Top 15 International HR Blogs of 2015

The growth of HR is a global movement.

Countries from every region of the world are developing innovative strategies to recruit, manage, and improve their workforces.

Some of the most important issues are unique to that individual country and its economic situation.

Other issues are universal.

Top International Blogs

Overall, the HR industry is in the midst of change, from developing nations like Kenya to emerging powers like India.

New technologies are having a significant impact on how HR professionals are doing business. It’s more important than ever for the field to have a community of experts to rely upon.

We have gathered a list of some of the most important HR blogs from around the world.

In order to be included, each blog was required to meet several criteria:

  • Contribute thoughtful insights and analysis to the global HR community
  • Offer a voice and perspective unique to its region
  • Have a loyal following and readership
  • Post updates at least once a month

Check out the sites below (in no particular order):


1. Learn Kotch

L&D from a different perspective

Con Sotidis
1.8k Followers (@learnkotch)

Learn Kotch is a learning and development focused blog with the aim of challenging common concepts in the L&D/HR communities, and strengthening the L&D profession by working innovate processes. The site is run by industry expert Con Sotidis.

Canadian HR Reporter

2. Canadian HR Reporter

The National Journal of Human Resource Management

Multiple Authors
225 likes (HR Reporter)
9.9k Followers (@HRreporter)

Led by managing editor, Todd Humber, Canadian HR Reporter has served as Canada’s indispensable guide to human resources management since 1987. Published 22 times a year, the popular tabloid offers readers the most current news, information on the latest trends and practices, expert advice, experiences and insights from HR practitioners, research and resources. Each issue provides real-world solutions to perplexing HR situations (from peers and industry experts), helpful case studies and insightful commentary.

Up the Down Escalator

3. Up the Down Escalator

Thoughts of an HR Professional in New Zealand

Richard Westney
2.7k Followers (@HRManNZ)

Richard Westney is an HR Manager blogging about all things HR based in Wellington, New Zealand. His nearly 20 year HR career has seen him working for a variety of private and public sector organizations in both the UK and New Zealand. He is passionate about giving something back, encouraging young practitioners and helping to raise the bar within the HR profession.

Meta4 HR Blog

4. Meta4 Blog

Glocal thinking

Multiple Authors
165 likes (Meta4 Global)
2.1k Followers (@Meta4_GlobalHR)

Meta4 is a UK-based global HCM provider that operates in over 100 countries. Their blog discusses cloud solutions and the implementation of state of the art HR technology, focusing on gamification, the user experience, and managing the employee cycle. Articles are sourced from their team of sixteen experts.

HR Tech Europe

5. HR Tech Europe

News and opinion from the fastest growing HR community in the world

Multiple Authors
3.8k likes (HR Tech EU)
3.4k Followers (@HRtecheurope)

Originally established as one of the largest HR conferences in the world, HR Tech Europe has expanded into a collaborative blog featuring news and insights from some of the top minds in the industry. The site covers software, technology systems, and collaborative tools and the way they are bringing about change in the way people and organizations work.

Ahmed Limam

6. Ahmed’s Universe

Insight and intelligence on international business, technology, and HR

Ahmed Limam

Former Oracle executive Ahmed Limam is a global business and HR technology expert. His blog focuses on the dual role of HR and cloud technology working to enhance corporate performance.

KR Business Insider

7. KR Business Insider

A world of knowledge at your fingertips

Multiple Authors
430 Followers (@KnowledgeRes)

Knowledge Resources is a South African-based purveyor of HR conferences, textbooks, and other professional materials. Their blog focuses on international issues that have specific implications for HR professionals in emerging markets, which includes much of Africa. Articles are evidence-based and often include scientific research.

Africa Talent Bank

8. Africa Talent Bank

Prepare…position…transition…from campus to corporate life

Multiple Authors
4.7k likes (Africa Talent Bank)
32k Followers (@ATBhq)

ATB is an e-Recruitment/Talent Management company that utilizes social media, mobile & web applications to modernize and enhance graduate recruitment in Africa – starting in Kenya. The blog offers key tips to new professionals seeking to make their way in the professional world, offering students without much real-world experience lessons from experienced HR personnel.

Drake Pulse

9. Drake Pulse

Connecting you with the pulse of HR

Multiple Authors
8k likes (Drake Pulse)
731 Followers (@Drakeintl)

Several global trends make it all the more important to attract, retain and groom top-class talent. These trends include an aging workforce, talent shortage, rising turnover, waning customer and employee loyalty, increasing competition, market globalization, and pressure on profit margins. Drake’s blog focuses on the issues surrounding HR today and innovative strategies to address them.

HR Observer

10. The HR Observer

HR Insights from and for the Middle East

Multiple Authors
277 likes (HR Observer)
1.2k Followers (@HRobserver)

The HR Observer is an initiative by Informa aimed at becoming a platform for HR professionals in the Middle East to exchange insights and expertise, both online and offline, in an effort to take the industry forward. The blog features articles, insights and analysis from HR experts in the Middle East with topics ranging from leadership development to compensation and benefits. It is the first blog of its kind to launch in the Middle East.

Intraskope HR

11. Intraskope

Internal communication viewpoint from India

Aniisu Verghese
340 Followers (@aniisu)

Written by author Aniisu Verghese, the blog focuses on internal communications within companies, and how businesses and HR professionals can improve the way they connect with one another. He offers tips on how to present bad news and important information and build productive relationships between workers.

Asia HR Blog

12. Asia HR Blog

A blog on human resources in Asia

William Chin
329 Followers (@williamchin)

William Chin is a recruiting specialist based in Singapore and working throughout Vietnam and China as well. The blog focuses on recruiting strategies especially as they are pertinent to Asia. He also posts presentations given at various conferences on the impact of new technologies on HR practices.

Japan HR Society

13. The Japan HR Society

Japan’s first bilingual HR magazine

Multiple Authors
342 likes (Japan HR Society)
295 Followers (@japanhrsociety)

The JHRS is a community of Japan-focused HR professionals working around the globe. One of the society’s main functions is to share and publish the Japan HR Agenda, an English-language online and print magazine addressing key issues in Japanese HR. Released quarterly, the magazine addresses both philosophical approaches to HR and core processes like recruiting and payroll.


14. BasharSoft Blog

Human resource engineers

Ameer Sherif
341 likes (BasharSoft)
1k Followers (@ameersherif)

Cairo-based technology startup BasharSoft works to provide the business community with the next generation of talent management recruitment software. Beyond online recruitment, their blog focuses on the implementation of different screening solutions, and how these technologies can help companies find the best people in the most efficient manner. The blog is run by CEO Ameer Sherif.

HR Naija

15. HR Naija

Interactive business blog

Nkoyo Veronica Efretei
4.2k Followers (@nikkytheminx)

HR Naija is an interactive business blog run by Nkoyo Veronica Efretei, or “Nikky the HR Agony Aunt.” It is dedicated to providing an online platform to share vacancies, HR advice, business articles and news with a focus on Nigeria. The author is a strategic HR/HCD entrepreneur who works with youths and employees to help them find the skills needed for success in life and work. Her site covers interviews with some of the best minds in African HR, and offers in-depth analysis of talent acquisition and development methods.

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