact Schoox for quote.



Some users have described Schoox as a “Facebook”-style solution. This may not be ideal for all organizations looking for a LMS.

Course-creation tools also don’t come standard with Schoox. While it includes a library for storing and altering documents to use for training purposes, content creation is a separate service.


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Schoox calls itself “the academy for self learners,” with the vision to help people improve their career for a better life.

As a simple and mobile LMS, Schoox was designed for learners of all kinds to use.

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