5 July Trends in HRMS

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1. Is Big Brother Really Watching – and do we care?

Recent HRMS data/analytics survey explores question

A recent survey conducted by HR Metrics & Analytics Summit unveils some curious perspectives on the growing body of analytics being collected using HRMS. It’s no secret that employers now can get real-time feedback on everything from employees’ workplace behavior to their social media use to their personal data.  

Makes you wonder if Big Brother is watching after all?

The survey indicates that 80% of organizations are using data to measure employee performance, retention, engagement, and recruitment. 

For their part, employees have concerns, but aren’t losing sleep. Most have little issue with companies collecting data related to the pursuit of concrete business goals. However, 7 in 10 employees do take issue with employers monitoring personal social media channels.  

All’s fair in love, war and business – but aren’t they all the same thing?

2. SAP unveils candidate relationship management capability for its SuccessFactors Recruiting solution

It’s no secret that companies hire (and fire) personnel to gain a competitive advantage. The upshot? Talent recruitment becomes essential to a company’s overall health and profitability. Understanding this dynamic, SAP released a new “type” of CRM solution – candidate relationship management.

Integrated with SAP’s SuccessFactors Recruiting Solution, this “CRM“ helps recruiters attract more-relevant candidates, engage and nurture targeted talent pools and more efficiently manage the application and hiring process. The solutions capabilities smack of science fiction, but it appears to be the shape of recruitment to come. 

Download link: 


3. Paychex survey indicates HR sharpens employee engagement and company bottom line

Respondents to the Paychex report feel that HR contributes to a company’s success and is inextricably involved with corporate strategy. In terms of company culture, HR is positively affecting employee engagement, employee protection policy, and managing a multi-generational workforce.

The survey also tracks HR technology and its role in driving operational efficiency in the company. Lots of good HR insights found in this report. Check it out. 

4. CareerBuilder survey reports most employees feel they can succeed in workplace and on playground

The third survey this month paints a rosy picture for those employees who doubt whether they can be both an upstanding worker and legendary parent. According to CareerBuilder’s April survey, most employee/parents feel they can be successful in both roles.

The results also show that in the workplace, it’s not all about money. Work-life balance is a huge factor. As is the privilege of being a parent and transferring parental skills to the workplace – and vice versa. And of course, the statistics vary according to gender. Some conventions still impact perspectives.  

5. To use or not to use Applicant Tracking Systems? That’s the question. The answer can be found in these 4 tips

Acquiring top-notch talent pays off on the bottom line. Smooth recruitment and retention processes will then, therefore, positively affect profitability. So, it behooves HR teams to expertly perform recruitment. The least impeded path from recruit, to interview, to hire, to on-boarding, the bigger the ROI.

Christian Valiulis, writing for business2community, offers three salient tips on how to blend ATS software with core HRMS so companies can widen their margins. His 4th tip to HR teams? Work smarter not harder. 

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