6 July Trends in LMS

With Corporate joining Education to comprise the learning management system (LMS) market in toto, it’s the latter that is under siege – in a good way – from Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, recent projections have AI infiltrating educational LMS to the tune of $3.68 billion by 2023, which at the market’s 2018 valuation ($537 million), generates a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 47% over the five-year period.

That’s a lot of apples, driven by LMS developers’ demand for machine learning, deep learning technology (DLT), natural language processing and a ready and willing market for adoption of AI.

LMS blog July 2018

DLT systematizes the analysis of student performance and progress and has been instrumental in “understanding educational patterns and suggesting changes and reforms to classrooms and teaching methods.” In addition, LMS developers seek to further integrate multilingual translators with machine learning to accommodate instruction and broaden global appeal.

On the Corporate side, the market is forecast to expand by a 28% compounded annual growth rate over the same time period. Continuous innovation in eLearning tools, increasing trend of BYOD and enterprise mobility, and growing emphasis on continuous learning are expected to drive the corporate LMS market to $7 billion by 2023 from $2 billion in 2018.

All in all, it’s a heady time to be an LMS. The following four additional trends attest to this surge in function, capacity and profit.

1. Bite-sized video-training firm, Fuse Universal, gets a gobful of VC funding

Fuse Universal, a learning management platform which companies use to train employees on phones and computers, has raised $20 million in expansion funding from Eight Roads Ventures. Fuse innovation seeks to reinvent how corporate learning management systems work by enabling employees to view short, bite-sized training clips online (or offline), on their smartphones or tablet devices, or from their desks. Fuse aims to put pithy instruction in your hands, video in your eyes and knowledge in your head.

2. Blackboard releases Ally for Web, improves website accessibility

Recently, Blackboard Inc. launched Blackboard Ally for Web, a solution that addresses accessibility issues for public-facing websites and gives feedback to website owners aimed at optimizing accessibility. The application integrates with a website’s content management system, scanning website pages for a range of accessibility issues and then rendering both an overall accessibility score for the website’s performance and a website accessibility report. In a word (or two): Business Intelligence.

3. ePath Learning, Inc. launches nGage, a validated LMS for enterprises in regulated industries

ePath Learning recently released nGage, a validated and FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant LMS platform specially designed for regulated companies, such as life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Offering multiple portals and support for both blended and role-based learning, nGage has an optional SCORM-based authoring tool that includes testing and assessment. If you’re responsible for employee training at a regulated enterprise, you might want to click to learn more about Ngage’s capabilities.

4. Microsoft buys Flipgrid, educational learning video service

Keeping up with the Googles, Microsoft recently purchased Flipgrid, a video-learning startup for the educational LMS sector. Designed to help teachers foster their students’ communications and social skills, it also facilitates faculty members’ sharing their feedback with each other. So, passing notes around the classroom has become passe’? Maria Deutscher covers the details in Silicon Angle.

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