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Motivis Learning At A Glance

Good: Motivis Learning connects student information from all parts of its platform, offering a 360-degree view of student data that educators need to create strategies for long-term success.
Bad: Motivis Learning's LMS doesn't have gamification features built into its platform.
Bottom Line: Flexible system allowing educators and students to check, adjust and connect over a student's learning path and performance.

Product Overview

Motivis Learning is a learning relationship management platform (LRM) with a learning management system (LMS), community engagement system and student information system. The platform allows students, teachers and administrators to view data and outcomes of a student’s entire learning program, not just a single course. For this review, we’ll focus on the features and functionality of Motivis Learning’s LMS.

Motivis Learning’s LMS is a flexible system that allows educators and students to check, adjust and connect over a student’s learning path and performance. The solution’s top benefits include:

  • Scalable and personalized learning for every student’s needs
  • Simple goal tracking and adjustment
  • Integration of student data with other systems in LRM platform
  • Collaboration between students and teachers
  • Flexible deadline assignments
  • User-friendly, feature-rich interface


Motivis Learning offers many LMS features that not only allow students to see their progress (besides just their grades), but also give educators the tools they need to view everything a student’s done and provide useful feedback. Here’s a list of features that help personalize learning paths:

Authentic assessment – Choose the assessment model and criteria that best fit your learning strategy. This can be based on any scale system or a student’s competency.

Rubrics – Whether analytical or holistic, rubrics are complete assessments of required assignments. They’re responsive to the device you’re using, so rubrics can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or phone.

Group discussions – Whole classes can engage in group discussions in a forum setting. Discussions can be linked to an assignment, but they don’t have to be. Instructors are able to pull out each student’s contribution for evaluation.

1 on 1 discussions – Educators can have discussions with individual students about a course topic or assignment. This can be helpful when educators notice a student needs additional help.

Aggregate coursework view – In just one click, instructors get a high-level view of an entire class’s progress. This can be broken out by learning outcomes for further evaluation.

Personalized learning plan – Educators can personalize learning paths on a student-by-student basis by creating custom rubrics, adding or removing assignments and updating assignment due dates.

Assignment calendar – Not only can instructors easily adjust a student’s assignments and due dates based on goals and progress, but students can get permission to manage their own calendar as well.

Access to student data – Motivis Learning connects student information from all parts of the LRM platform. This gives educators a 360-degree view of student data so they can create learning strategies for long-term success.

  • Asynchronous Learning?
  • Employee Training?
  • Gamification?
  • Content Library?
  • Mobile Learning?
  • SCORM Compliance?
  • Synchronous Learning?
  • Testing & Assessments?

Target Market

Motivis Learning aims to help educational facilities create personalized learning paths for their students, whether in K-12 or higher education. Here’s a list of institutions using Motivis Learning’s solution:

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • EF Academy
  • Nicolet College
  • Careerwise
  • Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
  • Hult International Business School
  • Ohio Valley
  • Cornell University
  • College Unbound
  • Winston-Salem State University

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Motivis Learning works closely with its clients to determine the best way to implement the LRM solution. To find the best process for each customer, Motivis Learning follows six steps:

  1. Discovery – The vendor schedules an initial meeting to understand the curriculum.
  2. Design – Motivis Learning designs the implementation project to meet the curriculum’s needs.
  3. Scope – After the project is designed and approved, the vendor creates a detailed timeline.
  4. Development – Motivis Learning partners with the educational facility to migrate data into the new solution.
  5. Testing – The solution is tested to make sure everything is working correctly, and your team will be trained on using the new system.
  6. Go Live – Once the new system is launched, Motivis Learning mentors users. Developers will be on hand to address any issues found during this time.

Customer Service & Support

Motivis Learning offers a Customer Success Group that provides up front support and best practices to ensure the solution is effective. Customization services are also provided to guarantee the system is collecting the data you need.

Potential users and clients can view the public Insights page on Motivis Learning’s website to find out more about education technology research and news, Motivis Learning updates, professional development and more.


Motivis prices its platform based on the number of users and institutional size. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Although Motivis Learning focuses on communication and collaboration between students and educators, the LMS doesn’t include gamification tools for information retention and learner engagement.


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In 2013, the College for America (CfA) at Southern New Hampshire University was created as an experiment in competency-based education. Because a traditional LMS couldn’t support all the learning and analytics needs of this experiment, Motivis Learning created its LRM platform.

Since then, Motivis Learning has expanded on its student-centered learning model by providing a learning platform that combines content, communication, student information, goals and assessments.

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Intuitive platform, excellent service

on 2018-04-03 06:21:11

The Motivis LMS aligns closely with our vision of a unified campus - it has allowed us to put our students at the core of our campus, and to ensure each staff member has access to a holistic view of each student. The interface is modern and intuitive, and we have had some excellent feedback from staff and students alike.
While we had to do some customisation on top of our own Salesforce implementation for our unique use case, every update from Motivis brings great new features that we can take advantage of and the installation of the updates is clear and problem-free.
Working with the Motivis team to implement the platform has been a pleasure from the beginning - extremely professional and all experts in their field. The team continues to provide excellent service.

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