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EmpXTrack At A Glance

Good: Covers each aspect of HR's workflow.
Bad: Implementation takes longer depending on each client's needs.
Bottom Line: All-in-one for any sized company or industry.

Product Overview

EmpXtrack offers almost every HR function in its solutions. Companies can either purchase individual editions based on their needs or the entire HRIS system. We briefly describe the following editions:

Basic Edition – This solution is offered for companies that are looking to move to Web-based solutions from either older systems or paper-based system. This edition only requires one user to access it – its ease of use makes it possible for an administration with no HR background or in small businesses to use it.  It is a dedicated HRIS but payroll and attendance modules can be added on.

Starter Edition – This solution is accessible for all employees within the company. In addition to the HRIS, it includes the ability for employee self-service (employee can update their personal information or request vacation time), a help desk (for HR to keep track of employee queries), and exit management functionality (to keep track of duties involved when an employees leave). Add-on modules include payroll, time & attendance, and travel/expense management.

Professional Edition – This edition incorporates all of the features from the Starter edition (including making the travel/expense module standard), plus adds performance and applicant tracking functionality. It also includes a Manager Services function that allow managers  to keep track of their direct reports, including performance and promotions. Add-on modules include payroll, attendance, training management, 360-degree feedback, and onboarding.

Enterprise Edition – This solution is aimed at companies that have at least 1,500 employees. It incorporates all aspects of HR – both core and strategic. Some of the features include HRIS, attendance, employee self service, Manager Services, performance, employee surveys, applicant tracking, and travel/expense management. One feature, called Manpower Planning, helps companies in assigning necessary employees to the appropriate jobs/roles so that no work goes undone that impacts the business. Other features, such as payroll, timesheets, 360-degree feedback, benefits administration, training, and onboarding are included as add-ons.

Performance Edition – This is a solution for companies that want a dedicated performance solution.  It can be used by everyone in the company – i.e. employees to write self evaluations, managers to solicit feedback from other managers, etc. The solution includes built-in performance review templates, as well as performance and analytical tools. Add-on modules include 360-degree feedback, compensation planning, training management, pay for performance, and goal setting.

Recruitment Edition – This is a dedicated recruiting solution that cuts down on tasks associated with hiring and onboarding. It mainly has a applicant tracking system, plus add-on modules for onboarding, Manpower Planning, and an employee database. Other features are resume parsing, a candidate portal, and a recruitment consultant portal.

Custom Edition – This edition is aimed at companies that have existing systems (such as ERPs) and want an HR solution that integrates with them. Companies can have their own customized HR features based on their needs. It is primarily a on-premise system (rather than SaaS) so companies interested in the Custom Edition will work with the EmpXtrack sales team.


EmpXtrack offers a wide range of HR features, based on the edition/module the company purchase. We’ve indicated some of the standard features below.

  • Attendance Management?
  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

EmpXtrack is targeted to a wide variety of companies and industries. We’ve listed some of their customers below:

  • Alt Worldwide
  • Baker Group HR
  • Boss International
  • Clear North Technologies
  • Humble Paper
  • OSSCube
  • Prism
  • Toluna
  • Unitus Capital
  • WidePoint

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EmpXtrack is offered as either an on-premised solution or in the cloud (SaaS). The on-premised system is intended for larger companies and government organizations. The SaaS is available as a subscription that is billed per employees per usage on a monthly basis. Pricing information for specific editions is available on the EmpXtrack website. For example, the Basic edition $1.25 per employee per month for companies with less than 100 employees – the cost is cheaper for companies with more employees – i.e. companies with 201-350 employees, it costs $0.85 per employee per month. The Professional edition costs $6.25 per employee per month (for smaller businesses), $4.84 per employee per month for companies with 101-200 employees, and $4.24 per employee per month for companies with 201 to 350 employees. Companies with 350 or  more employees should contact EmpXtrack for specific pricing.

EmpXtrack can be used with a company’s existing systems or 3rd-party applications via the EmpXtrack API.

Customer Service & Support

Customers can access the EmpXtrack Online Help site to find information and guidance that is specific to the modules they use. They can also find the notes on the latest software releases/upgrades.


Companies that purchase the Custom Edition or require more customized features should note that the implementation process can take longer than EmpXtrack’s standard solutions.


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Saigun Technologies, the manufacturer of EmpXtrack, has a mission statement of providing the best service to its customers by providing high-quality and affordable solutions, as well as continuing to improve upon its products. Its main reason for developing EmpXtrack was to provide customers with an integrated solution that they can afford, so that they don’t need to work with multiple software for their HR functions.

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