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Oneir ERP At A Glance

Good: Multiple Selling Channel vertically integrates quotes, CRM and MRP to streamline sales funnel.
Bad: Could use HR and BI modules to complete total functionality, SaaS version to be released in early 2019.
Bottom Line: Scalable, customizable, robust ERP offers tools to manage most key business functions for SMBs, but lacks HR and BI features.

Product Overview

Oneir ERP is a scalable, broad-based, fully integrated business, accounting and inventory control software solution that manages key business functions through a single, shared-information database.

A full array of business management features handle key business functions. Resources – time, material, product – are conserved and more judiciously used, streamlining processes and boosting the bottom line.

The ERP solution’s Multiple Selling Channel feature integrates price quotations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Material Replacement Management (MRP) into one comprehensive suite and allows for business transactions to happen at any time from multiple devices.

Oneir ERP can be configured for most any industry, but its prominent customers work in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, services, construction, industrial equipment, flooring and tile, and food and beverage industries.


Oneir ERP’s features, available for use across industries, include:

  • Accounting
  • Bank Card Authorization
  • Barcode Tracking and RF Warehouse Management
  • Check Printing/Direct EFT and Automated Clearing House (ACH) Vendor Payments
  • CRM
  • Flexible Pricing Strategies
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Kitting, Assembly and BoM
  • Multiple Warehouses, Sales Offices, Mobile Stores and Remote Sales Reps
  • Order Guide
  • Purchase Ordering and MRP, Budgeting, Multiple Currency Exchange
  • Quotations
  • Sales Commissions/Analysis
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Web Store
  • EDI
  • Sales Order-Taking/Invoicing
  • Service Contract Billing
  • Size and Color Matrix, Lot/Serial Number Tracking, Payroll (Canada only)/Personnel Management

The following essential features have been further detailed:

Accounting – This feature automatically posts each transaction to the general ledger, generates income statements, balance sheets and trial balances, and tracks customer payment terms. Bank reconciliation, finance charge, customer credit limit setting, and open item preparation, balance forward and outstanding balance statements with email reminders can be completed with this tool.

CRM – With this tool, users can track buying patterns of customers, identify chances for product sales, collect and manage details on customers and transactions, email/direct mail/call customers, record all communications with customers and more.

Flexible Pricing Strategies – This feature lets users set overall and per line discounting, select pricing for specific customer groups, set price/quantity breaks and special offers, use a price multiplier, adjust for ECO fees, taxes and more.

Purchase Ordering – This function creates orders, auto-generates P.O.s based on reorder points and order quantities, receives and records vendor invoices, forecasts expense and revenue figures, monitors overall company and team performance, adapts to different global currencies, records GL posts in domestic currency, generates P.O.s in vendor’s currency, processes invoices in customer’s currency and sets up exchange rates.

Quotations – Users can turn a quote into an order with a click and then email quotes directly to the customer.

Sales Commissions/Analysis, Point-of-Sale, Web Store and EDI – This tool tracks trends in employee performance, revenue forecasts, quotation win rate and length of sales cycle. It can calculate commissions based on a sliding scale and condition triggers. Web orders and process orders can be imported and EDI orders can  be processed through Sales Order-Taking/Invoicing.

Sales Order-Taking/Invoicing – This feature lets users manage the sales cycle from quote to order placement. Users select the chosen product, verify its availability, and ensure correct pricing based on historical record.

  • Accounting?
  • Business Intelligence?
  • Customer Relationship Management?
  • Human Resources?
  • Inventory Management?
  • Product and Purchase Planning?
  • Supply Chain Management?

Target Market

Oneir Solutions targets the larger ($2 million), expanding “Mom & Pop” businesses looking for a competitive, strategic advantage as well as mid-market companies with accounting staffs, seeking enhanced control over operations. The legacy business management systems of these sized clients may lack integration capability to current solutions or advanced application tools that can take the business to the next level.

Oneir’s ERP scales for these targets in several industries, including Building and Materials, Food and Beverage, Wholesale Distribution, Industrial Equipment Supply and Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

Below are some of Oneir Solution’s clients:

  • Amity Insulation Group Inc.
  • Harness Hardware
  • Building Systems Inc.
  • Dwight Lumber
  • Black’s Fashions/Kerv’s Ladies Wear
  • Tilemaster Canada
  • Metal Supply Company
  • Chetwynd Petroleums
  • Decorators Choice Paint Store
  • BMB Industries

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Oneir’s implementation team collaborates with a customer’s technical team to deploy the solution on-premise, including loading server software, setting up workstations and converting legacy data.

The customer selects the server operating system. Whether Windows, Linux or another, once the OS has been selected, Oneir dedicates a VMware partition on that server where the system template will be configured.

Customer staff training on system operation, management reporting and end of period procedures is available online from Oneir’s support team. Supplementing this initial training, Oneir provides a user manual and an active training company, so staff can practice with the solution.

Customer Service & Support

The annual support plan that comes with each subscription includes unlimited telephone, fax and email support, as well as after-hours emergency support. Subscribers are also entitled to receive free software updates.

Live support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. After-hours emergency support is available between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. through 9 p.m. EST Saturday and Sunday.


Oneir Solution’s pricing structure has a base system for the software plus extra fees for specialty applications and seat/user licenses. An example of a typical implementation cost for a 10-user version would be approximately $20,000, plus implementation services for data conversion and training.


Could use Business Intelligence and HR modules to close full functionality circle.

Lacks a full web browser/mobile app with SaaS billing version (but has one planned for release in early 2019).


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Oneir collaborates with its customers to provide a complete group of services, including consultation, special needs programming, data implementation assistance, training and customer support.

It has the tools to place an even greater emphasis on making your business more competitive with its ABC Approach:

A. Afford more ways to make sales with its (CRM), which provides a central source of information about customers and prospects, and multiple methods to attract and service them.
B. Make the business more productive. Oneir’s application tools let staff do more with less.
C. Monitor and report on performance in all aspects of the business, affording time and analytics to plan growth and look to the future.

Oneir is dedicated to developing long-term, growing and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers.

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