11 Ways CMMS Benefits Your Organization

Every organization has hundreds of assets. Managing them can get quite complicated and time-consuming. By implementing CMMS software, you can achieve higher asset efficiency and control.

11 Ways CMMS Benefit Organization

What is CMMS?

It is an operational tool for managing capital assets of an organization. It also allows you to track tasks that are related to planning, cleaning and inspections of assets. CMMS ensures that the production systems operate as they are designed to, minimize downtime and increase productivity. These are the 11 benefits of implementing CMMS:

1. Assets will be Utilized Effectively

You can utilize assets in a better way by using the existing data sources and displaying outputs. With the help of reporting tools and Business Intelligence Dashboards, you can deliver information on KPI statistics in a timely manner. Crucial information can be shared with business partners as it offers increased visibility.

2. Repair Costs will get Lower

Management and advanced planned maintenance scheduling tools available in CMMS solutions help in maintaining assets. Well-maintained assets experience fewer breakdowns, which translates into lower repair costs.

3. Downtime Reduces Significantly

Dealing with downtimes is expensive and not to mention, it can put the company’s reputation at stake. Incorporating CMMS software with relevant tools can help in scheduling maintenance tasks that will decrease the number of breakdowns. Fewer breakdowns equate to reduced downtime, which further results in cost savings.

4. Helps in Scheduling Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance causes less disruption, thus increasing productivity and indirect savings. CMMS system assists in carrying out planned maintenance schedules which can be scheduled   at a time that would be beneficial, like before the equipment is used or when the building is empty.

5. Streamlined Purchasing Procedures

When your assets are well-maintained, their longevity also increases. This means that you will spend less on the purchase of renewals or replacements. With the store and purchase management functionality, you can streamline and adhere to purchasing procedures. Doing so will start delivering considerable savings in the long run.

 6. Ability to Design Preventive Maintenance Programs

With efficient scheduling and preventive maintenance program in place, you can reduce the headcount of your staff. Since there will be lesser breakdowns, you won’t need many technicians and engineers as you normally would. Time spent on maintenance will also go down. CMMS programs will help in creating a well-managed preventative maintenance program.

7. Risks and Accidents are Reduced

The risk of accidents is reduced when the assets are regularly checked and maintained. CMMS comes with features that cover different areas such as work permits, risk management, safety instructions, etc., thus ensuring that the assets stay at the required safety standards. It minimizes the loss of work time through accidents and reduces the risk of penalties through breaking legislation.

8. Efficient Use of Mobile Tools

CMMS systems allow mobile tools to manage operations efficiently. This is vital for successful maintenance functions. Efficient use of mobile tools allows job handling, increases staff productivity and pushes safety compliance elements direct to the workforce.

9. Space can be Optimized

CMMS maintenance software has a ‘Room Booking’ functionality that helps in optimizing resources and building space efficiently. It avoids double-booking and makes sure that the equipment and services are delivered to the designated place at the right time. This helps in optimizing space, which is essential in every organization.

10. Regular Equipment Assessments for Safety Reasons

A CMMS solution provides tools that help in carrying out regular and annual assessments of the health of company’s assets. By identifying the safety and changing risks that occur within the workplace, you can plan preventive maintenance schedules. CMMS tools also record the likelihood of equipment breakdown, record conditions utilizing mobile data and plan refurbishment maintenance.

11. Ease of Adoption

The best CMMS software is capable of adapting itself to the latest technologies. It can also develop alongside the company. The supplier of the CMMS solution should have the knowledge and vision of your business in order to help the system to adapt to the changing technology as time passes.

Investing in CMMS is a good idea due to the numerous advantages it offers. Not only will it help in improving organizational conditions but also propels your company towards success.



About the author: Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN Asset Management. She excels at business development, project management and asset management. Her passion for writing allows her to share her knowledge on asset management, geographic information systems (GIS), software implementation, training curriculum development and similar topics.

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  1. I agree and fully recommend that by implementing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), you can achieve higher asset efficiency and control. These 11 CMMS benefits are really very important. Thanks for this article