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AppsInHD At A Glance

Good: Robust payroll functions for saving time and headaches with payroll processing.
Bad: Time and attendance is not built in.
Bottom Line: A payroll solution with many HRIS features for managing an administrator's complete workflow.

Product Overview

HarrisData’s HRIS solution, AppsInHD, is payroll focused for automating wage, tax and garnishment calculations.

As a highly interactive and automated solution, HarrisData describes its features as “built in robots” who do much of the background work for you. A payroll calendar lets users gain an overview on payroll processes then drill down for a number of calculations including “What if” scenarios. The modern application can run on tablets, mobile and is touch and speak.

AppsInHD was designed as a payroll-first solution while including many features for tracking additional employee data. For a closer look at payroll details, see our AppsInHD Payroll review here.


AppsInHD is a robust hands-off solution for accurately balancing payroll with daily employee management. The following is a list of the top 5 features we’ve chosen:

1. Payroll Management – Plan pay cycles on a payroll calendar, and control all payroll types from an overview. Allow automatic recalculations for each individual and drilldown into those for further analysis. Easily import payroll information from time clocks, spreadsheets, and other third party time and attendance solutions. Quickly void and reissue checks as well as customize check formats.

2. Payroll Calculations – Complete all kinds of payroll transactions including regular/supplemental/nontaxable income, hourly and salary rates, overtime and double time premiums, gross-up, and minimum wage make-up. Allow auto pay for holidays, paid or unpaid leave, and scheduled time off. Configure unlimited paid time off types with flexible rules. All tax calculations take into consideration geographical locations, employee deductions, and employer costs.

3. Employee Management – Streamline many tasks such as salary and benefits administration for pulling together a complete salary history of positions and pay rates, as well as enrollment and effective/expiration benefits dates. View employee information such as spouse and dependents, along with FSA and 401k accounts. Skills, education and competencies per employee can be tracked in the system. Each record change is automatically logged for auditing. A complete organizational chart is stored within the system for gaining an overview as well.

4. Reporting and Data Access – Quarterly and annual reporting can be done within the system for issuing W2s forms and managing other federal and state filings. Users can run a “What if” simulation for predicting data-driven calculations on pay criteria with sample paychecks.

5. My Workspace Document Management – Alerts are set in place for administrators to keep track of ongoing tasks that connect with the payroll overview calendar. A list of all assignments can be easily accessed along with notes that provide custom details for guidelines and instructions on procedures. Attachments and other record imports are easily accessed and categorized through meta data.

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  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

AppsInHD is a great solution for companies with 200+ employees and best serves industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial, telecom, travel, technology, media, government and education.

HarrisData does not release sample clients

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HarrisData offers a quickStart implementation plan. The vendor assigns an experienced Project Manager who understands that implementation for this type of enterprise solution only happens once or twice every decade and can carefully address any challenges. The Project Manager helps clients in the following ways:

  • Understands and communicates best practices
  • Builds an effective and customized project plan
  • Manages the project plan from start to finish
  • Assesses any concerns throughout implementation
  • Trains your staff to use the solution to its maximum potential

Customer Service & Support

Office hours are 8am-5pm central time, and customer service can be reached toll free and by email.


HarrisData doesn’t publicly display their pricing information for AppsInHD. Please fill out their online form for a free quote.


Cannot be bought separately from the full HRIS suite. Restful API’s and interface services allow for easy integration to Time & Attendance systems however it does not include it’s own time and attendance solution at this time.


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As a long-standing software provider, HarrisData has over 40 years of experience implementing business solutions. As an IBM partner, HarrisData works to deliver the best and most adaptable technology to each unique client. Its team of experts emphasizes the goal of obtaining a return on investment (ROI) for clients.

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