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Good: End-to-end functionality, SmartViews has enhanced standard reporting options.
Bad: Third-party vendors used often to add HR functionality; Canadian Payroll option unavailable.
Bottom Line: VISUAL ERP handles most demands for small and medium-sized order-driven manufacturers.

Product Overview

VISUAL ERP is a mobile-friendly, end-to-end ERP solution that supplies small and medium-sized order-driven manufacturers with tools to manage costing, scheduling and material planning. Along with complete order lifecycle views, VISUAL ERP supplies immediate product status, identifies potential issues and adjusts schedules to meet deadlines, including creation of “what-if” scenarios to optimize production throughput.

Powered by Microsoft’s SQLServer Database, the suite integrates with Office. Its user interface is intuitive and customizable.

More than 30 application extensions further VISUAL ERP’s functionality, adding capabilities to handle industry or site specific requirements. These include Synergy production extensions (credit card processing, BOM Xploder, Smartviews and more), Synergy technical product extensions (Report Launchpad/scheduler, Macro Server), partner products (CADLink, FORCam Factory Framework, Sales Tax Solution) and Infor products (Business Intelligence, CRM, Bar Coding, CPQ).

Industries that VISUAL ERP has served include aerospace and defense, automotive, both general order-driven and industrial manufacturing, high-tech and electronics, machinery and equipment, medical devices and specialty vehicles.

Infor developed VISUAL ERP and sells it through partners, like Synergy Resources, as licensed distributors. Synergy Resources “partners” with VISUAL customers to optimize each VISUAL installation. In addition, Synergy Resources offers its clients data migration, continuous improvement  and technical services capabilities.


VISUAL ERP contains more than a dozen core functions and associated tools. These are:

Sales Management – This tool manages the sales order process from lead to closing to cash. It gives a graphical view of the order lifecycle and drilldown capabilities.

Engineering Change Control – Users can control changes to documents, including drawings, engineering masters, work orders and more, and create an electronic communication network.

Project Management – Users can manage projects based on work breakdown structure. Government requirements (revenue recognition, borrow payback, and compliance with DCAA, FAR and CAS) are supported.

Configuration Management – This rules-based feature lets users construct products, display prices and upsell options, and check for incompatible configurations.

Throughput Management – Users can assess a job’s contribution to company profit via “what-if” schedule creation from which production can be optimized and deliveries streamlined.

Supply Chain Management – This tool manages demand and supply across a company through a core scheduling solution, material requirements planning, forecasting and more.

Serial Number and Lot Control – This feature tracks serial numbers and/or production lots across the supply chain and in compliance with mandated standards.

API Toolkit – Developers can use this feature to seamlessly extract and update the Infor VISUAL database.

Engineering Master – This routing and bill-of-material tool creates the foundation for scheduling production, quoting delivery dates and supporting a lean manufacturing environment.

Inventory and Work Order Cost Accounting – Users can track actual inventory as well as job costs and hours, through all levels of manufacturing with this feature that supports LIFO, FIFO, and average and standard cost requirements.

Production Management – This core functionality, supporting both forward and backward finite and infinite scheduling methodologies, manages an entire supply chain and shop floor.

Quality Management – Users can establish, track and manage all engineering activity and supply chain expectations with this feature, as well as create critical manufacturing specs and collaborate with vendors, employees and customers.

EasyLean scheduling – This features helps users pull materials through the shop to keep inventory levels low, sustain raw material and parts availability, and answer customer queries on delivery.

Shop Floor Automation – With this feature, users can determine available work at each shop work site through any mobile or desktop device and input attendance, labor and material in real time.

Dimensional Inventory – Users can identify the physical dimension of material to determine if it satisfies current production demand using this tool.

Financial Management – This module includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Cash Management and Cash Book. It fully integrates into the manufacturing solution.

Workflow, Messages and Activities – This feature automates business processes, integrating policies and procedures with information flow according to predefined conditions.

Target Market

Synergy aims its VISUAL ERP at small and medium-sized discreet manufacturers in the aerospace/defense, industrial manufacturing, automotive, biotech, electronics, energy and medical markets.

VISUAL’s unique features accommodate Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO) and Configure to Order (CTO or ATO), but also work well in mixed-mode or Made-to-Stock shops.

A sample of its customers include:

  • L&H Industrial
  • Cadence Inc.
  • Graham Capital Group
  • Truform Precision Manufacturing
  • Accu-Fab, Inc
  • HarcoSemco
  • Promark Electronics
  • Wirebelt
  • Audiosears
  • JSI Store Fixtures

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Synergy Resources will implement VISUAL ERP on-premise or through a hosted deployment. During implementation, its support team meets with the customer to identify objectives and goals. The implementation team then reviews processes and creates new ones that align with those goals.

Synergy Resources executes between one and three soft launches that simulate going live and gives all involved individuals a dress rehearsal for carrying out duties and operating the system. Thorough staff training, beginning with key stakeholders, complements any system install and contributes to furthering business improvements intrinsic to the software.

Implementations can typically take three to five months, but after more than 20 years of experience, Synergy Resources adjusts to and meets customers’ schedule demands.

Synergy Resources also offers online training, workshops and other services as needed.

Customer Service & Support

Infor staffs a customer care team through a hotline and web portal (knowledge base, white papers, briefings, support incidents, enhancement requests, customer forums, etc.). In addition, Synergy Resources exclusive support team can help customers maintain continuous improvement and other operational best practices.


Synergy invoices clients on a case-by-case basis, so prices are unavailable. The software for a company with five identified users will cost between $10,000 and $15,000, and increases with larger staff size.

Contact Synergy Resources to get a quote.


VISUAL doesn’t offer a Canadian Payroll option, with an ADP or Ceridian workaround. Basic functionality can suffice, but additional HR functionality/integrations may be needed.


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With a lineage that stretches back to the 1960s and IBM, VISUAL emerged with the first Windows-based ERP application on the market in 1992.

As licensed reseller of VISUAL ERP, Synergy Resources specializes in the manufacturing business. Synergy first focuses on a customer’s specific business improvement objectives, and then aligns them with the right software tools and services to achieve them. Synergy Resources holds a US patent on its scheduling methodologies.

Synergy Resources was founded in 1994. Our mission statement is to assist companies in operational excellence through change management, guidance and training, as well as evaluating the right software for their needs. Synergy has won the Infor Partner of the Year award seven of the past eight years.

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