Google Classroom Pricing: Costs and Pricing Plans

Disclaimer: We source public information for Google Classroom’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that’s targeted to teachers and students in both K-12 and higher education markets. One of its biggest benefits is it encourages collaboration between students and teachers. Google Classroom has many features, such as a class resource page, content development, virtual classroom learning with Google Meet and originality reports (i.e.,a feature that lets students scan their work for potential plagiarism).

In this post, we’ll discuss Google Classroom’s pricing in detail.

How Much Does Google Classroom Cost?

Google Classroom is part of the Google Workspace for Education package that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other apps.

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education has four plans:

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals – This plan is free for qualifying institutions and includes all Google Classroom features, plus:

  • Five originality reports per class
  • Google collaboration tools (e.g., Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Meet)
  • Up to 100 participants per meeting in Google Meet
  • Data loss prevention for Google Drive and Gmail
  • Compliance with GDPR, FERPA and COPPA regulations

Google Workspace for Education Standard – This paid plan costs $3 per student, per year and includes all the features of the Fundamentals plan, plus:

  • A security center
  • Advanced device and app management features
  • The ability to export Gmail and Classroom logs into BigQuery for analysis

Teaching and Learning Upgrade – This plan costs $4 per license, per month ($48 per license, per year) and includes all the features of the Google Workspace for Education Standard plan, plus:

  • Unlimited originality reports
  • Advanced Google Meet features (e.g., meetings with up to 250 participants, interactive Q&As, breakout rooms)
  • The ability to check for peer matches across a private repository

Google Workspace for Education Plus – This plan costs $5 per student, per year and includes all the features of the other plans, plus:

  • Live streams with up to 100,000 in-domain viewers in Google Meet
  • International dial-in access to meetings
  • Syncing rosters from School Information Systems (SISs) to Google Classroom
  • Personalized cloud search
  • Prioritized support

Note that the Standard and Plus plans give institutions one free staff license for every four student licenses.

Other Costs to Consider


Google Classroom accounts for teachers and students are free, but schools must register for the Google Workspace for Education platform first. They can sign up via the Google Workspace for Education page.

Google also has a partner network of companies that provide implementation and training services to institutions. The pricing can vary for each partner.


Google Classroom users can access documentation and troubleshooting resources in the Help Center, and they can participate in a community forum. In addition, there are guides and tutorials specifically targeted to an institution’s IT administrator.

Google Classroom is hosted on Google Cloud, which provides three optional plans for schools that are looking for premium support. Those plans are:

  • Standard – The Standard support plan costs $29 per month plus 3% net spend. It includes unlimited case, phone and email support for billing issues, case support for technical issues, a four-hour response time for Priority 2 cases, response for high-impact issues during normal business hours and an Active Assist Recommender API.
  • Enhanced – The Enhanced support plan costs $500 per month plus 3% net spend. It includes all of the features of the Standard plan, plus 24/7 response for high-impact and critical-impact issues, a one-hour response time for Priority 1 cases, phone support for technical issues, technical support escalations, cloud support API and third-party technology support. Users can opt to purchase the Technical Account Advisor services. Support is available in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Chinese and Korean.
  • Premium – The Premium support plan includes all of the features of the Enhanced plan, plus 15-minute response time for Priority 1 cases, a Technical Account Manager, event management services, customer aware support (i.e., support team becomes familiar with customer’s data and architecture for resolving issues), new product previews and training credits. Users can also opt to purchase Assured Support or Mission Critical Services. Pricing for the Premium plan is not available, so please contact Google directly for a quote.


Google Classroom has robust features, and it can integrate with School Information Systems and other third-party software. Institutions can set up their Google Workspace for Education account by signing up via its pricing page, but organizations with complex requirements can look into working with Google’s implementation partner.

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