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SwiftERM At A Glance

Good: Automatic solution (no human intervention is needed), easy setup, pay-as-you-go monthly plans with no additional fees.
Bad: Doesn't offer marketing automation features aside from email marketing.
Bottom Line: Email marketing solution that automatically sends personalized emails to buyers based on machine-learning algorithms that predict their shopping preferences.

Product Overview

SwiftERM is a predictive analytics plug-in for e-commerce, which uses email marketing with no human intervention. It uses each consumer’s past purchase history and live browsing on the retailer’s website to determine what the person would be most likely to buy next and sends an email to that individual.

The solution has two main benefits for e-commerce companies: It saves time and money. Marketers won’t need to worry about manually segmenting their customers or creating and testing email campaigns. Companies that have a low marketing budget would only need to pay for the solution rather than the expense of staffs or costs involved in manual preparation.

Retailers pay a monthly fee based on the number of consumers in their database. There are no implementation, training or support fees. There’s also no contract to sign, so clients can cancel at any time.

Another benefit: Unlike email marketing solutions that typically send bulk emails, SwiftERM sends individual emails that are personalized to each recipient. It doesn’t bombard the same recipients with multiple emails. Rather, it sends emails when their highest propensity to purchase in identified.

SwiftERM is the only system in the world that integrates with Trustpilot, the leading product review site, to display product ratings within an outbound marketing email. Other partners include Sage, Bazaarvoice, Rakuten, and Gnatta.


SwiftERM first downloads the consumer’s purchase data from the retailer’s platform, then impressions from subsequent site visits. Integrating with a retailer’s site platform (e.g., Magento, Opencart), SwiftERM then uses machine-learning technology that identifies buyers’ likes and interests to predict the exact products they’re likely to buy. The SwiftERM system automatically sends a personalized email to that buyer.

The email adopts a built-in style sheet that takes images and other content from the retailer’s website (for example, a product catalog). Each email contains a lead product (the item most likely to rate highest in buyer’s purchase propensity), which is shown as an enlarged image at the top of the body copy. Six subsequent products are laid out in two rows of three products, each containing a full description and price.

The email also contains 12 additional products. The client’s branding and website sit at the very bottom, and  being GDPR compliant, there’s an opt-out button for recipients that no longer want to receive marketing emails.

Each email uses tracking codes so marketers can analyze the results of the emails and their effects on sales and revenue.

The system also sends triggered emails based on abandoned shopping carts (i.e., when a buyer intends to purchase a product, but leaves the site before checkout).

Marketers can view real-time reports on emails sent, such as email opens or click-throughs, in weekly, monthly or yearly formats.

  • Broadcast Email Marketing?
  • Campaign Reporting and Analytics?
  • CRM Integration?
  • Forms and Landing Pages?
  • Lead Management?
  • Lead Nurturing?
  • Lead Scoring?
  • Triggered Email Marketing?

Target Market

SwiftERM is targeted to large and enterprise e-commerce/retail companies. We’ve listed several of its clients below:

  • American Soda UK
  • Get Bras
  • Like Car Finance
  • McChrystal’s Snuff
  • Bannerworld
  • Proctors Healthcare
  • Rebellious Fashions
  • Bras & Honey
  • Bedroom Athletics
  • Stealthvape

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New clients can sign up for SwiftERM by registering for an account and entering their billing information. During registration, clients choose their platform from a drop-down menu. Platforms currently available are Magento 1 & 2, Opencart, Woo Commerce (WordPress), Shopify and Big Commerce. SwiftERM can be customized for any platform that’s not currently listed within the drop-down menu upon request.

After registration, clients download SwiftERM and install it on their platform, using an system-generated password for access. Clients can then upload their logos or other branding information to personalize the emails. The registration and installation process takes just a few minutes.

Customer Service & Support

SwiftERM can install its plug-in for clients who have difficulty doing so. Because it’s an automatic email marketing software, there’s no training involved or additional support needed, but clients can contact SwiftERM directly if they run into issues.


SwiftERM offers a 30-day free trial. Its pricing tiers are based on the number of customers within a database. The specific price will vary depending on the number of customers. Here are a few examples of SwiftERM’s pricing: (Note: Fees are paid monthly.)

  • Up to 20,000 customers: $131 per month
  • 20,000-30,000 customers: $262 per month
  • 30,000-40,000 customers: $394 per month
  • 40,000-50,000 customers: $525 per month
  • 50,000-60,000 customers: $657 per month
  • 100,000-110,000 customers: $1,310 per month


SwiftERM is mainly used by retailers for email marketing purposes. It doesn’t offer any other marketing automation features. Companies that need a full range of marketing automation functionality can check out our other marketing automation reviews.


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SwiftERM was founded in 2014 by experienced retail consultants who wanted to provide retailers with a fully automated email marketing platform where human intervention wasn’t required. The platform is the result of years of experience the founders had with manually sending bulk marketing messages while working for and consulting with many well known retailers.

SwiftERM received both the Rising Star Award for 2016 and the Great User Experience Award for 2017 from FinancesOnline.

The vendor has offices in London and New York City.

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