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Spoke At A Glance

Good: Collaboration tools with advanced search features make continued discussions and social learning simple.
Bad: Platform may be too robust for a small business.
Bottom Line: Learning management system with user-friendly tools to create engaging company training courses.

Product Overview

Unboxed Training & Technology combines training content with innovative technology to create engaging training that’s more effective. It offers: Spoke (its LMS platform), Custom Training and Turn-Key Training. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the features and functionality of Spoke.

The Spoke Skill-Building LMS platform helps employees improve their skills with intelligent recommendations. It uses machine learning to provide skill-based, relevant learning experiences. In addition, companies can manage their online and in-person training efforts in one place.

Spoke has a coaching solution to help managers provide continuous feedback to their employees. It stores conversations and action plans, uses AI to suggest managers on areas their employees/teams need improvement and gives data-driven metrics, so managers can track employee performance and engagement.

Spoke supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and Swedish.


Spoke’s learning management features are aimed to make training simple, engaging and social. We’ve listed the solution’s key features:

Modern interface – Spoke’s intuitive interface automatically adapts to any device, so learners can review material on mobile or desktop. Administrators can use the built-in Admin Portal to access content tools, permission settings and data. Spoke also supports multi-tenant functionality, so companies with multiple business units or that sells training programs can keep track of all LMS initiatives in one place.

Customizable learning paths – Users can create a personalized learning paths that consist of microlearning content and milestones for tracking each course completed. They can also upload existing content or create new content, such as documents, videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Social learning – Spoke has built-in collaboration tools for learners to engage with each other and content experts. These tools also have easy search capabilities to fuel continued discussion and social learning.

Gamification – As learners go through courses and share helpful content, they earn Spoke coins, unlock badges and level up their user profiles. Learners can then redeem their earnings for real-life rewards like company swag, gift cards, or other incentives.

Reporting – Spoke’s interactive reporting tools show data visually, and the reports include metrics on a learner’s social engagement, as well as course progression and skill competency. Unboxed Technology has data scientists available to help users create custom reports if necessary.

Integration with third-party systems – Easily integrate Spoke with Salesforce, BI software or HRMS software, so users don’t have to jump back and forth between tools. Single sign-on capabilities allow learners to use the same username and password for both solutions.

Target Market

Unboxed Training & Technology’s training solutions are designed for companies of all sizes.

We’ve listed 10 notable customers:

  • LeClair Ryan
  • Comcast
  • Lochinvar
  • BH Media Group
  • GSK
  • Shaw Floors
  • Sage Hospitality
  • Traeger
  • Galileo
  • Ultraceuticals

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Unboxed Training & Technology offers a white-glove service to have the solution up and running in two weeks. It includes tasks like migrating learning data, as well as connecting the software with existing platforms.

Customer Service & Support

Unboxed Training & Technology’s Spoke support team is available via phone, email or online form. They rely on customer feedback to influence new Spoke features and designs.

In addition to Spoke, Unboxed creates custom training content delivered as eLearning courses and simulations, interactive learning guides and instructor-led training.


Unboxed no longer publicizes its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


While Spoke is available for all users, the platform may be too robust for a small business.


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Unboxed Training & Technology was founded in 2009. It aims to help companies improve their bottom line with dynamic social learning for its sales and service teams.

Unboxed’s Spoke has earned the following recognition as a learning management solution:


  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2022 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List
  • TraininIndustry.com’s 2022 Top 20 Advanced Learning Technologies Company


  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2021 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List


  • The Craig Weiss Group 2020 Top 20 Learning System
  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2020 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List


  • The Craig Weiss Group 2019 Top 20 Learning System
  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2019 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List
  • Brandon Hall Group – Silver Excellent in Technology Award


  • The Craig Weiss Group 2018 Top 50 LMS
  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2018 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List


  • Brandon Hall Group – Gold for Best Advance in Reward and Recognition Technology
  • Brandon Hall Group – Bronze for Best Advance in LMS Technology
  • TrainingIndustry.com’s 2017 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List
  • The Craig Weiss Group 2017 Top 50 LMS

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