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EBS PaySuite At A Glance

Good: Built-in workflow that automates many HR tasks, business intelligence functionality, flexibility for all company sizes.
Bad: EBS currently doesn't offer billing engine, tax filing or payroll checking printing services; highly customized system can lead to increased costs and implementation length.
Bottom Line: EBS PaySuite is an integrated human resource solution that helps companies manage the employee lifecycle.

Product Overview

EBS PaySuite is an integrated human resource solution that helps companies manage the employee lifecycle.

Companies won’t have to worry about purchasing separate software, entering data more than once or spending a lot of time compiling reports. Employees can also use specific features of EBS PaySuite to check their paychecks, update their personnel data or request time off.

EBS PaySuite has additional benefits, such as:

  • A single database that’s built from the ground up and uses the latest technology
  • Flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud or hosted)
  • Flexible for all company sizes from small businesses to enterprises
  • A short implementation process (weeks versus months)
  • Business analytics features so everyone in the company can access real-time data and create reports

EBS PaySuite has four main modules:

  • EBSPayroll
  • EBSHire
  • EBSTime

We’ll discuss each module in our Features section below.

EBS PaySuite also has additional modules, such as EBS Training, EBS Scheduling, EBS Benefits Administration, EBS Web Timesheet, EBS Employee Self Service and EBS Business Intelligence and Analytics.

PaySuite includes the EBS Alerts functionality to help businesses manage their employee data and other key performance indicators (KPIs). The database is automatically managed based on specific business rules and sends real-time alerts by email or text when certain events are triggered – for example, when paychecks are generated.

Finally, EBS PaySuite has a dedicated mobile app where employees can clock in and out and send time-off requests, and managers can view employee time and attendance data, all from a mobile device.


Here’s a rundown of EBS’ key modules:

EBSPayroll – EBSPayroll streamlines the payroll process, and accommodates both simple and complex payroll needs. The module tracks pay rates/pay codes and wage garnishments, and it supports payment by checks or direct deposit. It also calculates tax withholding and supports multiple currencies. In addition, EPSPayroll integrates with the general ledger, so administrators won’t need to record financial data manually. Finally, administrators can easily file federal and state tax reports directly from the software.

EBSHR – EBSHR uses built-in workflow automation tools that streamline many HR tasks. HR administrators can build job profiles that include salary, competencies and other information, as well as create succession plans. The software tracks the entire history of the employee while they’re employed at the company, from new-hire documents to exit paperwork. Other features include preconfigured reports, employee and manager self-service, compliance management, and multilocation and multicurrency support.

EBSHire – EBSHire includes applicant tracking and onboarding features to help recruiters better manage their hiring process. Some of those features are customizable applications, applicant management, an integrated careers page, candidate sourcing and integration with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. EBSHire also integrates with Indeed.

EBSTime – EBSTime helps managers accurately keep track of their employees’ time and attendance. It has customizable features that adapt to a company’s attendance policies, such as unlimited cost accounting codes, unlimited job costing codes, shift premium calculations, time sheet approval workflows, overtime tracking and approval, custom employee groups and employee scheduling. The module is also 508 compliant.

EBSTime integrates with EBS’ biometric fingerprint and face recognition time clocks, and the HandPunch GT-400. Employees can also clock in or out via their mobile devices.

EBS Training – With this module, managers can track their employees’ certification requirements and other training needs. They can build learning paths specific to each employee or team, complete with prerequisite courses, schedules and training progress. There’s a central repository for storing all training information. Managers can also set up alerts that remind employees of deadlines, new courses or other training opportunities. Finally, managers can use built-in reporting tools to track training progress.

EBS Scheduling – Managers can create easily accessible work schedules for their employees. Employees can receive their shift schedules via mobile devices, including text and email alerts that remind them of their shifts. Managers can create an unlimited number of schedules.

EBS Benefits Administration – The benefits administration module has several features, such as unlimited coverage types, the ability to track dependent benefits and coverage options, and the ability to connect to various carriers directly from the software. The module also helps companies comply with healthcare regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act.

EBS Business Intelligence and Analytics – The business intelligence module gives all users self-service functionality without relying on IT staff or data analysts. Users can work with customizable dashboards, where they slice and dice real-time data for further analysis. There’s the Instant Reports feature that lets users discover data via a Google-like search and then build reports. Reports can be run on a schedule or an ad-hoc basis, as well as exported to PDF, Excel and CSV files.

  • Attendance Management?
  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

EBS targets all company sizes in a range of industries, such as health care, education, manufacturing, government, broadcasting, non-profits, hotels/resorts and finance.

We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • American Foundry
  • Bay101 Casino
  • Chalmers & Kubeck
  • Chesapeake Restaurants
  • Com-Pac International
  • CSAC Excess Insurance Agency
  • East Penn Manufacturing (DEKA Batteries)
  • Economy Linen and Service
  • Gates and Son
  • Guys Flooring Service

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The implementation process may vary, as each business has its own unique needs and requirements. However, EBS aims to deploy PaySuite in weeks instead of months. Businesses work with EBS’ software engineers and solution architects to make sure the software installation and configuration process goes smoothly.

EBS offers a QuickStart utility that converts data from an old human resources management system (HRMS) to PaySuite. QuickStart corrects errors, deletes old tables and updates the database before migration.

EBS’s objective is to improve the way a company provides its HR and Payroll services, not just convert exactly what it has.  The PaySuite solution is implemented in a manner that creates automation to processes, and changes to the business definition (Pay/Earning Codes, Job Codes, PTO Plans, Benefits Plans, etc.) that allow the business to map to their future business definition versus how the business has appeared in the past.  Our expertise helps re-think these processes, and our technology helps implement these processes, making the company far more efficient and effective in providing these services to its employees.

During the implementation process, EBS provides help in setting up pay plans, benefits plans, PTO plans, key reports, and integrations.

EBS utilizes a Train-the-Trainer approach for both its administration and end-user components of the EBS PaySuite solution.  That training can be delivered remotely via the web, or on-site at the client’s location.

Customer Service & Support

EBS offers a customer portal for end users to submit support ticket requests or browse through a knowledge base of articles. Users can also contact support by phone.


EBS publicly doesn’t display its pricing information. Please contact the company directly for a quote.


EBS currently doesn’t offer a billing engine to support professor employer organizations (PEO). However, it’s open to partnering with a PEO to develop this functionality.

The vendor also doesn’t offer tax filing or payroll check printing services, but is open to including them if there is market demand.

Finally, EBS’ technology and expertise allows for customization of the software, which can increase the cost and length of the implementation process.


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Since 1992, Employee Based Systems (EBS) has been recognized as an industry leader in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide, mission-critical HRMS software solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. It has proven expertise of eliminating redundant, time-consuming manual processes and increasing productivity.

All EBS products are cloud based multi-tier software applications developed using the latest technologies, and they’re meticulously engineered to provide superior global business software solutions.

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