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LightWork At A Glance

Good: LightWork offers a Universal Link tool allowing it to be integrated with any HRMS solution.
Bad: LightWork Talent Management doesn't offer succession planning features.
Bottom Line: LightWork Talent Management is a cloud-based HR solution with features that streamline time-consuming tasks and optimize workflows.

Product Overview

LightWork Software provides customers with various HR solutions and services, including LightWork Time, HR Talent Management and HR Lite, a part of LightWork which can serve as an HRMS alternative. This review focuses on the services and features of the talent management system.

LightWork Talent Management (previously known as PerformancePAM) is a web-based solution that lets organizations easily identify employee strengths and weaknesses to improve a company’s bottom line through aligning individual and company goals.

The talent management system’s navigation is similar to Microsoft Windows, and it integrates with an organization’s current HR system.


LightWork Talent Management offers a variety of features to streamline time-consuming tasks and optimize workflows:

  • Multi-rater workflows – Easily create customized workflows to gather necessary feedback from one or many supervisors, employees or peers.
  • Template library – A library of employee appraisal templates can be modified or replaced to meet an organization’s specific needs. Job function metrics can be defined within templates, making the review process simple.
  • Visual analytics – Users can make visualizations with data to quickly analyze an employee’s performance.
  • My Team – LightWork offers the My Team hub as a central location to view information about all members of a team, including demographics, photos, performance data and more.
  • Goal management – Easily define employee goals and benchmarks to drive personal and professional development. Goals can be set to appear on future appraisals for following up during an employee review.
  • Journals – Between appraisal periods, employees and supervisors alike can make notes on goals and performance to offer in-depth feedback.
  • Appointments – LightWork has tools to schedule meetings to stay on top of performance-related progress. Appointments can be saved in vCal format, allowing users to sync them with any calendar tool (such as Outlook).
  • Phrase Selector – The Phrase Selector helps reviewing managers provide the best comments for employee feedback. The phrases displayed are based on the skill being reviewed and its associated score. They can be used as is, or modified for each assessment.
  • Word check – Reduce the amount of errors in reviews and other documents with grammar checking features built into LightWork.
  • LightWork Analytics is a business intelligence tool designed to let users ask questions about their data, and display those answers in formats that make sense, whether that is a bar graph or a detailed table. Their questions can be saved for later, making it easy to revisit them. In addition, they can group questions into great-looking dashboards and then easily share questions and dashboards with the rest of their team.
  • New hire and employee engagement surveys – Companies can use new hire and employee engagement surveys that allow for open feedback and suggestions.

Target Market

LightWork aims to improve the employee review process for managers and HR departments in small to medium-sized businesses.

Below, we listed six examples of its customers:

  • Adventist Risk Management
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation
  • Carolina Donor Services
  • La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
  • City of Clovis

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LightWork offers businesses three deployment options:

  • Private Cloud Perpetual – A traditional purchase model where the customer owns the software and can place it either onsite or in a cloud of their choosing.
  • Private Cloud Subscription – A subscription model allowing the customer to rent LightWork software and can place it either onsite or in a cloud of their choosing.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – A subscription model where the customer rents the software. LightWork places it in the cloud and maintains the technical aspects of the software such as environment, updates, etc.

LightWork has a 10-step implementation process to ensure all talent management needs are met. The steps include:

  1. Installing software
  2. Setting a deployment timeline
  3. Discussing the company’s appraisal process
  4. Customizing LightWork for the business’s needs
  5. Defining branding and terminology used in custom fields
  6. Configuring the system
  7. Reviewing and adjusting configuration
  8. Deploying the solution during a pilot period
  9. Training for the organization’s trainer
  10. Going live with the full solution

The vendor offers a Universal Link tool allowing companies to easily integrate LightWork with their current HRMS, such as Sage HRMS.

Customer Service & Support

LightWork has a variety of support services, including IT services, backup and disaster recovery, virtualization and cloud hosting, and vendor management.

In addition, webinars on each LightWork product are regularly scheduled for users to join, and there’s also a video library of tips and tricks provided for customers.

Support staff can be contacted by phone, email or through an online form. Staff members are available for questions from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


LightWork doesn’t publicly display their pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


LightWork’s talent management solution doesn’t provide succession planning features, which can make identifying and evaluating internal candidates for available or soon-to-be available positions challenging.


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LightWork Software is a Perryman & Associates company, headquartered in DeLand, FL. It’s been providing dynamic HR solutions for over 25 years.

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