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IntelliShift At A Glance

Good: Operations IQ feature that pulls actionable insights from multiple data sources, AI Video module with real-time driver monitoring and coaching, reduced silos.
Bad: Occasional inaccuracy of GPS data, short learning curve for some users that aren't familiar with fleet management software.
Bottom Line: Robust, scalable, and flexible fleet management platform that organizations can customize to fit their needs.

Product Overview

IntelliShift is a cloud-based unified fleet management platform that uses business intelligence and machine learning to predict and optimize vehicle and asset performance. It has a modular component that companies can scale up or down as their business needs change, and it can also be configured to fit their unique requirements. Fleet managers can track maintenance needs, comply with mandatory legal requirements and monitor their drivers. IntelliShft integrates with any third-party system, such as back-office software, via the open API.

There are numerous benefits to the software, such as:

  • Reduced siloed processes
  • Better visibility across the organization
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased driver safety

The software has several modules (more details is in our Features section below), which are:

  • Operations Intelligence
  • Silent Passenger (telematics)
  • Inspect (inspections)
  • Logbook (compliance)
  • Vehicle Service
  • Route Management
  • Safety Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Customer 360


We’ve listed some of the key features of each module below.

Operations Intelligence – This module uses machine learning and business intelligence to give fleet managers actionable insights into their operations. Operations IQ is a new feature that pulls data (e.g., fuel, safety) from many sources into visualizations. Users can perform multidimensional analysis to find new insights, as well as find daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly trends within the data. While Operations IQ pulls in data from many sources, there’s the Fleet IQ feature that adds telematics data into configurable dashboards for real-time insights.

Silent Passenger – Silent Passenger is a telematics module that uses Google Maps to track vehicles in real time. Fleet managers can get live traffic data and estimated time of arrivals (ETA) from their desktop or mobile device. There’s an asset tracking feature that includes geofencing capability, and it sends alerts if detects unauthorized usage.

Inspect – With this module, drivers can complete mandatory inspections via a mobile app instead of relying on paper processes. It includes configurable forms and checklists that accommodates compliance requirements from regulatory bodies, such as OSHA and DOT. Users can set up custom workflows that incorporates checkpoints and proof-of-inspection requirements, and the software has automated notifications that alerts users if an inspection fails. Drivers can create new work orders during the inspection by capturing photos and signatures. The module also includes daily inspection report templates and a compliance dashboard.

Logbook – The Logbook is a compliance module that helps organizations meet the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate by recording a driver’s required Hours of Service (HOS). It integrates with the Inspect module to help companies meet regulatory requirements. Managers can get real-time alerts of potential HOS violations (i.e., if a driver is on the road longer than required).

Vehicle Service – The Vehicle Service module includes preventative maintenance features to help reduce unexpected downtime of the vehicle. It sends alerts to users if it detects any engine issues that need immediate attention. Users can set up routine maintenance schedule with text or email reminders if the vehicle is due for service.

Route Management – IntelliShift uses machine learning to help managers plan and optimize their driver’s route. It pulls data from an integrated CRM and GPS navigational tools to devise an optimal route that includes scheduled stops. Users can track the route’s progress via a dashboard, make changes on the fly and receive check-ins or statuses when the driver arrives at a customer’s location.

Safety Management – The Safety Management module combines several components into one suite. One key component is the Video AI in-cab video solution that detects potential accidents, road hazards or unsafe driving and sends a warning to the driver. It then alerts the manager and gives them audio and visual tools for coaching drivers in real time. In addition, managers can monitor driver behavior with the safety dashboard, and they can also rank drivers on various behavioral factors (e.g., speeding, harsh braking, texting) with the scorecards.

Fuel Management – IntelliShift integrates with most fuel card companies, so managers can track fuel consumption and spend. Fleet managers can monitor fuel trends with reports and dashboards, and they can also receive notifications when any excessive purchases or unauthorized spend is detected.

Customer 360 – Customer 360 is a scheduling app that lets customers track their delivery or appointment status and receive real-time updates. Users can set or restrict the customer’s access to ETA, vehicle location, driver information and other data. Customers can also opt to receive updates by email or text.

Target Market

IntelliShift targets large and enterprise fleet organizations in various industries, such as construction, field service, utilities, higher education and food/beverage. We’ve listed some of its clients below.

  • County Water Authority
  • East Mississippi Electric Power Association (EMEPA)
  • Liberty Coca-Cola
  • NRC Group
  • P.C. Richard & Son
  • Sweeping Corporation of America (SCA)
  • U.S. Ecology
  • Stavola
  • New York Emergency Service


IntelliShift provides an implementation process that’s tailored to the client’s needs and includes typical components, such as on-site software installation, admin and end user training, integration with third-party systems and detailed knowledge transfer. While the timeline can vary, the vendor’s goal is to have the software deployed within 90 days.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact their Customer Success Manager by email or phone.


IntelliShift doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that the GPS data can be inaccurate at times, which can lead to delayed ETAs.

Also, the software has robust features, so there may be a learning curve for users that are accustomed to using spreadsheets or paper processes.


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IntelliShift aims to help enterprise organizations increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operating costs with an intelligence platform that provides actionable insights. It’s a division of Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS), a technology company that offers highly-configurable fleet management solutions. Founded in 2002, VTS uses a client-first approach by being a trusted partner in solving the client’s short-term and long-term needs.

VTS reached several milestones over the years, such as the launch of the fleet industry’s first real-time speed violation application in 2009, rapid employee and client growth by 2013 and the debut of its USA12Volt division, a mobile automotive electronics installation service, in 2018. It’s headquartered in Commack, NY.

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