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Avantis At A Glance

Good: Predictive analytics function, three optional modules for solution enhancement, focus on improving client's ROI.
Bad: Not intended for smaller companies.
Bottom Line: Robust system package which provides tools for cutting maintenance costs through preventive methods, predictive analysis, and conditional reporting.

Product Overview

Avantis focuses on improving your company’s ROI when investing in maintenance operations for assets including your people, processes, and equipment. The software offers four core solutions, and one additional solution for predictive analytics, an upgrade from preventive maintenance features. The suite is comprised of:

  • Avantis Enterprise Asset Management
  • Avantis Condition Manager
  • Avantis.DDS
  • Avantis Extension Modules
  • InStep PRiSM Predictive Analytics

Below, we cover each component of the software suite along with its key features.


Avantis Enterprise Asset Management allows companies to keep track of maintenance repairs, spares and inventory stocks, and procurement. The solution allows companies to take a proactive approach to maintenance operations through collaboration and best-practices-based processes. A few key features within this solution include:

  • Enterprise scalability for extending across multiple business operations or site locations
  • Detailed work orders for supporting a proactive approach to maintenance repairs. Fields within work orders include labor, materials, drawings, subcontractor requirements, and safety information. Other preventive maintenance functions also help cut costs by planning maintenance operations as opposed to a reactive approach focused on repairs.
  • Automates requisitions, purchase orders, contractor quotes, and invoices.
  • Accurate inventory and spare parts keeping with analytic components for minimizing inventory costs.

Avantis Condition Manager gives companies real-time insight into the state of their assets, reducing sudden costs and maximizing the performance of your equipment. Maintenance personnel are given actionable data for role-based decision support thanks to a collect, analyze and and act process. Some features include:

  • Provides the platform to link control, safety, and maintenance environments within your business.
  • Identifies early system failures for fixing the problem before it affects the business with downtime.
  • A multi-variable expert system custom set to your equipment’s needs analyzes the equipment’s status. Combined with a collaborative workflow, the system notifies the appropriate users when action is needed.

Avantis DDS is a comprehensive data extraction system for identifying vital information among the data stored by your company. A KPI dashboard and reporting tool allows users to identify historical trends within the data and create best practices for maintenance operations. Key features include:

  • Easy to use report creator for comparing different site locations and business operations.
  • Customized dashboard for meeting end-users’ needs while visualizing KPIs.

Avantis Extension Modules offers 3 additional modules for enhancing your solution. These modules include:

  • The Integration Toolkit for leveraging industry standards with your integration.
  • The Approval Module for managing all documents and requests electronically.
  • The Advanced Scheduling VIP Module for scheduling resources and enabling availability.

InStep PRiSM Predictive Analytics utilizes advanced algorithms for identifying system issues before it leaves any affect on your business. Unlike condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance zones in on subtle changes based on historical data. A few key features include:

  • Highly detailed equipment identification for tracking its health and performance.
  • Integrates with existing machines.
  • An advanced web-based analysis applications.

Target Market

Schneider Electric produces software solutions to meet the needs of many industries including chemicals & fertilizers, food & beverage, hydrocarbon processing, general manufacturing, life sciences, oil & gas, power, transportation, and more. Some their customers include:

  • China Ministry of Railway
  • Magna Automotive
  • Norfolk Southern Railway
  • Ash Grove Cement
  • Assmang Limited
  • Debswana Diamond Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Nucor Steel
  • Hendricks Motorsports
  • Western Refining
  • Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO)

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InRIM (originally developed by Invensys which recently became Schneider Electric) is a program designed as a thorough implementation process at low risk. Components of the program include:

  • Maintenance and Materials Business Processes
  • Pre-configured InRIM Database
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Consultant Toolkit
  •  Project Management Protocols
  • Data Conversion Tool
  • Training Courses and Manuals
  • Consultant Certification

The Implementation Methodology begins with a preparation phase to asses the business and end user needs, followed by defining functional requirements, configuring the software for storing unique information, validation for testing the software’s limits, execution for scaling the software across the business, and optimization for evaluating the software’s success.

Customer Service & Support

Customer FIRST for Avantis is a customer support program complete with numerous specialized resources.

General service profiles affiliated with the program include a Cyber Security Assessment, Cyber Security Maintenance Program, Cyber Security Readiness Workshop, Dedicated Customer Portal, Life Cycle Management Services, Maximize Asset Performance, On-site Resident Engineer, Protect Critical Investments, Reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and Technician Account Management.


Schneider Electric doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Avantis specializes in meeting enterprise sized needs and may not be a good choice for smaller companies.


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The Avantis suite was originally created by Invensys, an engineering and information technology company based in the UK. Invensys was recently acquired by Schneider Electric, which now employs over 16,500 people across 180 countries within the software, industrial automation, and energy controls industries.

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