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Cogentys At A Glance

Good: Focuses on compliance training for businesses that must certify their employees.
Bad: Authoring tools aren't built in.
Bottom Line: Compliance-focused LMS that partners with third parties for delivering the best training content to its clients.

Product Overview

Cogentys is a compliance-focused blended learning management system (LMS) with the flexibility to meet all training requirements for both instructor-led training and eLearning.

Learners can access training anywhere on any device. Administrators can track learning progress and completions using customized learning paths, certificates, digital signatures and recertification with an automated system that provides real-time progress reports.

The system supports course content in any multimedia format (including video, pdf or MS office) and all SCORM and AICC content.

Cogentys is known for using a consultative approach to adapt the LMS to an organization’s needs, an easy-to-use interface and tools, and personalized technical support starting with the onboarding process and continuing throughout the relationship.


The following five features best demonstrate Cogentys’ strengths:

1. Administrative tools: Administrators are given the tools needed to manage groups of employees within the solution. They can create quizzes for measuring a lesson’s impact, upload a range of resources to help train employees (such as videos and PowerPoint presentations) and view a dashboard for details on user attendance.

2. Certification tracks: Cogentys is a blended learning solution, meaning lessons can take place both online and in a classroom. With these possibilities at the user’s disposal, employees can follow certification tracks required for specialized positions. These learning paths can also be customized for an individual business’s needs.

3. Accessibility: Learners can access Cogentys through a mobile device and through all major browsers online. Administrators can customize the branding and color scheme of the portal to match the business. The solution can also be translated to over 50 languages.

4. Automation: The solution supports email triggers for notifying learners of assignments and other course duties. For learners who must be certified for their position, the solution sends periodic reminders to recertify. Administrators can create rules for automated email triggers that target groups of people.

5. Reporting: Administrators are able to track learners’ attendance and the build in assessment tool provides additional analytics on quiz and survey results.

In addition, because the solution is compliant with AICC and SCORM content, users can bring lessons into the system that they’ve authored or purchased from a third party.

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Target Market

Cogentys is the best fit for organizations with 500+ learners in compliance-focused businesses.

The following is a list of 10 sample clients:

  • El Super Markets
  • Sunoco
  • Department of State Hospitals, California
  • The Finish Line Inc.
  • IBM Watson Health
  • Steelwedge
  • Orthofix Inc.
  • ServiceLink FNF
  • FMC Corp.
  • BREG Inc.

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One unique service Cogentys offers is a 30-day compliance and risk assessment road map. As a compliance-focused solution, Cogentys consults with each client about which courses will meet staff’s compliance training needs from the start.

The solution can be integrated with existing human resource information or human resource management systems (HRIS/HRMS) through application program interfaces (APIs).

Customer Service & Support

All customer support is included with the solution. Cogentys has around-the-clock phone support and a library of videos tutorials for help.


Cogentys no longer publicly display their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Cogentys only serves as a platform for accessing certified LMS content, though it also offers users services to advise them about the best training strategies. The solution requires users to either create courses with third-party tools or purchase courses from third party vendors or Cogentys partners.

A compatible award-winning third-party authoring tool, Claro, allows the creation of content that can be played off-line by users, but it has a relatively steep learning curve.


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Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Cogentys has provided customers with learning management services since 1999.

With the goal to help businesses stay in compliance and simplify training, Cogentys uses a unique consultative approach to deliver the best lessons to each client.

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