Tovuti LMS Pricing: Costs and Pricing Plans

Disclaimer: We source public information for Tovuti LMS’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

Tovuti LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that lets companies quickly deploy training to their employees. It supports all learning formats (e.g., online, instructor-led classes, blended learning, microlearning), and it has many features, such as content authoring, course management, gamification, a dedicated learner portal and eCommerce functionality. Intended for corporate learning, Tovuti LMS targets organizations of all sizes and in verticals, such as healthcare, finance, technology and government.

In this post, we’ll discuss Tovuti LMS’s pricing plans in detail.

Does Tovuti LMS have a free plan?

Tovuti LMS doesn’t have a free plan. However, prospects that want to see the software in action can watch a demo video on its site.

Tovuti LMS Pricing Plans

Note that Tovuti no longer publishes its pricing as of June 2023; please contact the vendor for a custom quote.

Tovuti LMS offers monthly and annual pricing subscriptions. It has five plans based on the number of learners. While Tovuti LMS displays pricing on its site, it is for information only, and prospects are encouraged to book a time with Tovuti LMS’s staff to get a custom quote.

We’ve listed the five pricing plans (billed annually) below.

50 Users

The 50-user plan costs $775 per month, and there’s a setup fee of $2,500.

250 Users

The 250-user plan costs $945 per month, and there’s a setup fee of $3,000.

500 Users

This plan costs $1,325 per month and the setup fee is $3,500.

1,500 Users

With this plan, companies can pay $1,925 per month and there’s a setup fee of $4,000.


The Enterprise plan is intended for companies with more than 1,500 users/learners. It requires a custom quote.


We also want to note that the vendor provides specialized pricing for federal government agencies. Those prospects can contact Tovuti LMS for a quote.

Pro Tier

Tovuti LMS has a Pro tier that covers advanced features. Pricing is based on a multi-year contract. Some of the features available in the Pro tier are:

  • Course authoring
  • Gated content
  • User groups
  • Gamification
  • Localization
  • Live learning (e.g., virtual classrooms, blended, in-person)
  • PowerPoint importer
  • SCORM importer
  • AICC importer
  • Course monetization
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Zapier/API integration
  • Dual-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on

Professional Services

Tovuti LMS provides several optional Professional Services for organizations who don’t have in-house resources at their disposal. Here are some of those services.

Instance Design

With this service, Tovuti LMS’s team designs the client’s LMS instance (e.g., landing page) with the client’s branding. There are three packages the client can choose from:

Design Intro

The Design Intro package costs $2,500 and includes branding (e.g., logo, colors) and landing page design. Tovuti LMS can design the landing page with a header, footer, a slide show and a zone, which is a section on the landing page that has specific content (e.g., contact form, featured article).

Design +

The Design + package costs $5,000 and has all of the services of the Design Intro package, plus up to two zones in a landing page and up to three internal/author page views, such as courses, a media library and a learner dashboard.

Design Pro

This package costs $7,500 and adds on five zones and six internal/author page views.

Content Assembly

The Professional Services team can create various content, such as lessons and quizzes. It’s broken down into three packages:

Content Intro

The Content Intro package costs $4,000 and includes up to three courses, up to nine lessons, up to nine interactive content and up to three quizzes.

Content +

This package costs $8,000 and includes up to five courses, up to 15 lessons, up to 15 interactive content and up to five quizzes.

Content Pro

The Content Pro package costs $16,000 and includes up to 10 courses, up to 30 lessons, up to 30 interactive content and up to 10 quizzes.

Launch Readiness

The Launch Readiness service consists of a review and recommendations from the Professional Services team on the client’s learning program before they deploy it to their employees. Tovuti LMS can look over various facets, such as content, design, admin permissions and learning paths, provide suggestions of improvement and offer to fix those improvements, if needed. Pricing for this service is based on a custom quote.


Tovuti LMS offers three subscription choices that companies can purchase based on their needs:

  • Access to a content library of over 8,000 prebuilt courses
  • The ability to add on user licenses
  • Managed services (initial site configuration and monthly maintenance)

Pricing for each subscription is available by quote.


Organizations can choose from any of the pricing plans based on the number of learners they have. They’ll need to be aware that each plan includes a separate setup fee. Prospects who want to learn more about Tovuti LMS, including pricing and features, can contact the vendor.

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