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Schoology At A Glance

Good: Strong collaboration features throughout the solution.
Bad: Schoology no longer is adding higher education, corporate or international clients but will provide support to current clients.
Bottom Line: Schoology allows instructors and learners to communicate easily, and it has built-in grading and assessment tools.

Product Overview

Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) solution designed for collaboration between any kind of learner and instructor.

A core focus of Schoology’s LMS solution is to enable collaboration, with frequent checkpoints to ensure learners are engaging with the material. The most recent addition to the solution is assessment management, which brings learning management features to assessments.


We’ve chosen the following five features to best display Schoology’s strengths:

1. Instructional tools: Course design features are built into the solution for instructors to quickly create assignments. Instructors can attach a range of materials such as packets, quizzes, discussion boards and more. Each assignment can be given both a grading and learning objective. Use individualized instruction tools to set requirements for learners to interact with material, such as leaving comments or scoring above a threshold on the assignment. A variety of grading tools are available, such as highlighting and annotating.

2. Communication and collaboration: Communication within Schoology goes beyond the classroom, including parents and faculty through system-wide messaging. In addition, every lesson has a built-in discussion board for learners to engage with each other. All courses are saved using a folder system and can be shared either in a public group or as a resource for other faculty to use.

3. Data, analytics and personalized learning: Instructors can use preloaded standards to track each learner’s progress, with the ability to view grading averages and expectations. Quizzes have a results tab where instructors can see each student’s scores as well as statistical averages for the group. High-level analytics are also available for gaining a complete perspective on learners throughout the school.

4. Interoperability: Several apps can be seamlessly integrated with Schoology, including Evernote, Google Drive, YouTube and more. If sharing data between Student Information Systems (SIS) and the LMS, the information is automatically synchronized. All types of lesson content are compatible with Schoology, including Learning Test Interoperability (LTI), Question and Test Interoperability (QTI), Common Cartridge, and SCORM-compliant content.

5. Assessment management: Schoology’s latest development is the Assessment Management Platform (AMP). Assessment teams can be formed based on courses to determine standards. Also, standards can easily be updated to apply to several courses at once. Instructors are able to update assessments automatically and save them in a central repository. New tools allow for assessments that test students on multiple skills using diverse media with pictures and videos.

Target Market

Schoology is the best fit for K-12 learning, higher education and corporations.

Here are 10 of the solution’s clients:

  • Cherry Creek Schools
  • Belmont University
  • Arizona State University
  • Montgomery College
  • University of California
  • Fairview School District
  • North Canton City Schools
  • Harlem Academy
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Lancaster Bible College

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As a web-based solution, Schoology’s easy to start with, and it’s free to try with one account.

Customer Service & Support

Schoology offers webinars, video tutorials, presentations, best practices and research about the best ways to use the solution.

For troubleshooting issues, the vendor has a ticket system for users to submit requests, along with a customer service number. A support community is also available for users to submit their ideas about new features.


The Basic package, intended for students, parents, teachers and advisors is free. The Enterprise package pricing, intended for schools that want advanced features, is not publicly available, so please contact Schoology for a quote.


As of July 2018, Schoology is no longer adding new Higher Educational Institutions, Corporate, or International clients.  Schoology will continue to provide support to all current Higher Education, Corporate, and International customers.

In addition, certification management isn’t currently included. Many organizations rely on this feature for staying in compliance and keeping track of when it’s time for employees to renew their certifications.


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Schoology was founded in 2009 by former college students who were inspired to bring more technology into classrooms around the world.

The company has five values:

  1. Passion is the most powerful engine
  2. There’s no success without collaboration
  3. Innovation is in our blood
  4. We learn every day
  5. Integrity is our foundation

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on 2020-09-10 23:15:35

The email included in the program has no search option that would help with documentation. Comments to students on assessments does not notify students- usually only for teachers; so feedback on 160 students without emailing them individually is non-existent. Quiz option is far better than assessment option for grading. I wish for a page that students can upload projects and share them with each other- possible I just do not know how to do this. Sharp learning curve to operate- students struggle to download assignments. With Clever separating themselves from Schoology, many issues have made this a difficult time for most students. Many apps promised to work with Schoology were not very helpful or did not work at all with Schoology.

I like that quizzes can grade itself. There are many possibilities that can happen that would make this a very good program. Small fixes would make this equal to Blackboard or better.