Top 8 Manufacturing Predictions for 2013

Dust off the crystal ball, folks, the swami of manufacturing is releasing his Top Manufacturing Predictions for 2013. Tell us, what do you see?

How to be a Bad Boss in 5 easy steps

At some point in our working career, we’ve all had that one boss who stood out — for the negative, deflating and demoralizing influence he or she had on the troops.

Hidden risk of breast cancer from exposure to workplace chemicals

Women who work in industrial settings where they’re exposed to a “toxic soup” of hazardous chemicals are 42% more likely to develop breast cancer than their pencil-pushing peers.

Company will pay $4.85 million to settle disability bias case

It’s been a banner year for the labor law cops at the EEOC, and they’ve just notched another $4 million-plus settlement with a company accused of disability discrimination.