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QT9 ERP At A Glance

Good: Intuitive interface with a tab-like design, real-time alerts for important updates, quick implementation.
Bad: HR, Point of Sale and Retail Inventory Management modules not currently available, limited customization.
Bottom Line: Robust ERP software that empowers small and medium-sized manufacturers to eliminate spreadsheets and other manual processes.

Product Overview

QT9 ERP unifies Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Financial modules into one suite. Companies can save money, streamline processes and ensure data accuracy by eliminating the need for multiple systems. What’s more, users can generate work orders and invoices without spreadsheets or manual paper processes.

QT9 ERP can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. It has numerous benefits, such as:

  • External web portals for third-party communication
  • Single or multi-site capability
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • To-do lists and email alerts

The software includes five core modules that are broken down into different components that businesses can add at no extra charge as their needs grow. The modules are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Financial

We explore each of the modules in our Features section below. Note that QT9 Software has a separate Quality Management System (QMS) that’s integrated with QT9 ERP and has quality control features.


General features – The QT9 ERP interface is based on a tab design, so users can easily navigate to different tabs without cluttering their main Windows taskbar. It also integrates with Outlook, and users can create emails that automatically attach PDFs from multiple modules. There’s a custom report writing feature that allows users to build printouts for different modules (e.g., Purchasing, Invoicing, Shipping). The software also has customizable grids for sorting and grouping data, and it’s compliant with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

See the key features of each sub-module below.


Manufacturing – Users can manage all of their manufacturing operations, such as assigning machines and identifying production bottlenecks, within one platform. They can also create schedules with Gantt charts and set up work orders using the data from sales orders. QT9 ERP has Make to Order as well as forecasting features to help users plan for future manufacturing needs, as well as dashboards and reports for visualizing trends within the data.

Bill of Materials (BOM) – BOM records can be set up manually or imported from a different source. Users can customize routing fields, connect contract services to required suppliers and build a unit cost based on materials, labor contract services and other rates. In addition, they can edit existing BOM records, attach files, link to QT9 Quality Management Software Document Control and see a history of revisions.

Shop floor management – With this sub-module, employees can use a kiosk or tablet to process jobs with barcoding while on the shop floor. They can also record their time worked and view documents.


Lot Traceable Inventory – Inventory is all lot traceable with automatic unique lot/serial numbers.  In addition, users can receive email alerts if inventory levels are low, view inventory levels in the Minimum Stock dashboard, view Work in Process, and drill down into the raw materials that automatically attach PDFs from multiple modules. There’s a custom report writing feature that allows users to build printouts for different sub-modules (e.g., Purchasing, Invoicing, Shipping). The software also has customizable grids for sorting and grouping data, and it’s compliant with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


Purchasing – The Purchasing sub-module empowers users to track different suppliers’ pricing, set minimum purchase quantities and create back orders with just a few clicks. They can also attach unlimited files on purchase orders and get approvals with electronic signatures. Users can track purchase history by supplier or item, identify overdue shipments with color-coding and compare actual versus estimated shipping costs. Finally, users can track on-time shipments and other metrics with the supplier performance dashboard.

Inspections – Users can identify products with poor quality or other issues that need corrections. The software compiles all inspections into one dashboard for easier monitoring, and users can see all files associated with each supplier. This sub-module integrates with the QT9 Quality Management Software, so users can automate inspection records with a just a single click, as well as link customized inspections plans. Users can also track a supplier’s best or worst performance and monitor repeat offenders. Once an inspection ends, the software creates a new inventory transaction for the item.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) – With this sub-module, users can manage the entire materials requirement process for each job. They can see real-time inventory updates with dashboards and charts, such as a breakdown of a quantity of an item they need versus what’s available. The MRP sub-module synchronizes data from Inventory, so users can get automated notifications if an item is short on stock. They can also create multiple purchase orders with a click of a button.

Supplier management – This sub-module serves as a central database for managing suppliers. Users can create a supplier record that includes certificates, documents, product descriptions, notes and more. There’s a dedicated supplier web portal that allows suppliers to view purchase orders, Accounts Payable and send messages.


Sales management – Users can create and manage sales orders, which include information like parts numbers, inventory, BOM and timeline. Any updates to a sales order (e.g., quantity change) automatically syncs with the Inventory sub-module, Manufacturing sub-module and other sub-modules. In addition, sales managers can track reps’ performance by job, location, territory and more.

Returns – This sub-module streamlines the returns process by generating a record that links to refunds or exchanges and processing returned inventory to the proper status. Users can track which customers frequently request refunds, verify that the return or exchange is accounted for and let customers know the status of their refund or exchange. This sub-module also links to QT9 Quality Management Software for the automatic creation of Corrective Actions and Customer Complaints.

Customer management – Users can track details on their customers, including communication, invoices, quotes and credit limits. They can also manage customers’ specific requirements and evaluate if they’re eligible for credit. The sub-module also has a customer web portal for customers to order products, see shipment statuses, pay their invoices and communicate with their sales reps or customer support specialists.

Quoting – With the quoting sub-module, sales reps can create and email price quotes to their prospects. The software can display the latest price and availability information, helping reps stay on top of changes. Reps can also make changes to prices quotes, track open quotes by type or status and convert a quote into a sales order.

Shipping – This sub-module includes the ability to see inventory, create shipping labels and packing lists, attach files to shipping records and view shipment statuses within the queue.

Invoicing – Users can quickly set up and email invoices to customers, and the software also automatically generates a PDF copy. Additional features include batch printing of multiple invoices at once, color-coded pricing discrepancies and tracking of invoice statuses.


Accounting – The Accounting sub-module automates journal entries and manual calculations and detects unrecorded transaction and errors. Users can create income statements, balance sheets or cash flow reports, as well as track credit card transactions. They can also see real-time financial data insights, which can help them make better business decisions.

Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) – This sub-module helps finance teams reduce manual tasks by automating the collections and payment processes. Since invoices are sent electronically, AR can collect payment from customers quickly. They can also use credit statuses to prevent customers from placing additional orders if payments haven’t been received.

On the AP side, users can see bills that are due via a dashboard, plus track due dates, discounts and more. They can also make batch payments to suppliers.

General Ledger – In the General Ledger, users can track asset, expense and equity transactions by verifying that each transaction is accounted for. They can compare actual versus budgeted numbers, as well as reconcile bank statements. The software also supports unlimited account and sub-account types.

Integration with third-party accounting software – QT9 ERP integrates with QuickBooks and Sage 50, so companies using either accounting software can work in their preferred systems.

Target Market

QT9 ERP targets small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in many industries, such as medical device, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics and aerospace. Those customers can integrate QT9 ERP with:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage 50
  • QT9 QMS: Quality Management Software
  • ERP Software Validation

We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • ID Additives
  • OHM Pharma
  • Expanding Innovations
  • Target Plastics
  • MPP Corporation
  • Lakeone Company
  • Monarch PCM
  • Naglreiter
  • Powertronic Systems Florida, Inc
  • Lawrence Tool & Molding

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Clients can go live with the software within 24 hours, depending on their needs, but data integration can take longer. QT9 Software offers a sandbox environment for testing/training, as well as unlimited online meetings and training sessions. It provides step-by-step guidance to ensure a positive implementation experience for clients.

Customer Service & Support

QT9 Software offers a variety of support options designed to offer quick response times.

  • Email support: QT9 specialists answer questions via email.
  • Live phone support: QT9 customer care members offer personalized phone support to quickly resolve issues.
  • Online Training: Users can schedule personalized meetings with QT9.
  • Online Videos: Tutorial videos show users key components of QT9 ERP.
  • Webinars: Monthly webinars highlight system features.
  • 24/7 self-service knowledge base: Users can browse the knowledge base to get solutions at any time.
  • How-to manuals: Users can get step-by-step instructions on common operations.
  • Support Request: Users can provide QT9 new features ideas.


QT9 Software offers competitive pricing for companies with more than five users that’s based on the number of users or concurrent users. Please contact the company directly for a custom quote.


QT9 ERP currently doesn’t offer HR Management, Point of Sale and Retail Inventory Management modules. Also, customization is limited to the interface options and user defined fields, and the vendor doesn’t plan to make the software more customizable. However, it does add new features and other administrative capabilities in its upgrades.


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QT9 Software’s mission is to ensure users have a gratifying experience while enabling them to work toward a common goal in one integrated platform. The vendor got its start by centralizing ISO and FDA regulatory compliance data into a quality management platform. As that platform expanded, QT9 Software developed an ERP solution to help integrate manufacturing processes.

The vendor has over 650 clients worldwide and is headquartered in Aurora, IL, with additional offices in Ireland and Australia.

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