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VISCO At A Glance

Good: User-friendly interface, variety of integrations, top-notch customer support.
Bad: Multiple clicks are required to finish a task. Does not have its own HRMS module.
Bottom Line: An integrated ERP solution with an emphasis on inventory tracking, landing-cost calculation, shipment, and a fully-functional document management module.

Product Overview

VISCO is a wholly integrated ERP solution for import and export companies as well as wholesale distributors. The integrated system, which boasts lot-level inventory tracking, document management and procurement capabilities, enables all departments to share the same information from a central location. Other modules handle purchasing, sales, traffic and logistics, trading partners, sourcing agents and finance management data.

VISCO is one of the only ERP tools that will calculate users’ net profit on orders as soon as they’re entered. This function comes standard with accrual-based costing for duty and product costs for every shipment. The costs reflect the total landed cost for that shipment, and all sales associated with a shipment are also reflected in the system. This enables financial managers to assess gross profit at a glance.

If problems arise in the distribution process, VISCO automatically accesses the issue and sends alerts to the relevant personnel, so that they can work quickly to troubleshoot the problem. By default, several notifications are prebuilt into the ERP tool, but alerts can be customized based on the needs of an organization.

VISCO can integrate with several business applications such as Xero, and comes with plug-and-play capabilities using Microsoft Great Plains (software and modules). In addition, the software can integrate with a new or existing site, so users can get real-time updates about the history of their orders, order status and several other types of information.


VISCO’s key features include:

  • Lot-Level Inventory Tracking: Standard accounting systems do not allow users to store information at the lot level. If a defective product is returned to a company, there’s no way to determine which lot that item came from originally and what other customers received shipments from the same lot. VISCO enables users to track inventory at the lot level, storing packaging information along with purchase, sales, and shipping information. The benefit is that this information can be used for detailed tracking of expenses as well as duty drawback.
  • Document Management: Integrated with Microsoft Office, VISCO automatically prepares all vital documents for distributing and importing by pulling data directly from a user’s database. Also, the system enables company personnel to share data among departments, abolish the need to replicate information and work in a familiar environment (Microsoft Office).
  • Email & Home Page Alerts: When some criterion is met, VISCO will automatically send email notifications to the relevant users. For example, should a shipment be delayed, a daily notification can be sent to the shipping manager that discloses any PO’s which haven’t shipped yet (based on vendor ETD). Alerts will enable the shipping manager to follow up with vendors to confirm dates and deliveries. In addition, the VISCO home page will show a list of alerts specific to each user. This is a “To Do” list of tasks that each user will be required to follow up on.
  • Venture Analysis Tools: VISCO is designed around the concept of ventures, simply, another name for purchase order shipments. When a consignment begins, it starts “In Transit,” and importers begin to gather accruals and costs against that Venture. As the inventory from the Venture is sold, sales are posted against the Venture. By automating this process, users can spend time analyzing results rather than sifting through paperwork. VISCO’s Venture Analysis tools enable the financial decision makers to derive a clear picture of the latest forecast cost of any given purchase order shipment, along with its gross profitability statement.

  • Accounting?
  • Business Intelligence?
  • Customer Relationship Management?
  • Human Resources?
  • Inventory Management?
  • Product and Purchase Planning?
  • Supply Chain Management?

Target Market

VISCO is used for a wide range of industries and tasks. Although it can scale for any size business, the ERP vendor focuses on serving small and midsize import/export companies. Following is a list of prominent customers:

  • SweetLake Chemical
  • Polycess Corporation
  • Revex, Inc.
  • GreenChem Industries LLC
  • Stamford Metal Group
  • DECA Global LLC
  • First Continental International
  • SB&W
  • Cosmopak USA LLC
  • Digit Systems International

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When deciding to deploy VISCO, businesses have the option to use either the on-premise or the cloud-based versions. The tool’s functionality is substantially similar in either case. For most firms that have an internal IT department that is already handling servers and other internal processes, it may prove to be more viable to buy VISCO outright. A third option can be to purchase a VISCO license outright and then have the vendor or some other third-party organization manage the hosting.

The ease of implementation, low upfront costs and straightforward installation make the cloud option more suitable for a smaller firm that does not have an in-house IT department or think it may only be using VISCO for a limited time. Of course, users can always start in the cloud and switch to on-premise software as their companies grow or their comfort level with the tool increases to the point that they know they will be using it for an extended period.

Once the decision has been made to deploy VISCO, a tested and proven process begins, initiated by the assigned implementation manager. The sequence of implementation steps include a “configuration call,” which serves to plan out the project according to the customer’s criteria. After the system has been configured, a Pilot Period commences, giving users hands on practice with the system. Third is the Training Period where users will be instructed on the operational nuances of the system. Finally, the system goes live, the accounting function is enabled, and the entire ERP is at the customer’s disposal.

Customer Service & Support

Customer support is available via telephone, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (ET) at 845-383-3800 (ext. 100).

Users can also get in touch with VISCO’s support representatives via email at Inquiries sent via email are reviewed by the entire support team and answered in real time.

In addition, VISCO offers the following forms of online support that can be accessed 24/7/365:

  • Online Help
  • Training Videos
  • Sales FAQ’s
  • Support FAQ’s

Case studies and white papers can also be accessed through the “Resources” section on VISCO’s website.

Also, those interested in buying VISCO can first see the software in action and, if they want to explore further, request a free demo by filling out an online form.


VISCO doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Get in touch with the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have complained that it takes too many clicks to accomplish tasks. Simple tasks get transformed into laborious assignments because of all the clicks required for completion. Also, it takes time to fully customize the software.


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Established in 1980 as a custom software development firm, VISCO narrowed its focus in the 90s to exclusively serve import/export companies. With that focused expertise, it started designing Enterprise-level applications exclusively for the industry. In 2001, VISCO decided to repackage the system, integrate new features and utilize the latest technology. Headquartered in Kingston, New York, VISCO’s goal is to solve the common issues experienced by the industry through a platform that enables everyone in the business to share the same information – “a single source of truth.”

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