Your Guide to IBM Maximo Pricing

Disclaimer: We source public information for IBM Maximo’s pricing, including its own site. All pricing information within this resource is accurate at the time of publication.

As an enterprise asset management solution in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) market, IBM Maximo serves users through Internet of Things technology coupled with machine learning. 

It helps various companies manage the life cycles of assets. This includes vehicles, equipment and even buildings. IBM Maximo is able to work regardless of where said assets are located. When new assets are acquired, the system can be quickly set up to manage them. 

But how much does this solution actually cost? 

In this article, we’re going to explore the public pricing for IBM Maximo, comparing it with some of its chief competitors to determine whether this solution is right for your company.

IBM Maximo Pricing

Pricing for Maximo’s SaaS version is determined on a per-user basis. 

The company doesn’t release pricing publicly for some of its services, including SaaS Dedicated and On-Prem. 

However, the regular SaaS feature does have static pricing, which we’ll discuss below. 

Free trials are also available.

IBM Maximo Pricing Chart

Pricing Plan #1 SaaS:

The SaaS plan costs $164 per user.

Subscribers to this plan will receive access to: 

  • Maximo Core
  • Cloud delivery
  • Cloud-hosted SaaS multi-tenant solution
  • Automatic deployment
  • Base IBM Maximo Scheduler
  • Cloud integrations

Pricing Plan #2 SaaS Dedicated:

The SaaS plan for IBM Maximo is priced on a per-user basis, and the company doesn’t publicly release pricing information for this tier. 

Customers who purchase this plan get access to:

  • Enterprise-level asset management via Cloud Flex
  • Deployed through cloud delivery service
  • Maximo integration framework

Pricing Plan #3 On Prem:

The cost of IBM Maximo’s On Prem plan is currently unknown because the company doesn’t publicly release pricing on this tier. 

What we do know, however, is what this system level gives you. 

By purchasing the On Prem plan, you get:

  • Maximo enterprise asset management deployed on-premise
  • Single software platform

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Alternatives to IBM Maximo

Now that you’ve learned about IBM Maximo, how does it measure up to some of its strongest competitors? 

We’ve highlighted three Maximo alternatives below, giving you a bit of background information on each, as well as pricing information.

IMB, UpKeep, Oracle, and Fiix Logos

IBM Maximo Alternative #1: Upkeep

Upkeep is an asset management solution that was originally designed for technicians working in the field. 

This solution allows them to edit, access and close work orders from a mobile device. It’s also available through a web browser or on desktop computers.

Upkeep Dashboard Screenshot

Upkeep Pricing:

Upkeep features a free demo and three different pricing plans. What’s interesting to note is that there’s no time limit on the demo. Rather than say that the demo is for seven days or one month, Upkeep gives you unlimited use of the product for up to 25 work orders. 

All of these plans have unlimited users.

Upkeep Pricing Chart

Starter Plan: Upkeep’s Starter plan costs $35 per user, per month

Among other features, subscribers to the starter plan receive: 

  • Creation of unlimited work orders
  • Calendar mode
  • Summary reports
  • Email and print orders
  • Push notifications in real time

Professional Plan The Upkeep Professional plan costs $60 per user, per month. 

Users who purchase this plan receive: 

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • File storage
  • In-app reporting
  • Enhanced scheduling
  • Ability to record and attach videos
  • Signature capture

Business Plan: The Upkeep Business Plan costs $100 per user, per month. 

As the largest of Upkeep’s plans, Business provides the most features for users. You’ll need a minimum of five users to purchase this plan, meaning you’ll pay at least $500 per month for it.

Business-level subscribers receive: 

  • Everything in the Professional plan
  • Application program interface (API) access
  • Advanced time and cost tracking
  • Purchase orders
  • Additional asset management features
  • Single sign-on
  • Workflow automation
  • Business integrations
  • Custom meter automation

IBM Maximo Alternative #2: Oracle

Oracle is an enterprise-level resource planning solution. It has several functions, including sales and marketing, HR, supply chain planning, manufacturing, project management and finance. 

Each application can be purchased on its own or all of them can be purchased together. 

This solution reduces the risk of unplanned downtime of an asset.

Oracle Work Order Screenshot

Oracle Pricing:

Oracle’s Enterprise Asset Management’s perpetual license costs $4,595. That comes with a minimum commitment of 10 users. Software updates and support costs come out to approximately $1,000. 

You can also purchase a self-service work request licensing option. This costs $575 for a minimum of 10 users.

Oracle Pricing Chart

IBM Maximo Alternative #3: Fiix

Fiix is a full-featured CMMS solution that’ll help users track and maintain equipment, inventory, vehicles, buildings and other assets. 

When using Fiix, equipment maintenance data can be imported through a mobile device. This solution was made for technicians to be able to provide self-service and manage an asset’s full lifecycle.

Fiix Dashboard Screenshot

Fiix Pricing:

Fiix is priced on a subscription-based plan, charging users either monthly or yearly. There are three paid tiers and one free option. 

Free Tier:  Free users are able to track assets and plan out preventive maintenance, as well as create and edit work orders.

Basic:  Fiix’s Basic plan costs $40 per user, per month. 

Subscribers on this plan receive everything offered to free users, plus: 

  • Standard CMMS features 
  • Mobile access

Professional: The Professional plan for Fiix costs $60 per user, per month 

Anyone subscribed to this level of service receives advanced CMMS features such as: 

  • Third-party notifications 
  • Guest login 
  • Multi-site support 
  • API integration 
  • Compliance tools 
  • Rotating assets 
  • Custom report writer 
  • Personalized branding

Enterprise:  Fiix doesn’t publicly release pricing for its Enterprise tier. Custom pricing is issued on a case-by-case basis. Contact Fiix directly for more information. 

Enterprise users are able to integrate their CMMS solution with other enterprise software like an ERP.

Fiix Pricing Chart

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Is IBM Maximo Right for You?

Small Businesses and Startups:

Small businesses and startups with a smaller staff could get a lot of use out of the more affordable SaaS version of IBM Maximo. 

Since they’re working on a more limited budget, the cost of this tier seems like a decent fit. 

However, any small business considering making an investment in IBM Maximo should take advantage of the free trial for as long as possible to see if it’s useful and the cost is justified for your specific business needs. 

Medium-Sized Businesses:

The SaaS Dedicated plan for Maximo has many features that would benefit a medium-sized business.

It uses flexible licensing to reduce the effective per user cost while also giving users the ability to customize the service with add-ons

Enterprise-Level Businesses:

Enterprise-level businesses with a larger budget should be able to afford either the Dedicated SaaS or On Prem plans fairly easily. 

It’s not recommended for an enterprise company to use the regular SaaS. It’s far too limited for the advanced needs that a company of this size has. 

Whether you’re better off with the Dedicated SaaS or On Prem depends entirely on whether you’re looking for Cloud delivery or on-premise deployment. 

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Final Thoughts

IBM Maximo has made a name for itself in the CMMS world for good reason. It’s a reliable asset management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. 

However, there’s the issue of its secretive pricing. Several other solutions, like the three alternatives we’ve highlighted, tell you their pricing upfront, so it’s easier to determine the potential return on investment right off the bat. 

Contact IBM Maximo directly for more information on its pricing. 

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