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Fleet Complete At A Glance

Good: Reduced manual processes, pre-installed telematics hardware that streamline software deployment, Advanced Driver Assistance feature that warns drivers of hazardous behavior.
Bad: Inaccurate location and status information, tech support is untimely in their responses.
Bottom Line: With this cloud-based solution, managers can monitor their entire fleet in a single screen.

Product Overview

Fleet Complete is a cloud-based fleet management software for organizations of all sizes. Fleet managers can track their entire fleet from one screen, provide coaching tools to their drivers in real time and stay on top of preventative maintenance needs. Fleet Complete can scale as the client’s business needs grow, and it can also be customized to fit unique requirements.

The software has several benefits, such as:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased compliance with DOT, FMCSA and other regulatory bodies
  • Enhanced driver safety
  • Reduced operating costs


Fleet Complete is broken down into several modules. Here are some key features of each module.

Fleet tracker – The fleet tracker uses web-based maps with location tracking, so managers can see the vehicle’s current location. Managers can set up a geofence around the vehicle and get alerts if there’s unauthorized access. They can receive alerts if the tracker detects an engine issue or if the driver gets into an accident. There are reporting tools for managers to analyze performance trends and other metrics.

Asset management – This module enables companies to keep tabs on trailers, tools, refrigerators and other heavy-duty equipment. It has an asset tracker with multiple sensors, such as temperature, light, humidity and location, and users can get a real-time status on each asset. Fleet Complete offers separate trackers for companies that need to monitor trailers, cargoes and drum rotation concrete trucks.

Inspect – Inspect is a mobile app that lets drivers fill out inspection reports, log any defects, capture their signatures and then notify their fleet manager or mechanic. There’s a mechanic portal where technicians can manage the vehicle maintenance and repairs. The app integrates with the ELD Compliance solution (more details on that is below), so drivers can log major and minor defects against an ELD rule.

Vision – Vision is an add-on module that records in-cab driving behavior via a dashcam and uploads the video to the web platform and mobile app. Note that it only records the driver if it’s triggered by a specific event (e.g., speeding, harsh braking). There’s an Advanced Driver Assistance feature that alerts the driver if they’re speeding, missing a stop sign, departing from the lane, tailgating or braking harshly. The module also includes real-time audio feedback and video replay coaching tools.

BigRoad ELD – The BigRoad Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is an add-on solution that automatically logs a driver’s inspection report and Hours of Service (HOS), so companies can steer clear of FMCSA violations and fines. It takes a driver’s duty status, availability and vehicle drive time from the engine control module (ECM) and alerts the driver if they’re approaching potential HOS violations. Drivers can edit logs, and they can also share them with an inspector or fleet manager.

Dispatch – With this add-on module, dispatchers can manage deliveries, assign appointments or deliveries to workers, and track a driver’s licensing and certification requirements. It includes smart routing features that can accommodate new stops or locations on the fly, and dispatchers can design multi-leg routes with custom templates.

Target Market

Fleet Complete targets organizations of all sizes in various industries, such as government, education, delivery, oil and gas, utilities and construction. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Anglia Steel
  • Edgewood Independent School District
  • Horizon Utilities
  • L&L Oilfield
  • Metro Delivery
  • Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Parrotta Paving Company Inc.
  • Rosa Flora
  • Universal Hotel Liquidators
  • Yummy Catering


Fleet Complete can build a custom solution that’s specific to an organization’s unique needs. Some of its implementation services include hardware installation, database development and data transformation. Fleet Complete has a partnership with Ford and General Motors, so those vehicles come with pre-installed telematics hardware. This way, the implementation process is faster since it removes the testing and compatibility processes.

Fleet Complete also integrates with third-party solutions, such as insurance solutions, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and QuickBooks.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the resource portal to browse self-help articles and to submit a ticket. They can also contact support by phone, email or live chat. Fleet Complete offers virtual group and one-on-one training sessions on the software and its features.


Fleet Complete doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that the tracker doesn’t accurately display location information, and they’ve also experienced issues with tech support, such as delayed or no responses, even with multiple follow ups.


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Fleet Complete provides connected vehicle technology, including mission-critical fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions. It upholds seven core values: having dedicated and passionate employees, using a customer-centric approach, partnering with telecommunication companies for a secure and reliable mobile network, working smarter, enabling high standards of quality, continuously innovating the software and holding a strong commitment to community support. Fleet Complete partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and telecommunication companies, such as AT&T, Ford and General Motors.

The company has over 600,000 subscribers from over 40,000 organizations worldwide. It’s headquartered in Toronto (ON), and it has many offices in the U.S., Australia and Europe.

Send feedback or corrections to feedback@betterbuys.com.

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