Kodak i3000 Scanner Series

Good: Strong speed, 250-sheet feeder (300 sheets on the i3500), bundled software, and new features.
Bad: Not suitable for offices with low volume scanning needs.
Bottom Line: Refreshed product lineup include higher speed to existing scanners.
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i3000 Scanner Series
Medium, Large
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Product Overview

The Kodak i3000 Series scanners now has two new scanners included in its family – the i3250 Scanner and i3450 Scanner. Also new is that the i3400 Scanner scans at up to 90ppm as opposed to 80ppm when it was first introduced. The i3200 ($4,495) and i3250 ($4,995) scans at 50ppm simplex and 100ipm duplex, while the i3400 ($5,495) and i3450 ($5,995) scans at a faster rate of 90ppm simplex (180ipm duplex).

Unique for this market, the i3400 Series has a 250-sheet document feeder/elevator (most scanners have document feeders that hold 75 or 100 sheets at most). The main difference that the i3250 and i3450 has is the built-in flatbed platen that holds up to legal-sized paper. Otherwise, they share identical specifications with their counterparts.

In October 2016, Kodak Alaris announced a new scanner to this series: the i3500 Scanner ($5,995). The i3500 Scanner has a speed of up to 110ppm in black and color, as well as a daily duty cycle of 25,000 pages. It also has a 300-page document feeder.


Kodak includes a large set of features adopted from its other scanners, using its Perfect Page functions. These include deskew, image rotation, and blank page removal. It allows for iThresholding, Kodak’s adaptive threshold processing that makes letters stand out on shaded or color backgrounds, especially useful for OCR.

The i3000 Series comes with ultrasonic multi-feed detection. Also new is Kodak’s Intelligent Document Protection feature, which helps prevent paper from any physical damage by automatically pausing the scan. Electronic color dropout is also supported. This scanner also features dual streaming, the ability to save files in two formats (such as color and black-and-white) in one scan. USB connectivity is supported.

The i3200 and i3250 has a daily duty cycle of 15,000 pages, while the i3400 and i3450 scans up to 20,000 pages per day. Output files include single-and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and searchable PDF. There is a rear exit paper path for long documents. Kodak also offers both a legal-sized and an A3-sized flatbed platens as options.

For increased ease of use, you can set up several one-touch workflows via the SmartTouch functionality. Software that comes with the scanner includes Kodak’s Capture Pro software, Asset Management software and Capture Desktop software.

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Not suitable for offices with low volume scanning needs.


The ever-increasing flood of data, and how we manage it, is one of the greatest opportunities facing businesses and governments in the 21st century. Kodak Alaris works with organizations from small offices to global enterprises, bringing together the best science, technology, services and partner ecosystem so its clients can stay ahead of the curve. From our award-winning range of scanners and software to the best global customer service and support, we’re here to help businesses transform data into a powerful competitive advantage.

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