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Sync At A Glance

Good: Integrated Style Costing, Business Intelligence, Mobile Dashboards, and Follow Up Coaching modules.
Bad: Doesn't include a CRM.
Bottom Line: Fully integrated ERP and PLM software that helps apparel & footwear companies streamline entire operations.

Product Overview

Sync is a robust ERP and product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution for the apparel industry. It boasts 22 modules that manage style and fashion production from start to end. All Sync modules feature a standard set of dashboards and reports that disclose important up-to-the-minute insights to users, enabling them to make informed business decisions. Sync is also equipped with sales management, allocation management, and product planning functionality, alongside quality assurance and e-commerce modules.

Concerning PLM, Sync gives users the ability to automate those operations involved in product sourcing, manufacturing and development processes. Also, users can prioritize outstanding tasks through the critical path module, as well as opt to receive real-time notifications of predicted delays and bottlenecks. Additionally, Sync’s scan-and-pack technology makes it possible to manage warehouse inventory.

Sync can integrate with various third-party accounting and business solutions, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP and Sage. Users can also configure and manage different modules from anywhere at any time on any device through the Sync Mobile app.


Twenty-two integrated modules comprise Sync, whose versatility for the apparel industry supplies solid outstanding-inventory allocation, aims to minimize roadblocks, expedite system performance and production, and deliver business intelligence. Its features include:

  • Style costing: Sync allows users to accurately expense imported/locally sourced items as well as manufactured garments by recording and tracking duty, shipping, packaging and FOB costs. Expense for manufactured garments include trims, embellishments, packaging, fabrics, utilization, shipment and reject allowances that contribute to the complete garment cost. Moreover, Sync’s costing module offers most style master details such as colors, sales window, tariff codes, size curve, style number, product hierarchy, and more.
  • Materials Inventory: This module manages users’ fabric and trims inventory. It comes with Windows Mobile Barcode Scanning software, which expedites stock recovery. Surplus inventory can be marked to be used or sold in forecasted orders, enabling stock reduction. Whether a warehouse is remote or onsite, the materials inventory module ensures every product is accounted for.
  • Quality Assurance: Sync’s Quality Assurance module enables users to choose a pre-designed specification template when building and costing comparable styles. By consolidating garment specification in a centralized database, the software ensures that users’ garment sizing is uniform and that the relevant templates are used. Also, Sync’s QA module can manage the entire submission and end-to-end sampling process during the product lifecycle, which includes pre-production, final garment, and fit-samples QA.
  • Allocation: This module informs users which orders meet the minimum delivery threshold and then creates a wave of pick tickets for their warehouse’s pick-and-pack teams. The module accounts for cancel dates, customer delivery dates, available inventory and customer priority, and then generates the best run possible.

In addition, Sync has a dedicated integration team that works to connect Sync to other systems and plug-ins (e.g., an API and EDI module), so each customer’s system will “handshake” with preferred third-party vendor apps.

Target Market

Sync primarily serves small- to mid-sized apparel and footwear companies. Here’s a list of notable customers:

  • Dolce Vita
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • The North Face
  • Quiksilver
  • D'Blanc
  • Pierre Cardin
  • REEF
  • Zoo York
  • Ellesse
  • holster Australia

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As cloud-based ERP software, Sync can be more quickly deployed and implemented with a customer’s existing data and technology stack than an on-premise or hybrid system.

If the customer is based in America, Australia or Europe, then iSync Solutions hosts and manages the customer’s Sync database with Microsoft Azure SQL. This means the client is guaranteed 99.997 percent up time with popular infrastructure and competitive price.

If the customer is based in Africa, then iSync Solutions deploys its own on-site Sync server to host a customer’s cloud-based software on the most optimized affordable option available. Or, it’ll host the client’s Sync system at its data center to offer them the best cloud service possible.

Sync budgets each implementation as a fixed cost, so all parties know the final expense up-front. It then assigns a “handpicked team of experts”  for each customer’s implementation. The team sets a plan, imports existing data to Sync from legacy systems, spends time face-to-face with customer users, and executes go-live with minimum disruption.

In terms of integration, Sync has an API and EDI module and an integration team that’s dedicated to connecting Sync to other business apps.

Customer Service & Support

Sync provides a few levels of support.

Customers not only get access to Sync’s support desk, but each is also assigned a dedicated account manager, “on duty” from the outset. Spending time on-site with a customer, the account manager is aware of the challenges and will address them quickly and expertly.

Also, Sync offers follow-up coaching on-site, once the software goes live, to ensure that users are confident with their ERP skills.


Sync’s pricing information is only available upon request. Contact iSync Solutions directly for a quote.


Sync doesn’t include an integrated CRM, which limits users’ ability to personalize and streamline the sales funnel and customer journey. Likewise, a dedicated human resources management module could prove helpful.



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In 2002, Sync originated from the needs of a successful apparel firm that couldn’t find software that met all of its requirements for manufacture, sales and shipping. By 2006, iSync Solutions debuted as a software company that would continue to develop, market and deploy Sync ERP software.

Backed by a team of apparel industry specialists, the iSync Solutions’ team deploys a Sync version every eight weeks, keeping the integrated ERP solution current, relevant and updated for its customers. Headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, iSync Solutions has offices in Australia and South Africa to support global expansion.

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