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Dolibarr Foundation
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Dolibarr At A Glance

Good: Choice of on-premise or cloud deployment, modular design, content management module that lets users create and update their website.
Bad: The HR module doesn't offer additional features such as payroll.
Bottom Line: Open source software that helps organizations manage various business functions in one system.

Product Overview

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is an open source software that helps organizations manage their business functions. Developers can install the source code onto their servers and customize it to fit their company’s needs. Dolibarr is built on a modular design, so developers can choose to install only the features they need.

The software includes several core modules, which are:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and sales
  • Product and stock
  • Human resources
  • Finance and billing
  • Marketing
  • Content management system (CMS
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Productivity

In addition to deploying on premise, organizations can choose to purchase the DoliCloud option, which has a 15-day free trial and two subscription tiers.

Developers can integrate Dolibarr with any external applications via the REST API or purchase additional modules and connectors through the DoliStore marketplace.


Here are some of the key features within each module.

CRM and sales – This module stores all contact information within a database, so sales reps can manage their pipelines, create quotes and process orders. Contact information can be exported into a spreadsheet or another third-party application.

Product and stock – Users can manage their product and service catalogs, including the price and quantity of each item. They can also track the stock from each warehouse location. Other features are procurement management, shipment tracking, serial/lot management and materials resource planning.

Human resources – With self-service functionality, employees can manage their leave, request time off and fill out their timesheets and expense reports. Managers can approve time-off and expense reimbursement requests. There’s also a recruitment feature that helps organizations manage their hiring processes. Users can create and publish job openings and track incoming applications.

Finance and billing – Financial data (e.g., expenses, revenue) is pulled into the general ledger from other modules, so users can validate the data and export the ledger into their financial system. The billing and payment feature allows users to create invoices either manually or automatically and follow up on unpaid invoices. This module integrates with payment processing systems, allowing customers to pay their bill online. It also integrates with bank accounts for record reconciliation.

Marketing – Marketers can create email campaigns with either the WYSIWYG editor or the HTML editor. They can import email addresses from different sources, and the software automatically discard duplicate emails. Marketers can test emails with a single click and monitor opens, clicks and other campaign metrics. There’s also a tool for creating and sending surveys.

Content management system (CMS) – Users can create their own website with this module. Dolibarr provides website templates, but users have the option to create their own from scratch with the website editor. Users can also organize content with the container architecture, create dynamic content and monitor search traffic.

Point of sale (POS) – With Dolibarr’s TakePOS module, retailers and restaurants can manage their customer orders and payments. Some of its features include customizable floor/table/room definitions, a QR code for customer self-orders, automatic stock updates and cash box controls.

Productivity – The productivity module has a projects feature where users can manage projects and tasks. It integrates with the timesheet feature, enabling users to see the time spent on each task. Users can also create an intervention record for each project that can be converted into proposals or invoices, and the agenda feature lets them share the calendar that record events with other users.

Target Market

Dolibarr targets companies of all sizes in many industries. It doesn’t publicly list the names of its customers.

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Dolibarr has a network of resellers that organizations can choose from for purchasing and implementation. Developers and end users can also demo and test the software for a limited time. The source code is available via the downloads page, and the vendor provides documentation, such as user guides and manuals, to help developers train their end users.

Customer Service & Support

There’s a community forum for users to collaborate on troubleshooting and other issues. Organizations can also contact their Dolibarr partner for additional support if needed.


Dolibarr is open source software, so it’s free. However, some of the modules and plugins that are available in the DoliStore marketplace may require a nominal fee.

DoliCloud has two packages: Basic and Premium. Please note that Dollibar’s pricing is typically presented in euros. The Basic package starts at €14 per user, per month ($14.96 per user, per month) and has 4 GB of storage and the basic features of Dolibarr ERP & CRM. The Premium package costs €30 per month plus €15 per user, per month ($32.46 per month plus $15.07 per user, per month) and has all of the features of the Basic package, plus 20 GB of storage, 5,000 API calls per month and priority email support.


Some modules lack additional features (e.g., the Human Resources module doesn’t offer payroll), so users may have to integrate Dolibarr with another software.


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Dolibarr was launched in 2003 as a foundation management module and has evolved into a ERP & CRM software that’s used by organizations in many countries. It’s developed and promoted by the Dolibarr Foundation, which was established in France in 2009.

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