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Adjutant At A Glance

Good: Robust functionality covers most areas of business management, streamlining operations and saving money.
Bad: Extended learning curve for system mastery, user interface could be more intuitive.
Bottom Line: Adjutant ERP is a fully functional, robust ERP that's best for companies in metal construction, steel manufacturing, chemical production and water treatment.

Product Overview

Abis’ Adjutant enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite includes dozens of customized component solutions designed to streamline operations and boost profits for small and medium-sized companies that operate primarily in metal construction, steel manufacturing, water utilities, chemical production and HVAC.

Adjutant has several integrated modules that connect departments and teams across the production floor. It estimates costs; manages labor, materials and production; tracks shipping and invoicing; and gives users immediate access to all data necessary to finish projects on time and on budget.

With Adjutant, users can:

  • Automate the entire manufacturing and assembly process
  • Access detailed tracking of all assets and serialized items, their locations and dates purchased or sold
  • Track labor, equipment and materials on a task-by-task basis
  • Integrate customer information from a customizable customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Monitor sales activities and track opportunities in real-time
  • Streamline supply chain operations
  • Record and report all elements of customer activity – including aggregate purchases, payment history, available credit, and invoice processing and status
  • Monitor all cash flow activities in real time

Adjutant is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Some of the top features of Adjutant include:

Logistics – Critical logistics functions are automated through this module, such as generating bills of lading; calculating truck capacity and charting scheduled routes; and performing data checks and balances to eliminate issues with loads and deliveries. It also tracks and monitors all shipping events thought a simple UI, manages the entire bill of lading process, expedites purchase order fulfillment, manages a distributor’s fleet and integrates with Google Maps to plot a route.

Production – More than a dozen features under the production module combine to streamline production. From estimating a project’s costs, to scheduling the necessary resources, to meeting budgets, the production module handles shop floor control, job costing, estimating, time and materials, tasks management, bills of materials (BOMs), component order entry routing and more.

Project management – The project management tool helps users plan, schedule and manage teams, budgets and assets for each project. A centralized communications hub and “single-source” database streamlines collaboration, defines key performance indicators, and manages tasks, job costs, time and materials, and change orders.

Sales/CRM – Several different features help coordinate the entire sales pipeline, from contacts, to leads, to closed sales, to follow-up. It helps manage campaigns and quotes, and track sales opportunities and commissions. A comprehensive CRM tracks each step of a customer’s journey, as well as forecasts sales, defines and measures key performance indicators (KPIs), manages quotes and tightens customer service efforts.

Procurement – The procurement module helps clients keep operations cost-efficient by finding the lowest prices for materials, managing and tracking expenses, recommending stock adjustments and more. It provides features for order entry, point of sale purchases, purchase orders, material requirement planning, approvals, route management, credit card processing and automated surcharges per item.

Inventory – The inventory tool uses a wireless scanner to collect warehouse data instantly at any point in the inventory process so inventory can be easily tracked and managed. Components of the tool include item control, catch weight inventory, bins, lot/serial, a certificate of analysis, hazmat and placards.

Accounting – The accounting suite handles all general accounting practices, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, billing and invoicing, job costing, asset management/depreciation, bank reconciliation, commission tracking and sales tax automation.

  • Accounting?
  • Business Intelligence?
  • Customer Relationship Management?
  • Human Resources?
  • Inventory Management?
  • Product and Purchase Planning?
  • Supply Chain Management?

Target Market

Abis’ comprehensive ERP software suite targets companies earning more than $5 million annually in the metal building, steel manufacturing, water utilities, chemical and HVAC industries.

Some of its current clients appear below:

  • Schulte Building Systems
  • Air Team
  • Chem One
  • Reed's Metals Inc.
  • United Structures of America Inc.
  • Municipal District Services
  • de maximis inc.
  • Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • Allsouth Pre-Engineered Components LLC
  • MBM Advisors Inc.

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Abis first performs a needs analysis for qualifying customers to create a plan for moving forward. Once Adjutant has been implemented, Abis plays a role in the onboarding process to continue to meet clients’ needs as users learn the system.

Abis handles all implementation, support, training and data migration services for its customers. After the solution goes live, each customer must name an on-premise system administrator, who will address any issues that arise.

Adjutant integrates with more than 500 third-party apps.

Customer Service & Support

Abis offers various types of customer support. Each customer has a dedicated consultant at Abis, who can be contacted directly to address any issue.

Both phone and email support are available. Support tickets are addressed manually, in the order received, during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST).

Help is available online 24/7/365 through a wiki, YouTube videos, and an archive of documentation and guides. Abis reserves the right to charge a fee for support if a ticket results from operator, not system, error.


Adjutant pricing depends on how many modules customers want to install, how fast they want to implement the system, and how much of the implementation and onboarding process they want to handle on their own.

Contact Abis directly to get a customized quote.


Adjutant’s user interface takes some getting used to.

In addition, there’s an extended learning curve users must overcome before mastering the entire system.


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Abis is a consulting company based in Houston, TX. Its ERP software helps companies grow and streamline their operations.

Abis’ mission is to help its customers improve constantly. The company believes implementing new technology is essential to optimizing the operations and profits of any business.

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