Top 50 HR Blogs to Read in 2015

The HR world never stays still for long.

Whether it’s technology such as the latest HRMS solution, management best practices, or employment law, change is the one constant.

Fortunately there are plenty of great resources available.

We’ve distilled those down to a list of our favorite 50 blogs.

Top 50 HR Blogs

In order to be included, each blog was required to meet several criteria:

  • Contribute thoughtful insights and analysis to the HR community
  • Offer a unique voice and perspective
  • Have a loyal following and readership
  • Publish content at least once a month

The writers and blogs listed cover the range of topics in the field, from HRMS, Talent Management, Applicant Tracking, and Payroll.

This list is a critical resource for anyone interested in keeping abreast of the most important news, analysis, and developments in HR.

Check out the sites below (in no particular order):


The business side of HR

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Day
4k Likes (TLNT)
38k Followers (@TLNT_com)

TLNT is an HR blog about the business of HR, with news, insight, and topical information from experts and thought leaders in HR, talent management, and all areas related to HR and managing a workforce. This includes legal topics and issues, compensation and benefits (health, financial/retirement, and voluntary), HR technology and software, training and development, HR management, and other related areas.


Because every job is temporary

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles
68k Followers (@CAREEREALISM)

CAREEREALISM, a career advice and job search magazine, was founded in 2009 on the belief that “every job is temporary.” Their purpose is to help people solve career and job search problems. They strive to be a trusted resource for sound career advice. Unlike other career sites, they evaluate and approve all contributors to ensure their content is cutting-edge and relevant.

3. Strategic Human Capital Management Blog

Insights on innovative, people-centered HR

Jon Ingham
Weekly Articles
11k Followers (@joningham)

Blogger Jon Ingham is the author of Strategic Human Capital Management: Creating Value through People which provides the basis for this blog. He also speaks, instructs, facilitates at conferences, courses, and workshops, has lectured on strategic management, change management and human resources as part of executive MBA programs in the UK, Russia and Croatia.

4. The HR Capitalist

Get to the table, stay at the table

Kris Dunn
Daily Articles
32k Followers (@kris_dunn )

HR Pro Kris Dunn is at the intersection of the HR practice, technology and business results. He has a strong interest in areas like recruiting and performance management, but keeps an eye towards the thousand other areas that impact HR Generalists at every level (VP, Director, Manager, etc.) as well. He started The HR Capitalist in December of 2006 with the goal of building a community he could learn from.

5. HR Examiner

The new architecture of work

Multiple Authors
Muliple Articles/Week
162 Likes (HR Examiner)
1k Followers (@hrexaminer) is an online magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. Topics include future trends and innovations in the field. One unique feature is “HR Examiner Radio,” which offers a weekly recorded interview with a new HR expert and thought-leader.

6. The SumTotal Blog

A nontraditional approach to HCM

Multiple Authors
Weekly Articles
3.7k Likes (SumTotal Systems)
4.3k Followers (@SumTotalSystems)

SumTotal is a human capital management vendor that works to increase employee engagement by identifying key strength areas and improving educational and advancement opportunities. SumTotal’s blog offers a unique cross-section of posts addressing strategies for improving engagement.


Recruiting Intelligence. Recruiting Community.

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles
3.8k Likes (ERE Media)
32k Followers (@ERE_net)

ERE is the flagship publication and conference of ERE Media, designed to deliver need-to-know information to corporate recruiting professionals. It has steadily grown into a leading voice in corporate recruiting. ERE provides a blog, daily email newsletter, community, webinars, and job board. They also host both the twice-a-year ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo and Recruiting Innovation Summits. A plethora of authors contribute to ERE.

8. Emergenetics

Maximize people potential

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles
2.4k Followers (@Emergenetics_)

Emergenetics International is a human capital development company, providing a simpler, easier way to understand people and maximize human performance. Their blog focuses on covering innovative ideas and sharing recruiting strategies.

9. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Positive sharing

Alexander Kejerulf
Weekly Articles
840 Likes (Woohoo Inc)
5.4k Followers (@alexkjerulf)

Alexander Kejerulf is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo Inc and one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work. He is an author and speaker, presenting and conducting workshops on happiness at work at businesses and conferences in over 30 countries. His clients include companies like Hilton, Microsoft, LEGO, IKEA, Shell, HP and IBM.

10. TalentCulture

World of work

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
1k Likes (TalentCulture)
60k Followers (@TalentCulture)

TalentCulture describes itself as a metaphor for the social workplace. Since early 2010, this digital ecosystem has been growing organically – by connecting and engaging professionals who want to understand and shape the “human” side of business. Their participants share ideas and offer peer support through a spectrum of social channels, including thought-provoking blog content, engaging digital forums, and dynamic professional interest groups.

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11. HR Bartender

Work responsibly

Sharlyn Lauby
Multiple Articles/Week
8k Likes (HR Bartender)
48k Followers (@HRBartender)

Curated by HR consultant Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender blog focuses on topics that relate to the workplace, not just human resources. Some of their most popular subjects deal with leadership, management, customer service and office politics. Lauby frequently answers reader questions about professional and career development.

12. Talent HQ

Talent Management Headquarters

Jason Buss
Multiple Articles/Week
2k Likes (Talent HQ)
51k Followers (@jjbuss)

Talent HQ’s creator and editor is Recruiting & Diversity Leader, Jason Buss. Talent HQ is a premier online news and information channel for the Recruiting and Human Resources community. He delivers both original and practical content – from the viewpoint of a practitioner.

13. Fistful of Talent

We let the dogs out

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles
1k Likes (Fistful of Talent)
34k Followers (@FistfulOfTalent)

Fistful of Talent is a talent management blog aggregating content from a wide spread of experts in the field. The site was designed to be “like the HR Capitalist but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.”

14. About Human Resources

Human resources management guide

Susan Heathfield
Weekly Articles
5k Followers (@SusanHeathfield)’s human resources guide is curated by expert Susan Heathfield, a management and organizational development consultant who specializes in human resources issues and in management development to create forward thinking workplaces. The blog provides insights for basic HR and people management, along with innovative concepts that challenge the status quo.

15. SuccessFactors Blog

Human resources management

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
16k Likes (SuccessFactors)
27k Followers (@successfactors)

HRMS vendor SuccessFactors covers a wide variety of HR-related topics on their blog and includes input from top executives across their own company and across SAP, their parent company. Contributors write about talent management, the impact of certain technologies on the field, and major news in the industry.

16. Compensation Force

Practical news, information, tips and musings about employee performance and compensation

Ann Barnes
Monthly Articles
1.9k Followers (@annbares)

Owner Ann Bares is the Managing Partner of Altura Consulting Group, LLC. She has over 20 years of experience consulting in the areas of compensation and performance management. Compensation Force draws on Ann’s experience with a variety of client organizations in auditing, designing and implementing executive compensation plans, base salary structures, variable and incentive compensation programs, sales compensation programs, and performance management systems.

17. Effortless HR Blog

A comprehensive HR blog with a focus on small busienss labor laws and employee issues

Multiple Authors
Twice Weekly Articles
300 Likes (Effortless HR)
20k Followers (@effortlessHR)

Effortless HR is a vendor of small business-oriented HRMS software systems. Their routinely updated blog focuses on small business labor issues and inter-employee relationships. Topics include strategies to drive employee engagement and fostering trust between workers.


Commentary by Michael Wade on leadership, ethics, management, and life

Michael Wade
Daily Articles
5k Followers (@execupundit)

Michael Wade’s blog aims to help organizations with sensitive management issues, coaching executives, managers, and employees on how they can get from “very good” to “extraordinary.” He has advised corporate executives, police and fire chiefs, city managers, Army generals, professional basketball players, and entry-level employees. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona College of Law and is the author of five books.

19. Gautam Ghosh

Talent and social business

Gautam Ghosh
Weekly Articles
2k Likes (HR Blogger)
16k Followers (@GautamGhosh)

Gautam is a former HR consultant and social business expert for the HR team at Philips India. He specializes in the areas of HR, Organization Development and how businesses can leverage social media for organizational learning and employee engagement. Gautam loves teaching and mentoring young HR professionals and has been a visiting faculty at an Indian B School also. One of India’s earliest bloggers (since 2002) – he’s blogged about HR, Work, and Career issues consistently for the last 8 years and is seen as a thought leader in these areas. He is based out of Delhi, India.

20. Blogging for Lawyers

Improve your reputation

Ernie Svenson
Monthly Articles
1k Followers (@onehrblog)

Curated by long-time lawyer Ernie Svenson, Blogging for Lawyers is an HR law-oriented site focusing on recruiting and managing staff for an online-based law firm. Sub-topics covered in the context of HR include PDF software, social media, e-discovery, cloud computing, iPad and iPhone technology, and “paperless lawyering.”

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21. Great Leadership by Dan

Opinions on leadership

Dan McCarthy
Daily Articles
16.8k Followers (@greatleadership)

Dan McCarthy’s blog offers expert advice on leadership and management development. For over 20 years Dan has helped thousands of leaders and aspiring leaders improve their leadership capabilities, working in a supervisory, management and executive development capacity. He has been responsible for talent management for approximately 150 executives worldwide, including succession planning, an executive talent exchange, and executive development programs.

22. HR Morning

HR news and insights

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
7,805 Likes (HR Morning)
11.1k Followers (@HRmorning)

HR Morning delivers the latest HR news, advice and insights to keep HR managers and executives up to date, and their companies in compliance. HR Morning boasts a subscription of over 239,000 HR professionals. Through its e-newsletter, HR Morning provides a weekly dose of the latest headlines impacting human resources.

23. Supervisor Blog

Supervisor training and leadership skills

Multiple Authors
Weekly Articles
100 Followers (@SupervisorBlog)

Supervisor Blog gives supervisors the right skills and tools they need to make a difference regardless if they have a bad manager. Their process will highlight the manager as an issue and get him/her out of the way of success. They know that HR managers are constantly asked to do more with less, and what Supervisor Blog provides is applicable real life lessons and supervisory skills that work.

24. HR News Daily

Digital Human Resources News

Multiple Authors
Weekly Articles
170 Likes (HR News Daily)
1.2k Followers (@HRNewsDaily)

HR News Daily is a news, tips, and general information blog for the online human resources community. Subjects covered include recruiting, employee retainment, leadership, and interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Multiple authors contribute to the site, including experts from a cross-section of fields.

25. Christopher in HR

Talent, teams, and technology

Christopher Demers
Daily Articles

Christopher Demers is a senior professional in human resources. He blogs about professional life, human resources, and leadership in complex organizations in the social media world. His frequently updated site relates everyday life to HR issues and situations.

26. HR Thoughts

Sharing knowledge only amplifies the same

Rakshita Dwivedi
Multiple Articles per Week
131 Likes (HR Thoughts)
2,307 Followers (@raks_d)

HR Thoughts supplies routine analysis from industry expert Rakshita Dwivedi. Her posts focus on human behavior interpreted from a workplace perspective, and in-depth commentary on the development of social media as a recruiting and networking tool for both job-seekers and job-posters.


The human resources social network

Daily Articles
11.1k Followers (@hrdotcom)

Member-based outlet is an online network of HR professionals that provides subscribers access to a host of articles, case studies, newletters, polls, surveys, discussion forums, and blogs on a swath of HR subjects. Their goal is to help the HR community stay “current and connected” in a swiftly changing business world. Live webcasts, powerpoint slides, and virtual conferences are other features available only to members. Their blogs draws their content from a wide array of contributors.

28. Human Capitalist

Blog of Cornerstone OnDemand

Jason Corsello
Monthly Articles
480k Followers (@humancapitalist)

Human Capitalist is a new blog covering the (busy) intersection of people and technology in the 21st-century workplace. Founded originally by Jason Corsello and sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand, Human Capitalist features the insights of expert authors and influencers within talent management, recruiting, human resources, learning and development, enterprise cloud computing, and related disciplines that are shaping the future of work.

29. I/O at Work

Bridging the gap between I/O psychology, HR management, and job performance

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles
870 Likes (IO at Work)
1.8k Followers (@IOATWORK)

I/O, or Industrial/Organizational psychology, is the science behind human resources, organizational development, effectiveness, and behavior. I/O at Work’s blog works to bridge the gap between the academic discoveries in the field of I/O research, and explain its its impact and application to the workplace of the HR world. The site amalgamates the most important information from academic journals and translates it into digestible takeaways for its working audience.

30. Innovation@Work Blog

MIT Sloan Executive Education Blog

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
45k Likes (MIT Sloan)
97k Followers (@mitsloan)

Innovation@Work is a blog for and about management and management leaders. Run by the MIT Sloan School of Management, the blog addresses innovative strategies to improve employee production and engagement, and to help employers create the most ideal and productive work environment.

31. True Faith HR

Creating a new order between HR theory and practice

Matt Stollak
Weekly Articles
4.5k Followers (@akaBruno)

Run by St. Norbert College associate professor Matt Stollak, True Faith HR is a general HR, learning management, and SHRM blog. The site’s focus on SHRM features an actively updated list of upcoming conference speakers and opportunities to become SHRM certified.

32. Evil HR Lady

Demystifying your human resources department

Suzanne Lucas
Daily Articles
630 Likes (Evil HR Lady)
12.5k Followers (@RealEvilHRLady)

Evil HR Lady gently satirizes the misconception that “all HR people are evil, it’s in their job description.” In reality, there’s just more going on behind the scenes than most people know. Writer Suzanne Lucas helps to demystify the human resources department, covering a huge spread of topics in the HR world and relating them to everyday life.

33. HR Potential

Insight, innovation, and inspiration from an HR professional

Helen Tracey
Weekly Articles
1.9k Followers (@HRPotential)

HR Potential studies the importance of people to today’s business, despite the exponential rate of technological development. Seeking inspiration from neuroscience, this blog aims to create new insight into the behaviors and interactions that help individuals and organisations to succeed and reach their full potential. Its particular areas of interest are Leadership, Employee Engagement, Trust, Organisational Psychology, Communication, Talent Management and Employment Law.

34. HR Zone

Human resources insight and discussion

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
2.5k Likes (HR Zone)
24.6k Followers (@HRZone)

United Kingdom-based HR Zone covers innovations and best practices in the HR field to help professionals work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Strategy, people, leadership, recruitment, and technology are all popular topics. A team of writers contributes and the site is headed by editor Jamie Lawrence.

35.Sage’s Employer Solutions Blog

Providing HR management and payroll advice to medium sized businesses

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
66 Likes (HR Actions)
1.7k Followers (@HRActions)

The blogging arm of Sage HRMS works to find focused data on human resources and payroll management and compliance. Their staff is familiar with issues that small and medium sized businesses specifically face. They cover industry updates, best practices, and tips and advice for all things HR and payroll.

36. HR Schoolhouse

Time to take your desks, school is in session

Robin Schooler
Multiple Articles/Week
245 Likes (Silver Zebras)
16.9 Followers (@RobinSchooling)

HR leader and strategist Robin Schooler curates HR Schoolhouse, a human resource management and social media blog and resource center. She is an active member of SHRM and ASTD (Association for Talent Development). The site covers issues like retention, technology, and current conferences.

37. TalentWise

The smarter way to hire

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
709 Likes (TalentWise HR)
10.5k Followers (@TalentWiseProd)

TalentWise is all about simplifying the hiring process. Their blog focuses on transformative technologies and practices that make recruiting and onboarding new employees a much less headache-inducing process.

38. The Recruiters Lounge

Recruiting, sourcing, and job source hacks

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
9.4k Followers (@XceptionalHR)

The Recruiters Lounge began in 2005 and is a blog that explores the wacky world of employment with news, articles, comics, videos, podcasts and more. Their conversations focus on recruiting, sourcing and job searching. This blog is an Xceptional HR Consulting property and is managed by Jessica Miller-Merrell since April 2014. Xceptional HR manages such sites as,, and

39. Hacker Rank Blog

Recruiting, sourcing, and job source hacks

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
53k Likes (Hacker Rank)
2.7k Followers (@hackerrank)

HackerRank is a technical talent platform used by programmers to hone their coding skills and by companies to recruit great tech talent. Their blog covers developments in the recruiting technology field and best practices for HR managers looking to capitalize on advanced hiring data sets and software.

40. TalentCircles

Recruiting in the 21st century

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
500 Likes (Talent Circles)
818 Followers (@TalentCircles)

TalentCircles brings candidates where recruiters live, and gives them what they have always demanded: the opportunity to network. TalentCircles blog discusses technological solutions that reconcile recruiting, networking and technology by mimicking real-life interactions in a virtual setting, thus enabling recruiters to optimally execute on their staffing plan: hire fast, hire well, and hire cost-effectively.

41. ADP @ Work

New thinking in HR, benefits, and payroll

Multiple Authors
Multiple Articles/Week
48 Likes (ADP)
300 Followers (@ADP)

ADP@Work is the blog of HR vendor ADP, focusing on topics that help businesses run more efficiently and manage their workforce. Their posts are oriented towards both small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies. Some topics covered include trending issues like health care reform and HR, industry news, payroll services, and benefits administration.

42. The Tim Sackett Project

HR pro

Tim Sackett
Daily Articles
135 Likes (Tim Sackett)
24k Followers (@TimSackett)

HR talent and recruiting specialist Tim Sackett focuses on organizational efforts to improve the core talent base. As the one deliverable that HR truly controls, his posts show that it can have an extreme bottom-line impact to any organization.

43. HR Ringleader

HR, technology, leadership, and innovation

Trish McFarlane
Weekly Articles
102 Likes (HR Ringleader)
29k Followers (@TrishMcFarlane)

Trish McFarlane, author of the HR Ringleader blog, is the VP of HR Practice/ Principal Analyst for the Brandon Hall Group and founder of the conference HRevolution. Her expertise covers topics in leadership, performance management, training and development, change management, social media, and innovation, enabling her to capture readers and audiences with real-life examples of how leadership plays out in organizations.

44. Your HR Buddy

Your buddy in everything HR related

Nisha Raghavan
Weekly Articles
2.2k Likes (HR Buddy)
6.5k Followers (@theHRbuddy)

Your HR buddy is a blog dedicated to sparking conversation through thought provoking questions and discussions on various challenges & trends related to work, management, career, social media and the HR realm.

45. Workplace Prof Blog

A member of the law professor blogs network

Sachan S. Pandya
Daily Articles
73 Followers (@WorkProfBlog)

At the intersection of law and human resources, the Workplace Prof Blog investigates, reports, and analyzes timely news and issues relating to workplace law and the technicalities of difficult workplace situations. Topics include issues of harassment in the workplace, the use of religion, laws and associated ethics relating to part-time workers, and more. Authors include Sachan S. Pandya, a professor of law at the University of Connecticut.

46. Workplace Diva

Putting the human back in human resources since 2009

Chris Penttila
Multiple Articles/Week
555 Followers (@workplacediva)

Chris Penttila is a Washington, DC-based workplace journalist that wrote for a national business magazine for ten years. Her blog shares workplace-related trends, surveys, and stories.

47. Everyday People

Managing to find the extraordinary in everyone

Steve Browne
Weekly Articles
22.2k Followers (@sbrownehr)

Steve Browne is an HR manager that writes about passion in the workplace – finding it, developing it, and harnessing it. His blog aims to foster connections within the greater HR community through social media.

48. Corn on the Job

Wisdom for the job seeker

Rich DeMatteo
Multiple Articles/Week
8.2k Likes (Corn on the Job)
33.4k Followers (@CornontheJob)

Run by career expert and coach Rich DeMatteo, Corn on the Job is a blog for and about job seekers and job recruiters. Posts reflect the authors experiences as a corporate recruiter and staffer, and as a career preparation coach for a wide diversity of job hunters.

49. Lean HR

Using lean tools to drive change

Dwayne Lay
Multiple Articles/Week
790 Followers (@LeanHR)

Lean HR addresses systematic methods of reducing administrative costs and connection to business strategy. Curator Dwayne Lay works to analyze prospects’ and customers’ current HR processes and to recommend improvements to aid in adoption efforts, as well as serving as a general subject matter expert on HR reporting and analytics.

50. Performance I Create

Performance + development = productivity

Multiple Authors
Daily Articles

Performance I Create is a contributor designed blog for professionals to share their knowledge and experience about improving performance and productivity through human performance improvement, training/learning and development, process improvement, instructional design, human resources, communication, social media, leadership, or productivity. Contributors include trainers, HR professionals, managers, employees, professors, researchers, and anyone using forward thinking to impact performance and productivity.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know your top HR blogs in the comments.

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