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BizLibrary At A Glance

Good: Accessible microlearning video content, recommendations engine that suggests relevant topics to learners, social collaboration features.
Bad: Reporting capabilties are not entirely robust, but BizLibrary plans to offer additional features in the future.
Bottom Line: Online learning platform that helps companies provide a successful learning and development strategy to their employees.

Product Overview

BizLibrary LMS is an online learning platform that helps companies provide a successful employee learning and development strategy. Its robust collection of microlearning videos includes relevant topics like technology, workplace safety and business skills. Learners can access content wherever they are at their convenience.

The platform is available in three tiers.

Learning portal – The learning portal tier includes many of BizLibrary’s main features, such as a branded portal, personalized user experience, curated learning paths, curriculum builder, playlists, self-registration, administrative course assignments, course recommendation engine, email messaging and gamification.

Content management – This tier includes additional features, such as a quiz and survey builder, custom content management, and the Community Social Learning and Collaboration app. Users can also add custom courses, embedded videos and learning assets into their curriculum.

Learning management – The learning management tier has all the aforementioned features plus more, such as learning initiatives, qualification management and classroom and external training management.

In addition to the LMS software, BizLibrary offers two other solutions:

BizSkills – This platform allows companies to provide personalized upskilling programs to their employees. It comes with a job role library of over 500 prebuilt job roles, a skills library with over 1,500 skills and a content library that carries over 5,000 prebuilt lessons. Administrators can simply create a specific training program by mapping an employee’s job role with their current or new skills and the courses they’ll need to take. Additional features include personalized development plans, a Skills Genie feature for creating custom job roles, job role matching and Skills Interest (providing opportunities for employees to learn new skills outside their job role).

BizAcademy – BizAcademy is a leadership training program that provides both live and on-demand training sessions and lets learners collaborate with subject matter experts and their peers. It has a four-week certificate program that covers remote leadership,  executive leadership or inclusive leadership, as well as a 16-week certificate program for both new and current managers. Learners can listen in on presentations by subject matter experts, network with their peers, complete practice materials and receive feedback on coaching sessions.


Here are some of BizLibrary’s key features.

Learning initiatives – Administrators can build a learning initiative (training curriculum) for new hire onboarding or other training programs. Each initiative has an expiration date that’s set by the administrator, but it can be automatically reset upon expiration.

Content search – BizLibrary has a recommendations engine that suggests specific training topics to the learner based on their profile preferences. It also has filtering options and curated learning paths for easier searching.

Collaboration – The playlists feature consists of personalized training content that’s targeted to the learner. Learners can create playlists and share them with other learners. BizLibrary also includes gamification features that let learners earn points and badges.

Learning insights – Learning insights is a real-time reporting feature where managers can measure the success of the training, such as learners’ performance. It has built-in dashboards and reports with at-a-glance metrics and granular filtering for deeper analysis.

Other features – BizLibrary has additional features, such as:

  • Hybrid classroom management
  • Qualifications (software automatically tracks specialized qualifications for individual learners)
  • Quiz and survey builder
  • Customizable homepage
  • Learner messaging
  • Content customization

Target Market

BizLibrary works well for organizations of all sizes because its solutions are highly scalable. Although it’s platform is available for all industries, it’s commonly used in the manufacturing, professional and financial services, and healthcare sectors.

We’ve listed 10 of BizLibrary’s clients below.

  • Otterbox
  • Girl Scouts
  • Watco Companies LLC
  • King's Hawaiian
  • Dollar General
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Kawasaki
  • NBA
  • Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Consumers Credit Union

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BizLibrary’s implementation process can go as slow or fast as a client desires. It typically works off of a four-week implementation plan that includes strategic and technical calls discussing the program, features and functionality. During the process, its staff ensures clients are comfortable using the system and have their programs aligned to achieve their desired results. Clients receives access to the system at the time the first implementation call is scheduled.

When needed, BizLibrary also offers professional services for data migration.

Customer Service & Support

BizLibrary offers ongoing support for all active clients. The partnership is two-fold, as it believes the quality of support offered sets the foundation for the entire relationship.

The first layer to its partnership is the client success team. Every client is assigned a dedicated client success manager who offers monthly strategic calls to keep clients’ program on track. The second layer is the client support team that offers phone, email, chat and an inline help site.


The software is priced on a licensed per user, per year basis. As noted above, it offers three tiers and includes various add-on tools.

BizLibrary doesn’t publicly display its pricing. Please contact the company directly for a quote.


Clients can submit feedback or ideas to BizLibrary through a portal in its platform. These ideas help with formulating a product roadmap and are evaluated and discussed on a regular basis. One idea clients have offered is a dedicated space for reporting tools, so administrators won’t need to navigate several layers to get the information they needed. BizLibrary expects this dedicated space and additional robust reporting capabilities to be launched in a future upgrade.


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BizLibrary was founded in 1996 by Dean Pichee, a veteran of the financial services industry who wanted to focus on his true passion – training. The company started as a literal training library of VHS tapes that their client base rented. As technology evolved, it developed an online training delivery system that became much more scalable for its clients.

BizLibrary’s vision is to see learning professionals empowered to improve their business by using its online training solution. Its mission is to drive client success through partnership and strategy, to provide impactful training content, to deliver powerful technology, to develop employees who are smart, driven, curious and caring, and to enhance its clients’ overall business performance.

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