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Adaptive Insights At A Glance

Good: Financial intelligence, active planning process, drag-and-drop capabilities.
Bad: Reports functionality has its limits and can be slow. Data and multi-currency conversions can be glitchy.
Bottom Line: Leading provider of CPM and BI solutions that enable companies to switch from static planning to active planning.

Product Overview

Adaptive Insights is a leading provider of cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) software for budgeting, reporting and forecasting.

Its Adaptive Insights for Finance solution offers everything a business needs to create an efficient financial planning process, including comprehensive dashboards and modeling capabilities. The software allows users to collaborate more easily with partners, as well as model, analyze and report on business performance on a continuous basis.

Adaptive Insights’ drag-and-drop capabilities make it convenient to create and edit reports that reflect real-time data and give users a detailed overview of their entire business. In addition, the software lets users create allocation rules that allow them to streamline the chain of reassigning values from one part of their company to others by replacing multiple, complicated formulas.


Adaptive Insights for Finance’s key features include:

  • Robust consolidation – Adaptive Insights’ built-in consolidation feature allows users to speed up intercompany financial reports, automate reclassifications and streamline journal entry management. Also, it lets users apply frequent currency reporting with only a few clicks to see a more realistic picture of business performance over a period of time, without the impact of exchange fluctuations.
  • Powerful planning – The solution reduces planning cycle times with driver-based models, version-controlled plans and always-fresh data. Clients can engage their finance business partners and save time with easy-to-use workflows and an enterprise performance management (EPM) tool on the web or its Excel-based interface.
  • Financial intelligence & analytics – Powerful integrated financial intelligence and analytics tools help users get to know their business better, compare phases, make decisions by forecasting and replanning, add multiple dimensions to the company’s charts, visualize variances in waterfall charts and get context by drilling down into source transactional data.
  • In-memory calculation engine – Adaptive Insights is designed on a modern cloud computing platform with a robust in-memory calculation engine. This means the solution’s highly scalable infrastructure offers consistent performance no matter how many locations or users a company has or the complexity and quantity of the organization’s models. Also, its integration framework makes it easy for users to connect the software with popular human capital management (HCM), customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, such as MS Dynamics, Sage NetSuite and Salesforce.

Target Market

Adaptive Insights primarily serves mid-sized companies and large enterprises with its business planning software. Here’s a list of prominent clients:

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  • HireVue
  • Zagg
  • YMCA London South West
  • Regent’s University London
  • PowerHealth Solutions
  • Papyrus
  • Max Credit Union
  • Boston Scientific
  • The University of Arizona

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As a cloud-based software, Adaptive Insights for Finance can be quickly and easily deployed and integrated with a customer’s existing data and technology. The platform integrates with several enterprise applications in CRM, data visualization, sales automation and ERP, including Domo, Sage Intacct and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

To assist in optimization and planning, Adaptive Insights’ professional services team offers the following:

  • Success Packs – Adaptive Success Packs are a guided approach to implementation based on best practices. Experts from Adaptive Insights work with the user’s team to offer solution design, project preparation, and implementation services built to meet their specific business needs.
  • Full-service implementation – This option lets users take advantage of Adaptive Insights’ professional services team. They can either access consultants’ skills and guidance as needed, for an hourly fee, or have Adaptive’s team and partners do the upfront design work, initiate the implementation and provide training.

In addition to these plans, Adaptive Insights offers a rich set of public application program interfaces (APIs), which enable users and their partners to implement custom solutions via third-party integration tools.

Customer Service & Support

Adaptive Insights offers two support plans to choose from, based on the level of service that’s right for the client’s organization.

Standard support

Each customer is given access to standard support via telephone and email. The plan offers:

  • Unlimited ticket submissions for cases
  • Access to user documentation, articles, online training and a community help forum from Adaptive Insights’ knowledge and support base
  • A maximum initial response time of one business day
  • 24/7 application monitoring
  • Access to a dedicated customer success manager to help recommend processes so the user can get the most out of the solution
  • 12-hour phone support, five days a week, in subscribed regions
  • Access to a maximum of two Adaptive Insights administrators when contacting support

Adaptive Insights also offers an add-on in the form of extended hours for phone support with the standard plan, which could be great for users with administrators in multiple geographic regions who would need more varied time-zone coverage.

Premium support

Adaptive Insights’ premium support coverage is ideal for users who require a faster response, extended support or dedicated support resources. It provides all the advantages of standard support, plus:

  • A maximum of four hours for initial response time
  • Priority phone support
  • Access to a maximum of 10 administrators when contacting telephone support
  • 24-hour phone support, five days a week, in subscribed regions, plus extended coverage beyond subscribed regions
  • Access to a dedicated support specialist who takes charge of responses and support tickets, and does proactive calls on a weekly basis during core region hours

Additionally, users can browse Adaptive Insights’ Knowledge Center to find answers and documentation for common issues. It can be accessed from the Help menu in the Adaptive Planning application.


Adaptive Insights for Finance can be licensed on a subscription basis. Pricing details for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises are supplied only upon request. Potential customers can contact the solution’s FP&A experts to receive custom quotes.

Those interested in testing the platform can take advantage of the 30-day free trial that includes unlimited access to Adaptive Insights for Finance through a sample model.


Some users have mentioned limitations with reporting functionality and operation. Specifically, mastering attributes for reporting can be time consuming, reports can’t be easily modified (necessitating creation of a new report) and report generation can be slow.

Conversions of multiple currencies and some data conversions have been reported as glitchy.


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Adaptive Insights, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of CPM and business intelligence (BI) solutions. Richard L. Dellinger and Robert S. Hull founded the company in 2003, intending to introduce cloud-based enterprise forecasting, budgeting and reporting software as a viable alternative to larger on-premise solutions or spreadsheet-based forecasting. The company received funding in the second half of 2003 and was renamed Adaptive Planning.

Adaptive Planning organized a fourth round of funding, adding as one of the backers and raising $45 million. It was renamed to Adaptive Insights in February 2014 when it released a new version of the solution with an updated user interface (UI). Today, Adaptive Insights offers Adaptive Insights for Sales and Adaptive Insights for Finance, purpose-built platforms that allow a company to assess, plan and execute.

Adaptive Insights Inc. operates globally with offices in Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and the US. More than 3,500 businesses worldwide trust its business planning platform, which is offered in seven different languages. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and has a presence in more than 50 countries.

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