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EXEControl ERP At A Glance

Good: Intuitive dashboard, custom reporting, variety of software modules.
Bad: Correction of items can pose difficulties.
Bottom Line: Robust ERP software solution that helps small and midsize companies manage their core business operations.

Product Overview

EXEControl is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps companies manage their core business segments, including administration, marketing, finance, human resources, technical and production. It encompasses not only the conventional ERP functions but also supply chain, CRM and point of sale applications. Other features include inventory tracking, activity-based costing, multiple units of conversion, EDI (electronic data interchange) and reporting.

EXEControl also provides users with the ability to track their core activities through an intuitive dashboard. The tool maintains perpetual on-hand inventory status for all stock items and uses a “leveled” inventory structure to maintain pedigree management and traceability of the entire lot. In addition, custom analytics and reporting tools help organizations capture insights from various data points and analyze overall performance.


EXEControl aids all business activities. A range of software modules offer on-line inquiry and reporting functions to simplify the management of every business activity. Their key features include:

Inventory Management and Count: This feature upholds on-hand inventory status in real time, including on-demand, on- order, in-stock, staged, reserved, on-receiving-dock, unavailable, on-production-floor, in repair, in rework and several other user-created definitions. An entire unit of measure conversion formulas is kept and utilized to maintain quantity details. Users can enter quantity information with dimensional prompting. In addition, the inventory count feature facilitates the execution of both daily XYZ cycle counting and occasional physical inventory evaluations.

Purchasing: This feature is integrated with the Inventory Control module and is built to support the buying function in the procurement of non-inventory and inventory items by assisting in purchase planning, purchase order printing, receiving control and updating of Inventory Control module. EXEControl considers lead-time, seasonality, safety stock, purchase horizons and MRP schedules when making recommendations for reorder. Reports contain analysis of vendor performance and item usage experience.

General Ledger: This is the pivotal aspect of accounting activity and is used to record transactions from other accounting modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Inventory Control. The General Ledger module accommodates accounting charts for multiple firms, plants and divisions. Also, it allows the client company to readily design unit and consolidated financial statements to fulfill specific analysis and accounting demands. Integrated reports can incorporate a comparison between past and current period results.

Time Reporting and Payroll: This tool is used to allocate personnel time through electronic time clock or manual insertion to specific activities and to maintain accuracy on overtime, holidays, vacations and absences. The information generated by this module offers data to the Job Costing and Payroll modules without the need of information re-entry. The Payroll module enables users to prepare checks, to set up payroll, to create government-mandated reports like the 941 and W2 forms and to maintain up-to-date records including overtime, taxes paid and deductions.

  • Accounting?
  • Business Intelligence?
  • Customer Relationship Management?
  • Human Resources?
  • Inventory Management?
  • Product and Purchase Planning?
  • Supply Chain Management?

Target Market

EXEControl is intended for small and midsize companies in a variety of sectors. Here’s a list of notable customers:

  • McBain Camera Ltd.
  • Tingue, Brown & Co.
  • Innovative Audio
  • Ed Levin Jewelry
  • SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc
  • Hannoush Jewelers
  • McGrann Paper
  • Seventh Generation Inc.
  • Orion Fashions
  • Schenectady Steel

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EXEControl can be deployed as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or installed on premise on a client’s own server. Regardless of the deployment choice, users can access it through a web browser on any mobile device or desktop.

Customer Service & Support

EXEControl Global Solutions understands that it can’t answer every question that a client may have about its ERP software and additional offerings. To simplify the troubleshooting process, it enables organizations to submit specific questions through a form from which an EXEControl specialist supplies answers.

Alternatively, companies can speak to an EXEControl specialist by requesting an advisor callback.

Also, those interested can request a specialist-directed, internet-based demonstration of EXEControl ERP from the EXEControl Global Solutions’ sales team.

Existing customers can request priority support through the Customer Login portal.


EXEControl’s pricing information is only available upon request. Contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Expect a prolonged on-boarding time to get entirely proficient with EXEControl operation. Users admit difficulties in making some corrections when they first go live on the system. While the majority of the functions were easy to fix by reversing or voiding transactions, some functions needed back-office intervention to carry out the corrections.


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EXEControl Global Solutions is a full-service software company that develops integrated information systems, which includes the EXEControl ERP solution, for small and medium-sized companies. It was founded in 1969 by Dr. Dolph Ebeling, who previously worked as a metallurgist for General Electric.

When Dr. Ebeling established EXEControl Global Solutions, he stated the future of computing would neither by software or hardware, but would be a blend of software, hardware and what he called “thoughtware.” Today, EXEControl Global Solutions has three main departments for servicing its customers 1) Software Services 2) Networking and Computer Services and 3) Business Advisory Services. Headquartered in Clifton Park, New York, the company’s experienced team of engineers, technicians and consultants provides all services essential to delivering and maintaining industry-leading information systems.

Today, Allan Robison serves as CEO & President and actively takes part in the day-to-day activities of the company.

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