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Absorb LMS At A Glance

Good: AI-driven recommendations, easy-to-use administration, fully brandable and multitenancy interface, strong commitment to data security and compliance, and award-winning support.
Bad: Pricing details are only accessible through a quote request, and the platform may be too robust for companies that have small training programs for less than 100 learners.
Bottom Line: AI-driven and customizable LMS that empowers organizations to help learners internally and externally to excel.

Product Overview

Absorb Software is an AI-powered learning management system (LMS) provider for all learners inside and outside an enterprise, across industries globally. Purpose-built for an engaging, personalized learner experience and efficient administration, Absorb LMS enables millions of employees, customers, partners, and members to discover, absorb, and apply the knowledge they need. From meeting compliance to motivating learners, up-skilling/re-skilling to improving productivity, and creating/curating to monetizing course content, the platform unlocks potential for companies.

Absorb LMS has several benefits, including:

Ease of use – Aborb LMS provides the ability for creating, taking and selling courses easily with an intuitive experience for both learners and administrators.

Robust features – Companies can tap functionality enriched by innovative integrations and ensure their training keeps pace as they grow.

Responsive support – Absorb provides attentive support tailored to fit a company’s business needs. The client can always expect to get a human who works for Absorb.

Reporting and analytics – The software helps companies provide their ROI for their learning program with an array of customizable reports and configurable dashboards that put actionable data at their fingertips.

Strong security – Absorb employs industry-leading experts focused on the strictest data security standards to entrust a company’s data safety, because learning should never be risky.


Here are some of Absorb’s key features:

Efficient administration – Absorb allows companies to automate their way to maximum efficiency with employee training software that runs on their rules and on Absorb’s schedule. Users can optimize efficiency with automated administration, easy data access, and integrated systems.

Learner engagement – Absorb’s intuitive platform makes it simple for learners to discover and interact with the course content and enables them to retain important information. Trainers can create personalized experiences, tap into the power of social learning, and enable learners to show off their badges through leaderboards and accomplishments.

eCommerce portal – Companies can sell their online courses with Absorb’s fully integrated LMS eCommerce module. The model is PCI compliant with over 70 different payment gateways to choose from, and users can select the gateway that works best for their eCommerce business.

Reporting & analytics – Users can gather the data their organization needs to make informed decisions. Absorb LMS reports and analytics dashboards empower them with key insights that make sense for their specific business.

Learner experience – Companies can give their learners an accessible and intuitive interface that will keep them coming back for more training, all wrapped up in a professionally designed, custom brand style.

Observational checklists – By closing the gap between online and on-the-job training, observational checklists help managers quickly verify that employees have the skills to get the job done and track it automatically to ensure their records are always accurate.

Artificial intelligence – Users and admins can unlock next-gen learning with Absorb Intelligence and Create AI Beta. Absorb Intelligence is home to an AI-powered set of tools designed to simplify admin tasks and give learners more opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge. Create AI Beta allows administrations to streamline course creation by leveraging generative AI.

Mobile app – Learners can access content anytime, anywhere – both online and off – extending the reach and flexibility of the company’s LMS training via this LMS app.

Content libraries – Absorb LMS includes access to thousands of pre-built courses, carefully curated by the world’s leading eLearning content providers.

Integrations – Businesses can power learning via turnkey LMS integrations with leading content libraries, web services, and apps.

eSignatures – Users can boost learning verification and legal confidence with Absorb LMS eSignatures, which enable learners to sign off that they met important requirements while training.

Additional Absorb features include:

Absorb Infuse – Users can empower learning everywhere—directly in the flow of work with a headless LMS—powered by Absorb Infuse. They can transform how corporate learning happens by making learning conveniently available directly in the native applications and software their employees, partners, and customers are already using.

Absorb Engage – With Absorb Engage, users can create a socially-engaging and inspiring learning environment with intuitive and personalized user experience, and peer-to-peer motivation tools like the leaderboard, so they keep coming back for more. Companies can ensure their training value goes beyond the course content, to include news articles, polls, course-specific conversations, and social media interactions.

Absorb Create – Users can build and author their own courses with drag-and-drop no-code functionality, accessibility features, and a robust library of customizable templates and themes. They can also leverage Absorb’s Create AI Beta, a powerful tool made for course creators and subject matter experts in organizations of all sizes and types who want to streamline their course creation process. It allows course creators to generate a course with images by entering a prompt, uploading a PDF, or pasting text from other sources. With this ease, administrations can save time on research and design, while still producing high quality content using Absorb Create.

Absorb Analyze – This business intelligence solution equips users with tailor-made interactive reports and customized dashboards to visualize trends while helping their business make informed decisions.

Absorb Amplify – Absorb Amplify allows businesses to jump-start their training program with a proven, ready-made content libraries filled with smartly-curated, hand-picked courses, as well as increase learner engagement and secure knowledge retention with expert-designed, video-based microlearning and full-length courses.

HCM Connectors – An Absorb HCM Connector allows LMS admins to pull data from their HCM system into Absorb LMS. By leveraging pre-built connectors, customer environments can be up and running in hours rather than weeks. Currently, Absorb HCM connectors are available for Workday, UKG Pro, and Ceridian Dayforce.

Target Market

Absorb LMS targets organizations of all types and sizes, use cases, and most industries including manufacturing, technology, health care, finance and government.

We’ve listed 10 companies that use Absorb LMS below.

  • Airbnb
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Insperity
  • GAP
  • IBM
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Global eTraining
  • Samsung
  • World Wild Fund for Nature

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The Absorb LMS Implementation Plan redefines the industry standard, launching learning programs within just seven weeks of the project kickoff — followed by two weeks of monitoring. With a team as thorough as they are efficient, setting companies up for success from day one is their top priority. Absorb LMS Implementation Plan services include:

  • Absorb LMS training (Up to 10 hours)
  • Portal creation
  • Dedicated Implementation Project Manager
  • Project planner and weekly insights
  • Configuration Support

The Absorb onboarding process consists of five stages:

1. Kickoff – Clients meet their implementation team and discuss the goals and objectives they’ll achieve with Absorb LMS – and the deliverables required to launch the project on.

2. Plan & Configure – While the client’s completing essential Absorb LMS training, their implementation team will be supporting configuration to meet their specific business objectives.

3. Validate – Guiding clients user acceptance testing (UAT) will ensure everything looks good and runs smoothly.

4. Ready to Launch – With UAT complete and approval from key stakeholders, clients are ready to launch their learning program with Absorb LMS.

5. Monitoring – As the business bring their learners onboard, Absorb’s team will keep an eye out for optimization opportunities before wrapping up the project.

Absorb LMS enables businesses to power learning via turnkey LMS integrations – supporting better learning outcomes and a seamless user experience. With seamless integrations between the client’s in-house systems and Absorb LMS, learners can register, complete, and track learning outcomes, without the pain and aggravation of logging into multiple systems.

Customer Service & Support

To ensure customers are set up for success, Absorb offers three support packages: Premium, Elite and Enterprise. Customers can choose a support package that fits their precise business needs. Regardless of the package selected, every Absorb customer gets access to a 24/7 inhouse help desk and phone support, a comprehensive Knowledge Base, Absorb Academy and ample online resources.

Here are the details on the available support packages:

Premium Support – Clients can get started with Absorb LMS and receive Premium Support, covering everything they need to know for onboarding and training. Absorb’s client advocacy team provides prompt attention to inquiries via its 100% in-house support system. Plus, clients get free access to Absorb’s Knowledge Base, and Absorb Academy’s comprehensive training curriculum for tips, tricks, how-to guides, and videos.

Elite Support – Beyond Premium, Elite Support offers a dedicated client success manager who will act as a trusted advisor— helping clients reach their learning goals with progress reports, a dedicated sandbox, one-on-one training, and more. Clients can get annual business reviews, and tailored recommendations to create a best-in-class learning experience and maximize their learning program’s results.

Enterprise Support – Clients can maximize their LMS value with Enterprise Support – everything in Elite Support plus 24/7 dedicated support, high-priority ticket resolution, 60 hours of one-on-one training, and quarterly business reviews. They’ll also have a dedicated senior client success manager who has deep expertise and familiarity with the client’s use-case, and will help them drive the greatest value from their eLearning solution.


Absorb has distinct pricing models based on companies’ unique use cases that cater to individual needs and allow for scalability. For more specific pricing information, please contact them directly for a quote.


Pricing details are only accessible through a quote request, and the platform may be too robust for companies that have small training programs for less than 100 learners.


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Absorb Software sets new standards in learning technology and support, fueling companies that believe their people are their greatest asset. They exceed expectations across enterprises, industries, and continents, helping people learn at the speed of now and preparing companies for the future of work.

Absorb aims to pay attention to the details and go deep where it matters, turning a culture of learning into a revenue engine for mid-market and large enterprises across the globe.

Absorb has won hundreds of awards in the eLearning field, including the 2023 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards, G2’s Best Software Awards for Enterprise and HR Products in 2024, Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship by Trust Radius.

Absorb continues to grow its operations and acquired both Torch LMS and eLogic Learning in 2019.

It’s headquartered in Alberta (Canada) and has offices in Boston, Tampa, Salt Lake City, London, Dublin, Sydney and Shanghai.

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