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Workforce Ready At A Glance

Good: Streamlined HR tasks with self service and automated processes, managing multiple benefit plans in a single solution, optional modules for talent management and employee engagement.
Bad: Modules are priced separately, but can't reach their full potential unless integrated.
Bottom Line: HCM solution designed to help companies focus on their people and not on paperwork.

Product Overview

The Kronos Workforce Ready suite combines the power of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in one unified cloud platform to help companies manage their entire workforce from pre-hire to retire, whether they’re salaried, hourly, full time, or part time. It’s a fully integrated platform that shares one employee record and one easy-to-use interface.

Kronos Workforce Ready HR, part of the unified Workforce Ready platform, automates core HR functions such as onboarding and benefits management while providing a single database that stores and tracks all employee data in one location. Automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate, consistent employee information help reduce administrative workload and minimize compliance risk.

The Workforce Ready HR suite offers optional modules for talent acquisition, performance management, and compensation planning for a fully integrated, end-to-end HCM solution that lets HR leaders focus on people rather than paperwork and processes.

Key benefits of the Kronos Workforce Ready HR includes:

  • Streamline HR processes with a paperless system that eliminates duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks
  • Hire best fit talent while providing a positive applicant experience and makes it easy to source, track, and evaluate top candidates
  • Simplify benefits management for multiple plan types with self-service tools and instant visibility into enrollment status, eligibility, and costs across the employee base
  • Drive employee engagement with talent management solutions that help companies develop, reward, and retain a high-performing workforce
  • Empower Employees and Managers with role-based self-service that lets them view and update information at their convenience
  • Improve decision making with real-time access to accurate, consistent employee data

We also want to note the Workforce Ready Employee Perspectives tool that helps companies predict and act on trends and employee behaviors within their workforce. The tool brings real-time data from from all employee lifecycle. The AIMEE artificial intelligence (AI) tool continuously monitors critical concern areas and provides predictive alerts to executives so they can make strategic decisions quickly.


Here are several of the core features included with Workforce Ready HR:

  • All employee records stored in a single database
  • Self-service functionality for employees to update their own information without HR involvement
  • Ability to customize processes for HR tasks, such as new hires, terminations, job changes and salary changes
  • Customized onboarding checklists with automated reminders
  • Ability to manage multiple benefits plans (health insurance or retirement packages) in one solution
  • Managing training development of employees, including assigning them to specific classes, monitoring on training participation and completion and scheduling internal training

Kronos offers strategic HR features with these optional modules.

First, there is the Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition module for applicant tracking and recruiting. Recruiters can create job postings, source candidates from many job boards and manage hiring workflows. When the candidate is hired, information from their resumes and applications transfer to the Workforce Ready HR module for onboarding.

Second, there is the Workforce Ready Performance Management module that supports employee performance feedback on an ongoing basis. It includes features, such as customized performance reviews, defining employee and division goals and alerts on statuses of employee performance review schedule.

And finally, there is the optional Workforce Ready Compensation Management module. It replaces spreadsheets in managing the compensation cycle by automating the entire process. The compensation process can be configured based on a business’s needs and budgets. There is also a Merit Matrix feature to help establish guidelines on merit-based pay increases.

Target Market

Kronos Workforce Ready is used in various industries, including health care, state and local government, education, distribution, retail, financial services and manufacturing.

The Workforce Ready HR and Payroll solutions serve many subdivisions of larger enterprise companies, managing small to mid-sized employee pools.

We’ve listed 10 customers below:

  • YMCA
  • Aker
  • Advanced Home Care
  • AdvancePierre Foods
  • Prairie State Generating
  • Aztec Shops
  • LindenGrove
  • Washington County School District
  • Kansas Heart Hospital
  • Wexford Health Services

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Kronos’ experts facilitate a smooth implementation through every phase, partnering with the client to design a plan that leverages its Time to Value Deployment Model and reflects the organization’s size, industry, and specific business needs. It’ll also outline the client’s contributions to the project’s success, allowing them to manage expectations within the organization. Finally, Kronos incorporate quality checkpoints to ensure the client’s ongoing satisfaction and minimize schedule delays.

The Kronos Onboarding program provides step-by-step training, tools, and resources that helps customers to prepare for deployment through when they go-live by guiding them through each phase of its onboarding process.

After the software goes live, Kronos’ goals is to keep clients updated on the latest enhancements, increase user adoption and maximize their return on investment. Kronos has several programs, including:

  • Its quarterly What’s New, What’s Next webinars that feature information on the latest product upgrades
  • Best practices webinars that provide guidance on streamlining new features of Workforce Ready
  • Regional user groups where users can exchange ideas and information with local peers and product specialists
  • The KronosWorks annual conference where nearly 2,000 clients, industry thought leaders and solution experts come together to network and learn about best practices and new Kronos technology
  • The Workforce Ready Customer Advisory Board (CAB), composed of a group of nominated Workforce Ready customers across all industries.

Customer Service & Support

Kronos’s award-winning Support Services provides the answers and assistance its clients need, complementing the client’s existing resources and continually expanding the value they receive from their Kronos system. Support Services are available to help every area of the organization achieve optimal software and hardware productivity and peak performance for improved bottom-line results.

The Kronos Community has a plethora of support resources and services. End users can get support from fellow users and the Kronos experts in the Kronos Community. The Kronos Community offers a knowledge base of articles and product documentation, the ability to ask questions and get answers from Kronos staff and other users, getting alerts and notifications, a support ticket system and more.

If clients still have questions after they’ve explored the Community self-service options, they can reach out to Kronos’ support team.


Kronos doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a price quote.


As both a benefit and drawback, Kronos Workforce Ready’s modules can be purchased as stand-alone products, but they can’t reach their full potential unless integrated.


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Kronos’ history started with MIT graduate Mark S. Ain patenting the microprocessor-based time-clock in 1979 — the first of its kind for recording workforce data.

In the mid-1980s, Kronos came out with its first time-clock management solution for PCs as a counterpart to the company’s time-clock hardware.

Following the company’s North American success, Kronos expanded its customer base internationally into Mexico, Australia and the UK. There are many Kronos locations worldwide.

Kronos employs over 5,000 employees worldwide, referred to as “Kronites” within the company’s close-knit workforce. The company has received numerous awards, such as Boston Business Journal’s 2019 Best Place to Work, Glassdoor’s 2019 Employees Choice Awards for Best Places to Work and Ventana Research Global Workforce Management Market Leader.

More than 40 million people use Kronos technology every day.

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