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Kannu At A Glance

Good: Adaptable with most learning tools. Customizable in design and function. Avid customer support.
Bad: Is relatively new to the business market. Too many design options can overwhelm.
Bottom Line: User-centered functionality has garnered raves from academics; that potential has yet to be fully demonstrated in the business world.

Product Overview

Kannu is a robust learning management system whose flexibility, scalabity and functionality appeal to academia, business and art. Renowned for its near-universal capability to embed all media types, Kannu can enhance training (product, on-boarding, policy and processes, and more) through visual demonstration. Businesses can develop proprietary instructional content through Kannu and deliver it asynchronously to employees – on their schedule and at their pace.

Kadenze, Inc., the organization behind Kannu, prides itself on having designed a user-centered hub from which subscribers can engage each other. Its many communication features, from breakout groups and instant messaging to discussion forums and interactive workshops, lend themselves to collaboration.

Originally designed for the classroom, Kannu’s intuitive user interface complements the functionality of its media adaptability.



Kannu LMS is purpose-built for media-rich content. Whether that purpose is academic- or business-based, the many features offered are too extensive to list. For this review, we’ll focus on those features most advantageous for business. However, many of the features used in academia (e.g., tracking student performance or storing assignments) transfer to the business world (e.g., employee tracking and project management.)

General features include:

  • Custom branding & landing page – Users can design a landing page branded for the business.
  • Mobile-friendly – Kannu is easily accessible from both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Cross-browser compatibility – Kannu works whether users are partial to Google Chrome, Microsoft (Edge/Windows 10/IE), Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi or others.
  • Scalable, available infrastructure – No matter how big (or small) a user’s LMS needs, Kannu scales accordingly.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – Kannu can be integrated with single sign-on (SSO) providers like Google, Facebook, LDAP, Shibboleth, and many others.
  • E-commerce – Kannu’s convertibility lets businesses not only create branded landing pages for content, but also sell that content online.
  • Direct messaging – This is a platform for instant communication between team members or anyone in a company.
  • Discussion Forums – This is a platform that allows employees to comment on given topics.
  • Calendar Sync (iCal) – Users can coordinate their schedules by synching Kannu with iCal.

Administration features include:

  • User management – Administrators have full control over user profiles.
  • Course management – If a company is putting together a content series, Kannu offers complete  “course” creation from designing it to distributing and cloning it.
  • Site-wide platform notifications – Employees can be the first to know of any alerts or information that applies to their progress through Kannu’s real-time platform notifications, “course” announcement boards, email integration, direct messaging and user forums.

Analytics features include:

  • Content – Lets you know which content generates the most interest and interaction.
  • Activity – Reveals which activities have been joined and completed.
  • Enrollment – Lets you know how populated “courses” are and by what demographics.
  • Grade – Indicates the degree of success an employee attains after completing “courses.”

Content Authoring fosters the creation of materials and includes these features:

  • Multimedia content delivery – Kannu supports 99% of audio and video file types.
  • Robust media embedding – Kannu accommodates media embedding through a simple interface that lets you organize your page and pick your media types to embed there.
  • Advanced text editor – For backend, webpage content, Kannu supplies a text editor that can be used to program specifics of a page to achieve a desired look.
  • Resource attachment – Kannu serves as a repository for all requisite materials for any “course” or lesson.
  • Content cloning – This is a platform to duplicate developed content.
  • Closed-captioning – Complementing its heavy reliance on video, Kannu accommodates a closed-captioning function so those with auditory disabilities can follow instructions.
  • Learning Tools Interoperability integration – Kannu complies with LMS standard LTI integration, so third-party software tools can be delivered without downtime or system crashes.

  • Asynchronous Learning?
  • Employee Training?
  • Gamification?
  • Content Library?
  • Mobile Learning?
  • SCORM Compliance?
  • Synchronous Learning?
  • Testing & Assessments?

Target Market

Kannu is targeted at all markets: Businesses, schools and nonprofits deploy Kannu. Especially as a business application, it can help raise the quality of product training, accelerate employee on-boarding, and even offer  your company-designed instruction courses from a customized and branded learning platform.

Some of Kannu’s clients are:

  • California Institute of the Arts
  • City College of New York
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Stanford University, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
  • Social Media Mastery
  • Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation
  • Real Industry
  • School of Sound Recording
  • Rhode Island School of Design

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Setting up Kannu is straightforward. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app,  Kannu runs in the cloud. That means Kadenze hosts and maintains all the infrastructure and resources a user needs, ensuring smooth system operation. Additionally, automatic and continuous updates (typically one to two per month) eliminate manual upgrades, install new features and adapt Kannu for any adjusted user load.

Customer Service & Support

Kadenze offers dedicated support managers, full on-boarding/training programs supervised by specialists, and access to a support portal where users can find helpful video tutorials, how-to articles, clarifying FAQs and a platform through which queries can be submitted to Kannu’s support team. Kannu also distributes a monthly automated update notification system that apprises users of system updates as they happen.


Pricing is based on active users per month, with a one-time setup fee. Kadenze does not publish its pricing publicly, but supplies a detailed quote upon request.


Analytics is adequate but not as robust as a plug-in like Google Analytics.

Setup is straightforward but could demand extended time depending on administrators familiarity with system generation.


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Kadenze, Inc. is an education technology company built to address the needs of students, faculty and employees involved in the arts and creative technology. Founded in 2013 by a passionate group of designers and developers and partnered with leading universities and institutions across the globe, Kadenze believes creativity is the cornerstone of success across all fields and industries.

As Kadenze grows, it remains committed to expanding its course catalog, forming new institutional partnerships, and improving the quality of the digital tools and resources offered to academia and business, making quality instruction more accessible to and attainable for lifelong learners.

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