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GPS Insight At A Glance

Good: Smart dashcam that detects both positive and negative driving behavior, choice of three compliance management solutions, streamlined manual processes.
Bad: Slight learning curve for some new users.
Bottom Line: Fleet management solution that empowers organizations to improve productivity, accountability and driver safety.

Product Overview

GPS Insight is a cloud-based software that enables fleet managers to efficiently track their mobile assets. Managers could easily pinpoint the asset’s exact location, receive important alerts and monitor fuel spending. They can also get visibility into their driver’s behavior and provide coaching on reducing speeding, tailgating and other risks.

The software has many benefits, such as:

  • Improved driver safety
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased accountability
  • The ability to comply with regulatory mandates

We also want to note that GPS Insight has a field service management solution that includes features, such as scheduling, work order management, invoicing, online payments and electronic signatures. In addition, it integrates with QuickBooks for syncing accounting data.


Below, we’ve listed some key features of GPS Insight.

GPS tracking – Fleet managers can monitor their vehicles in real time via a map, and each vehicle shows pertinent information, such as its current status (e.g., driving, stopped), odometer reading or trip history. The tracker can also diagnose engine issues and then sends an alert if there’s immediate action needed. Managers can set up a preventative maintenance schedule and receive reminders of an upcoming service.

In addition to vehicles, managers can track trailers, sensors, switches and heavy-duty equipment. They can receive alerts for specific issues, such as unauthorized usage or if the temperature goes above or below a certain threshold.

Driveri smart camera – Driveri is an add-on in-cab dashcam that uses artificial intelligence to detect both safe and unsafe driving behavior (e.g., stop sign violations, harsh braking, seat belt noncompliance, texting, driver drowsiness). It records the triggered event and then stores it for later viewing. Managers can set safety goals for their fleet, see driver scores by individual or the entire fleet and track performance trends with visualizations. Driveri uses GreenZone and Driver Star metrics to identify best-performing drivers as well as ones that need further coaching.

Compliance management – GPS Insights has three solutions to help companies stay in compliance with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and other mandates. Firstly, there’s the ELD Mobile app that drivers can download onto their own smartphone or tablet. It records the driver’s Hours of Service (HOS), and managers can track them via an online portal. The ELD Mobile app also includes DVIR functionality, so drivers can perform mandated vehicle inspections. They can capture a photo of any defects and upload them into the app.

Next, the ELD Connect solution has many of the same features of ELD Mobile, except that it’s a tablet that’s mounted onto the dashboard. It’s ready for use at the time the vehicle is started, and it has an easy-to-read interface. Finally, there’s the DVIR Mobile app with customizable DVIR points based on vehicle class or individual, speech-to-text functionality and alerts and notifications.

Target Market

GPS Insight targets businesses of all sizes and in many industries, such as government, utilities, landscaping, telecommunications, HVAC and security. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • AlliedBarton
  • Bartholomew Electric
  • Critter Control
  • First Class Charter, LLC
  • Home Clean Heroes
  • Pool Agency
  • Quik Pik-All Over Towing
  • Singing Hills Landscape, Inc.
  • West Coast Sand & Gravel Inc.
  • Western Utility


GPS Insight provides a tailored implementation program that’s based on the client’s requirements. Some typical components include a kick-off meeting with a discussion of the client’s goals, GPS device installation, account set-up and training. The vendor has an in-house team of technicians that can install trackers onto the asset, and it also works with a network of installation companies. If the client prefer a self-install option, GPS Insight provides a self-installation guide and help from its support team.

The software integrates with third-party applications, such as fuel cards, mobile workforce management software, load management tools and business management solutions.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact support by phone, email or live chat.


GPS Insight doesn’t publicly display its pricing information, so please contact the company directly for a quote.


Similar to other software, GPS Insight can have a slight learning curve, especially for smaller organizations that are new to fleet management solutions. However, the company offers how-to videos, guides and other training resources.


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GPS Insight aims to help companies reduce high operating costs, improve driver safety and streamline inefficient processes. Its fleet management solutions include vehicle, trailers and mobile assets, trackers, ELDs, a smart in-cab camera and more.

The company has received widespread recognition, such as the Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies list (2010-2017), Phoenix Business Journal‘s Best Places to Work list (2014-2018), and the Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year (2018).

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