Zenefits Pricing: Features, Costs and Top HRMS Alternatives

Zenefits is a cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It includes an easy-to-use dashboard for streamlining common HR tasks, such as benefits administration, payroll and onboarding.

We’ve reviewed Zenefits in the past and compared it to other HRMS solutions in terms of features, costs and other attributes. Here, we’ll focus on Zenefits’ pricing plans, as well as provide information on its alternatives.

How Much is Zenefits?

Zenefits offers four levels of pricing: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Customers can be billed monthly or yearly.

Bronze: Free

  • Employee management (features include hiring, basic onboarding, offboarding, employee directory, organizational charts, basic reporting, mobile access and basic payroll)
  • Benefits administration (medical, dental, vision and life insurance)

Silver: $8/employee per month ($5 for yearly billing)

  • Employee management
  • Benefits administration
  • Premium HR (features include advanced onboarding, PTO tracking, compliance assistant and document storage)

Gold: $10/employee per month ($8 for yearly billing)

  • Employee management
  • Benefits administration
  • Premium HR
  • Payroll

Platinum: $15/employee per month ($12 for yearly billing)

  • Employee management
  • Benefits administration
  • Premium HR
  • Payroll (more advanced features include automatic tax filing, deductions dashboard and payroll timeline, to name a few)
  • Certified HR specialists

Zenefits also offers optional features, such as:

  • Commuter benefits ($4 per user per month): Employers can contribute tax-free dollars to their employees’ commuting costs.
  • Flexible spending account ($4 per user per month)
  • Health savings account ($2.50 per user per month)
  • Time and attendance ($5 per user per month)
  • Background checks (starting at $25 per check)
  • Contractor payments ($2 per transaction)

Top Alternatives to Zenefits

We’ve compared Zenefits to two other small to medium-sized business-oriented vendors in terms of pricing. Here are two alternatives that have similar pricing tiers, but lower subscription costs (though neither vendor offers a free plan like Zenefits does).

SutiHR: While SutiHR doesn’t have pricing packages, it does offer a per-employee/per month pricing plan. It starts at $2 per user per month, which includes employee records, self-service, mobile access and reporting functionality. It also offers add-on modules, such as recruiting/onboarding ($1/user/month), performance management ($1/user/month), time management ($.50/user/month) and benefits ($.50/user/month).

EmpXTrack: There are four pricing plans for EmpXTrack. The Professional plan starts at $2 per employee per month. It includes full HRMS functionality, such as an organizational chart, self-service portal and reporting features. Note that it requires a minimum of 25 employee licenses. The Performance plan is $2.50 per employee per month. It has all the features of the Professional plan, but also adds performance management features.

The Enterprise plan costs $13.25 per user per month; it requires a minimum of 100 users. Finally, there’s the Recruitment plan. At $75 per recruiter per month, this plan is for recruiters and hiring managers who want a built-in applicant tracking solution.


Zenefits’ free plan is an attractive choice for companies that only need basic HRMS features. However, its Silver plan (at $8 per user per month) is more expensive compared to SutiHR and EmpXTrack, which both start at $2 per user. But, keep in mind: Zenefits’ higher-pricing tiers includes a variety of features in each plan. Other vendors may have less inclusive options.

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