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abas ERP At A Glance

Good: Comprehensive and integrated suite of business management functions work well together.
Bad: Not suitable for aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, or food production companies. Limited customization opportunities.
Bottom Line: The adage, "You get what you pay for" applies. A functionally robust system that demands expenditures in time and money.

Product Overview

Abas integrated ERP solution connects the many diverse facets of business operations so that each team in a manufacturing company has the resources and information necessary to perform their respective duties. The 13 tools that work together seamlessly are the following:

  • Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Materials Management
  • Service Processing
  • Financials and Accounting
  • Business Intelligence and  Analytics
  • Document Management
  • EDI & High-Performance Logistics
  • Business Process Management
  • Multi-Company Accounting
  • Project Management

Mobile applications allow for anytime/anywhere access via tablet and smartphones, and multi-site functionality keeps tabs on processes across geographically diverse locations.

In addition, abas has formed partnerships with an extensive network of certified partners who provide industry and function-specific extensions and services. These partnerships include Atlatl (3D product rendering), Paylocity (payroll and tax expertise), Vantage (payment advisories) and many more.


Sales Management & Customer Relationship Management – Manages all sales processes and integrates with all relevant information and interactions on prospective and existing customers.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling – Maps all production processes in a fully integrated infrastructure and increases the transparency and efficiency in production.

Purchasing – Lets users compare prices, delivery times and terms of different suppliers to help make reliable purchasing decisions.

Production Planning & Control – Coordinates all production processes, eliminating bottlenecks and creating value through more streamlined production.

Materials Management – Coordinates the flow of goods to accelerate stock turnover and boost readiness of the right material at the right time in the right quantity/quality, thus reducing capital commitment.

Service Processing – Tracks the entire lifecycle of products or systems sold and manages all support services to keep apprised of and address any system incidents, repairs and maintenance.

Financials & Accounting – An integrated and automated tool that records, posts, checks and visualizes all business transactions and provides a full overview of the company’s value flow and financial movements.

Business Intelligence & Analytics – Visualizes data, evaluations and KPIs through dashboards that illuminate scheduling, cost planning, procurement, lead times and financial figures, and from which strategic decisions can be made.

Document Management – Automatically archives documents and indexes them according to abas database criteria, accelerating retrieval and use.

EDI & High-Performance Logistics – Automated formats within the Electronic Data Interchange standard accelerates business processes such as purchase orders, deliveries, invoicing and payment runs.

Business Process Management – Models, automates and monitors individual workflows to help evaluate processing times and analyze bottlenecks.

Multi-Company Accounting – Analyzes and consolidates all data on business areas, companies and countries according to user-defined requirements.

Project Management – Manages and visualizes project history and project progress, including status, milestones, personnel, deadlines, bottlenecks and budgets.

Target Market

Abas aims to meet the demands of mid-sized businesses in the manufacturing or distribution industry employing between 50 and 2,000 people and often owner-operated. Its client list includes vendors working in discrete manufacturing and distribution. Main verticals include automotive, electronics, custom manufacturing, fabrication & assembly, industrial machinery, metal fabrication.

Below is a brief listing of some of abas’ customers:

  • Mayflower Distributing
  • Q-Tech Corporation
  • Moroso Performance Products
  • American Vending Sales
  • The Beckwood Corporation
  • Trust Automation Inc.
  • Cadman Power Equipment
  • Nordost
  • Concept 2
  • Clarion Technologies

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Abas uses a structured implementation methodology that focuses on timeline and budget discipline that starts with assigning a dedicated team to each customer. That team collaborates with a customer’s project team and focuses on training, optimized business processes and user enablement. Abas’ implementation methodology also includes migration services, go-live support and quality assurance.

Customer Service & Support

Customer support is available through a customer portal and ticket system as well as via telephone.

Abas has developed its Academy, a hands-on continuous training effort that covers more than 30 topics and is tailored for all user experience levels. Courses are balanced between on-line and on-site instruction. A list of upcoming training courses is posted on its website.


The pricing is per concurrent user, with volume discounts for the entire integrated system. Abas recommends contacting a sales representative to get a customized quote.


Abas is not suitable for aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, or food production companies. It also has limited customization opportunities.


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For more than 40 years, abas has helped production-related companies around the world create change and profit from digital transformation. Since 1980, when it christened its North American headquarters in Sterling, VA, abas has synthesized research and development, corporate partnership and cloud hosting services to market and support its ERP solution to mid-market businesses.

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