Sharp MX-C407P MX-C507P MX-C607P Review

Good: Flexible paper handling features, intuitive 4.3" touchscreen, ability to directly print Microsoft Office files.
Bad: A standard hard drive is not available, printers don't allow document storage.
Bottom Line: Three compact color printers with scalable configurations and advanced workflow features.
Intended Users:
Medium and large offices
Speed Black:
Speed Color:
40 ppm-60 ppm
40 ppm-60 ppm
1.2 GHz
1 GB

Product Overview

The MX-C407P, MX-C507P and MX-C607P are three new single-function color printers in Sharp’s A4 (legal-sized) lineup. The MX-C407P ($1,997) prints at 40 ppm has a first-print-time of 7 seconds in color. The MX-C507P ($2,997) prints at up to 50 ppm and has a first-print time of 5.5 seconds in color, while the MX-C607P ($4,313) prints at up to 60 ppm and has a first-print-time of 7 seconds.

All three printers include a 4.3″ touchscreen with a tablet-style menu, a 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of memory that’s expandable to 3 GB. PCL and PostScript are supported, and USB and Ethernet connectivity is standard, while wireless is optional. Users can directly print files (e.g., PDF, JPEG, Microsoft Office) from a mobile device, file server or USB drive.

More details is in our Features section below.


The three printers has different paper handling features. On the MX-C407P, there’s a standard 250-sheet drawer and a single-sheet bypass tray. Companies can optionally add on a 550-sheet paper feed unit or a 650-sheet dual paper feed unit. The maximum capacity is 1,451 sheets. In terms of output capacity, the MX-C407P has a 125-sheet exit tray.

The MX-C507P starts with a 550-sheet drawer and a 100-sheet bypass tray with an option of adding up to three 550-sheet drawers for a maximum capacity of 2,300 sheets. There’s an output tray that supports up to 300 sheets.

The MX-C607P also starts with a 550-sheet drawer and a 100-sheet bypass, but companies can optionally purchase up to thee additional 550-sheet drawers or a 2,200-sheet paper feed unit. The maximum capacity is 4,500 sheets. The MX-C607P has a 500-sheet output tray as well as an optional 300-sheet stapling finisher.

All three printers support automatic duplexing, and as mentioned, all trays accommodate up to legal-sized (8.5″ x 14″) paper. Additional printer features are toner save mode, power save mode, electronic sorting and driver delivery functions.

There’s also accessibility features like shortcut keystrokes on numeric keypads, raised operator panel keys and magnification mode up to 200%.

Finally, the printers include network security features, such as IP address filtering, TLS encryption and data overwrite with an optional hard disk drive.

  • Automatic Document Feeder?
  • Duplexing?
  • Ethernet Connectivity?
  • Wireless Connectivity?
  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


All three printers don’t offer a standard hard drive and also doesn’t allow document storage.


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