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PeopleFluent LMS At A Glance

Good: Dynamic reporting features easily customized to fit a company's needs.
Bad: Clunky software interface can be difficult to use.
Bottom Line: A learning management system with scalable features and mobility for learners to access content from any device.

Product Overview

PeopleFluent is an all-encompassing talent management suite with comprehensive tools for every step of the employee life cycle.

Although PeopleFluent has a wide range of core and strategic HR solutions, we’ll be focusing on its Learning Management System (LMS) in this review. PeopleFluent LMS is an end-to-end learning management platform that alleviates many training headaches for HR managers.

The solution offers many benefits, including:

  • Optimized learning initiatives: The web-based, innovative technology is easily customized to fit employees’ needs and help you find the best learning approach for your company.
  • Improved engagement and collaboration: PeopleFluent LMS can host any type of media to foster all forms of learning. It also includes tools that sustain social learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Streamlined administration: The LMS solution simplifies and automates many time-consuming training tasks, like enrollment and training renewal.
  • Maintained compliance: With advanced reporting tools and embedded analytics, PeopleFluent LMS makes it easy to evaluate the course impact and meet SCORM requirements.


PeopleFluent LMS empowers managers to improve their teams’ skills. This not only closes the knowledge gap between employees, it creates a more efficient and productive work environment.

Below are some of the learning management features offered:

  • Course management – Giving your company the ability to present critical information the best way possible, the LMS technology handles all forms of media including video, audio, images and animation. Learning content can be supplemented by quizzes and surveys to identify where training materials can be improved. Social learning and collaboration tools also allow learners to work with their peers or the instructor to improve engagement and material understanding.
  • Preset options – If you’re new to LMS solutions, PeopleFluent LMS offers an assortment of preset options that can either be used as is or easily modified. The full collection includes 20+ predetermined permission settings, 60+ trigger notifications and a repository of 90+ reports.
  • Mobility – Already a web-based solution, PeopleFluent LMS also has mobile capabilities to allow learners access to courses anytime, anywhere. The technology also enables users to access SCORM-compliant content while offline for their convenience.
  • Advanced reporting – PeopleFluent LMS has robust reporting capabilities to measure the full impact of your learning programs. Embedded analytics, search and automated notification features make evaluating data and creating reports simple and efficient.

  • Asynchronous Learning?
  • Employee Training?
  • Gamification?
  • Content Library?
  • Mobile Learning?
  • SCORM Compliance?
  • Synchronous Learning?
  • Testing & Assessments?

Target Market

PeopleFluent tailors its products toward the needs of small to mid-sized businesses in the healthcare, business and financial and retail industries.

We’ve listed some of its clients below:

  • Penn Medicine
  • Santee Cooper
  • Goodlife Fitness
  • Medical College of Wisconssin
  • Standard Bank
  • Hertz
  • WakeMed
  • Scotiabank
  • Exelon
  • Advanced Auto Parts

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PeopleFluent offers a service called Colossus for implementation. It speeds up the process of integration by transferring methodologies, technologies and data through cloud-based technology.

The flexible nature of this service allows data integration from on-premise, cloud or third-party systems.

Customer Service & Support

PeopleFluent has a Customer Center of Excellence to provide support to clients.

The support package comes in two levels: Standard and Premium. The major difference between the levels is having a dedicated Support Consultant assigned to your account.

Some of the benefits shared by both are:

  • Customer Community membership
  • Video education access
  • Automatic product updates
  • PeopleFluent Research Institute access

Support team staff members are expert consultants with backgrounds ranging from former PeopleFluent customers to HRIT analysts.


PeopleFluent doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. There is a page on its site for prospective buyers to submit a request for proposal.


Some customers have mentioned the software’s interface is a little cumbersome to work with, making fully custom reports difficult to build.

However, users report the interface becomes easier to use once they understand the solution’s features.


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PeopleFluent is a Human Capital Management (HCM) company that creates solutions based on the needs of people using its software – not on HR processes.

With over 5,100 customers, PeopleFluent solutions have helped organizations in more than 200 countries and territories. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 use some form of PeopleFluent software to achieve talent needs and goals.

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