Top ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

There are many uses for quality enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Modules for finance, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM) and more help create a well-rounded ERP that will serve the broader interests of your growing company.

Today, we’re going to focus on one of the most important types of ERP software: manufacturing solutions.

A manufacturing ERP system automatically implements operations of the manufacturing process (specifically pertaining to inventory management) to create a more streamlined workflow.

There are so many ERPs for the manufacturing industry that it can be a daunting task to sift through all the platforms to determine the one that’s right for your manufacturing operation.

In this guide, we’ll discuss five top ERP solutions to help you determine what the best manufacturing ERP might look like for your manufacturing company.

To qualify for this list, each ERP must:

  • Focus on manufacturing
  • Include inventory management capabilities
  • Assist in quality assessment

1. Netsuite

netsuite erp

NetSuite ERP is manufacturing ERP software that’s based in the cloud and developed by Oracle. 

Companies can use NetSuite to streamline their business processes, which can be useful when scaling. 

NetSuite focuses on finance management, revenue management, inventory management, billing, e-commerce and CRM. 

It has a strong production planning module that handles manufacturing issues. 

This ERP module includes a product data management system. It allows for data on research, development and design to be made available across the entire company through a self-service function. It also manages work orders, which is a primary feature of a manufacturing ERP. This gives users control over configuration. Batch creation, traceability, production control and production scheduling all fall under this useful feature. 

Using NetSuite, you’ll also be able to position inventory and schedule machines, work centers and employees, while also planning material purchases. This ensures deliveries will be made on time, keeping customers happy. 

The manufacturing module comes with a barcode scanner-based interface called MES that works with an interactive tablet to render information on a production facility. 

NetSuite also refines the quality assurance process, giving users the ability to create tests, set evaluation parameters and apply all results to relevant operations. 

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2. E2 Shop System

e2 shop system erp

E2 Shop System is a business management ERP provider from ShopTech that streamlines a slew of business processes. 

One of its largest functions is manufacturing for make-to-order shops of various sizes. 

The estimation feature of E2 grants access to information on labor, materials, waste and overhead. This data can be used to create more accurate quotes, which can help keep customer satisfaction levels high. Those estimates can then be converted into orders automatically. 

Dates and times are set depending on the materials and jobs available. Aspects of specific jobs can also be changed using this ERP software solution. 

Orders are tracked on E2 Shop System from estimate to completion, with automatic notifications going out about status changes. 

You’re also able to track various machines, inventory and employee availability. This allows the shop to handle more jobs in a faster amount of time. In the event of a disruption, it automatically reschedules the production process so everything doesn’t get thrown off balance from one mishap. 

The quality control feature of E2 also reveals the production process of a shop. This includes preloaded templates in the Rapid Documentation System that help you meet quality certification requirements. 

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3. Global Shop Solutions

global shop solutions erp

Global Shop Solutions is an ERP platform that simplifies the entire manufacturing process. 

It uses 34 modules, all drawing from one central database. 

Shop management features streamline the manufacturing process. You’re able to get instant feedback on material reviews, variance reports, job costs and performance measurement. You can also measure and track labor performance for enhanced manufacturing efficiency. 

The planning and scheduling features of Global Shop Solutions provide businesses with real-time updates on specific jobs.

Using this ERP, you’re also able to view and schedule resources, material requirements and outside processes. This automatically estimates the lead time for each job. 

The solution also collects data from the shop floor. You can actually track who’s using machines and facilities. This gives real-time data on costs associated with labor and production. This data can then be leveraged into productivity management to accurately predict delivery dates. 

There’s also a quality control module. Using this, you can measure the quality of the parts you’ve purchased and manufactured. It even keeps track of all rejects, reworks and scrap.

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4. Epicor Prophet 21

epicor prophet 21 erp

Epicor Prophet 21 is a cloud-based ERP powered by Microsoft Azure. 

It uses an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual agent to simplify interactions through voice commands and texts administered through a mobile device. 

Epicor uses a service and maintenance management feature. With it, users are able to process service quotes and orders with ease. The feature also applies to ordering and replenishing parts that come from existing inventory. Labor and maintenance can be scheduled, while sales and service history can be fully tracked for serial numbers. 

There’s also wireless warehouse management. This helps manufacturing by managing inventory receipt, picking, putting away and cycle counts while accounting for adjustments. 

All of this can be managed from a mobile device from a remote location. 

Epicor Prophet 21 also has a supply chain management feature. This lets you manage the entire warehouse, including purchasing, inventory and manufacturing. It uses Advanced Demand Forecasting to calculate the amount of inventory you’re going to need with pinpoint accuracy. 

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5. Odoo

odoo erp

Rounding out our list is Odoo, an open-sourced ERP solution. 

This system is composed of an integrated suite of modules. There are 30 main modules that are regularly updated, with more than 16,000 third-party apps and plugins available. 

Odoo has a large inventory management module that helps the manufacturing process. It uses a double entry inventory management system that fully tracks materials and products from suppliers to customers. Odoo also preps delivery orders based on availability. 

In addition, there’s a manufacturing management module, which fully manages assembly and manufacturing operations. This module triggers automatic quality checks that encompass the entire manufacturing department. 

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In Conclusion

If manufacturing is a key element of your business, you would do well to invest in high quality manufacturing software, such as the five solutions listed above. 

As your manufacturing business scales upward, you’ll need more advanced automation in place. If you fail in this regard, you risk the entire operation falling apart in a disorganized mess. You also sacrifice your ability to stand up against more organized competitors. 

By reviewing this list of some of the best manufacturing ERP platforms, you’ll be able to select the right manufacturing ERP solution for your company and make the right purchase from an ERP vendor to increase your productivity.