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Auzmor Learn At A Glance

Good: Short learning curve, intuitive course builder, robust off-the-shelf course library.
Bad: Some customers would like additional customization options.
Bottom Line: Intuitive LMS platform that helps managers train their employees more efficiently.

Product Overview

Auzmor Learn is a scalable cloud-based LMS platform for small, medium, and large businesses providing more efficient employee training. Admins can quickly create content for employee learning on the intuitive course builder. Employees can easily access courses from any device, on or offsite.

Auzmor Learn boasts several benefits, such as:

  • Custom training programs and development to reduce employee skill gaps which results in increased employee success and retention
  • Intuitive software to shorten the learning curve and increase engagement
  • Access to over 70,000 prebuilt courses on a wide range of topics
  • Robust analytics tools that measure learner progress and other metrics
  • Available in up to 30 languages
  • Integration to a company’s HCM system that reduces manual tasks for the admin


Auzmor Learn has many robust features, such as blended learning, checklists and a mobile app. Here are some of its key ones:

Content creation – Users can quickly create courses with either Auzmor Learn’s built-in authoring tool or a third-party tool. They can upload PowerPoint files, documents or videos, as well as set up ratings for feedback, personalize learning paths or schedule course publication. In addition, users can work with subject matter experts and get their feedback on specific content by tagging them in the software. Finally, users can create up to seven types of quizzes and add voice-over narration to the course.

Collaboration – The software includes live chat and discussion forums to foster collaboration among learners. Learners can create and share posts for likes and comments. In addition, administrators can pair learners up with a mentor who can check in with the learner on their professional development plans. Learners can also receive notifications on announcements, trainings and more directly in the software or by email.

Reporting/analytics – Auzmor Learn provides customizable analytics so managers and admins can track their team’s learning progress. They can drill down into date of completion, how long the employee spent on the training, scores, how many attempts it took them to pass an assessment and other important metrics. Managers and admins can pull reports on individuals, teams/departments, organization level, or get insights on courses as well.

Extended enterprise – Organizations with more than one brand or that want to provide training to their vendors or partners can set up multiple learning portals, each with its own branding. Users can create content to share across multiple portals as well as set up custom reports for each brand. Auzmor Learn also has security features that let organizations restrict access to certain portals (i.e. vendors can access their own portal and not the company’s internal LMS).

eCommerce – Auzmor Learn offers eCommerce functionality for companies that want to sell their courses. Users can set up a custom storefront with their own brand colors and logos, sell their courses to multiple customers at once and track their revenue. The software supports both B2B and B2C sales channels, as well as PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay payment gateways.

Target Market

Auzmor works with clients in over 15 industry verticals, such as manufacturing, construction, managed services and staffing among many others. They continue to expand into other industries which tend to want a robust yet easy-to-use LMS.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Titan Solar Power
  • American Technology Consulting (ATC)
  • Brenntag
  • Millennium Capital and Recovery Corp.
  • Supreme Group
  • Kentucky 4-H Foundation
  • Seneca Nation Health System
  • Malone Workforce Solutions
  • Tusker Hydraulics
  • Cooperative Network Services

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The average implementation process ranges from two to four weeks. It includes adding the client’s internal content and employee data into the system, helping with any course selection for off-the-shelf content and training the client’s admins, managers and employees.

Customer Service & Support

Auzmor offers phone, chat, and email support and provides a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) who works with the client on any issues that arise.


Pricing is based on a per-user structure, however, Auzmor may use a tier-based strategy in certain cases. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some customers have reported that they’d like additional options for customizing their profiles or reports.


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Auzmor was found in 2017 by Darryl Jose, serial entrepreneur with the vision of building the best-in-class end-to-end HCM solutions. Auzmor launched its LMS (Auzmor Learn) in 2017 and has been rated by users as one of the top most user-friendly solutions in the market. Auzmor Learn is known for its modern design and robust functionality.

To continue to fill gaps, Auzmor has added Auzmor Hire, a powerfully intuitive and user-friendly recruiting software that has been built to help simplify the hiring process. Now recruiters can easily source candidates, advertise jobs on hundreds of job boards, and hire the best talent in the market.

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Easy to Use

on 2019-12-05 18:19:30

We needed a LMS that was easy to use and didn't require use to teach people to use it. Auzmor LMS did exactly that, and we haven't had any trouble so far with people not understanding how to use it. Thanks for building this product, it made my job much easier