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MRPeasy At A Glance

Good: Enhanced collaboration among departments, robust modules, transparent pricing tiers.
Bad: Learning curve for some new users, no hands-on implementation services offered.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based solution that helps small manufacturing companies stay on top of their production planning.

Product Overview

MRPeasy is a cloud-based ERP/MRP software that enables small manufacturers to automate their processes. Users can manage their production schedules, send quotes, track inventory and stay on top of their budgets. The software is deployed in the cloud, so users can access it via the web browser or the dedicated mobile app.

MRPeasy has numerous other benefits, including:

  • Ability to access and organize data in real time instead of using spreadsheets
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced collaboration among Sales, Production and other departments
  • Transparent user-based pricing without hidden fees or contracts

The software has five modules that integrate together, so everyone can access data in one place. The modules are:

  • Production planning
  • Stock/inventory management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Procurement
  • Accounting


Here are the key features of the five MRPeasy modules.

Production planning – With this module, users can schedule their production operations. A production manager can create a manufacturing order (also known as a work order) by filling out the relevant fields (e.g., product group, quantity, due date). They can then book the materials needed for the order, and MRPeasy automatically creates a purchase order if certain materials are low in stock.

Users can view the production schedule with the calendar or Gantt chart view. There’s a drag-and-drop interface for dynamically rescheduling orders when necessary. In addition, workers can access the work orders they’re assigned to on their desktop or via the Internet-kiosk on their mobile devices.

Inventory management – The inventory management features help users accurately track their stock. They can add new stock items by capturing data from a barcode scanner or the MRPeasy mobile app or importing a CSV file. Users can track each item by lot number, serial number, expiration date or storage location (e.g., bin, shelf, rack), and the software sends an alert if the stock is running low. The module also includes shipping features, such as pre-filled waybills and picking lists, quality control and Return Management Authorization (RMA). Finally, users can track inventory in multiple warehouses and transfer items between each warehouse when needed.

CRM – Sales reps can track the customer order pipeline from quote to delivery. First, they can create quotes with estimated costs and delivery dates and send them to the prospect by PDF or email. Once the sale closes, the rep can create a manufacturing order, book materials for the order, track the order with color-coded statuses and send invoices to the customer. Additional features of the module include sales managements, analytics and a contact database.

Procurement – This module stores vendor contact information, prices, purchasing history and other procurement details in a single place. Users can create a new purchase order, and the software autofills certain fields based on saved data. They can also record the full or partial shipments of new items, and those items are automatically adjusted in the inventory. Plus, there’s a “critical on hand” report that automatically creates a purchase order based on low stock levels, and users can receive alerts when specific parts are delayed.

Accounting – Businesses can track their financials, such as cash flow, labor costs and manufacturing overhead expenses. The module includes a balance sheet, automatic and manual journals, a general ledger and profit/loss statements. The data can be exported into QuickBooks Online or Xero for further analysis.

Target Market

MRPeasy targets small manufacturers and distributors (with 10 to 200 employees) in various industries, such as biotechnology, automotive, food and industrial equipment. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • AniCell BioTech
  • Business Solution Providers Inc.
  • Neilsen Manufacturing
  • Papa & Barkley
  • Skin Actives Scientific
  • Sox Trot LLC
  • Starship

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New clients can sign up for an initial 15-day free trial. MRPeasy offers an additional 10 free days for watching its first demo video, plus another five free days on top of that if clients follow the vendor on LinkedIn. There’s a self-service implementation process, which means clients deploy the software themselves. The process and timeline vary depending on each specific client’s requirements, but MRPeasy provides comprehensive implementation guidelines and access to its network of partners for implementation consulting needs.

The software integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Shopify, Magento, Pipedrive and WooCommerce. The Unlimited plan (detailed in the Pricing section below) also offers integration with other third-party systems via API.

Customer Service & Support

There’s a user manual and tutorials to help users get acclimated with the software. Users can also submit a support ticket via their account.


MRPeasy has four subscription plans, which are listed below. Note that the pricing for each plan covers only up to 10 users. If a client wants to add more than 10 users to any of the plans, there’s an extra $79 per month for every 10 additional users.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $49 per user, per month and includes many of MRPeasy’s core features, such as production planning, inventory management, procurement, CRM, accounting, workforce planning, robust security, multilanguage support and multicurrency capabilities.
  • Professional – The Professional plan costs $69 per user, per month and includes all of the features of the Starter plan, plus special sequence of production operations, expiry date management, subcontracted operations, Matrix BOM (bills of materials), the ability to rework products, serial number tracking, quality control, custom fields, free issue materials to subcontractors, tiered pricing for sales orders, subcontracting services and piece payment options.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan costs $99 per user, per month and includes all of the features of the Professional plan, plus the ability to manage multiple production sites, workstation maintenance management, work order approval, revision/version control, backward production planning, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), barcode scanning, the ability to capture images via mobile device, multiple warehouse management, sales management, purchase order approval and two-factor authentication.
  • Unlimited – The Unlimited plan costs $149 per user, per month and includes all of the features of the other three plans, plus integration via API.


There may be a learning curve for new clients that haven’t used an ERP/MRP system before, but MRPeasy recommends that users follow its implementation guidelines, test the system at their own pace and refer to its user manual. Also, implementation is a self-service process, meaning MRPeasy doesn’t offer consulting services. If a client requires such services, they can contact one of the vendor’s authorized consulting partners.


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MRPeasy’s mission is to help small manufacturing companies grow their business with a robust MRP that’s intuitive and affordable. Its founders believe that smaller manufacturers represent a market gap that wouldn’t benefit from more complex ERP systems that generally target and are intended for larger companies.

MRPeasy holds several core values, including ethics, exceptional customer support, simplicity and reliability. A fun fact: It partners with American Forests, a conservation organization that restores forests across the world, and plants three new trees for each new subscription plan.

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