Company refused to hire non-Hispanic workers, sued by EEOC

A Texas-based manufacturer recently landed in court because of illegal hiring practices. The feds allege the company discriminated against non-Hispanic job candidates and relied too heavily on word-of-mouth to hire entry-level workers.

Company will pay $4.85 million to settle disability bias case

It’s been a banner year for the labor law cops at the EEOC, and they’ve just notched another $4 million-plus settlement with a company accused of disability discrimination.

HR’s e-mail costs firm 175K

Retaliation claims against employers have risen sharply in recent years. One way to protect your company: a thorough investigative procedure. Take this recent case:

Ex-employee puts lawsuit details online

Another use of the Internet HR could do without: A worker has created a Web site describing an EEOC charge he’s filed against a former employer.