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Macola 10 At A Glance

Good: Workflow automation, personalized workspaces, variety of customer support services.
Bad: Some users have mentioned that software can be cumbersome and has steep learning curve.
Bottom Line: Full-featured ERP solution aimed at helping manufacturers and distributors handle materials, labor, compliance and resources.

Product Overview

Macola is an enterprise resource planning tool that helps manufacturing companies streamline core business functions including finance, project management, customer relationship management (CRM) and HR processes.

The software has versatile business project management tools, including document management features, process workflows, inventory management and automation capabilities. Additionally, the tool streamlines quality management processes, supply chain distribution, and finance and accounting activities such as payment and order processing.

The Macola 10 version offers role-specific views into process management and core business activity. Personalized workplaces allow users to address issues with specific roles in mind. Macola 10’s design and functionality reflect its main principles: visibility & control of manufacturing/distributing processes, configurable views into real-time data, integration between business functions, and accessibility at any time and on any device.


The core modules of Macola 10 stand alone and include Manufacturing, Project Management, Distribution, Quality Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources Management, and Customer Relationship Management.  But the real advantage comes from connecting several business functions with Macola 10, itself. Its key features include:

  • Automation – One of the most powerful features of this ERP software is the ability to automate processes. Users can instruct it to take action instantly once a particular event has occurred within Macola 10 itself or even third-party applications. This reduces redundant entries, delays or errors. If a process demands user attention, Macola has workflow capabilities with alerts that an action is needed before the process resumes.
  • Powerful CRM – Unlike many competitors, Macola 10 has a built-in CRM. Users can immediately see every client/prospective client email, lead, brochure request, sale, quote request and completed phone call from any location. The CRM also lets a user identify important customers by analyzing past (and forecasting future) opportunities, connecting leads to sales representatives and measuring orders to conversions.
  • Document management – Macola 10’s document management feature eliminates paper from the shop floor, ensuring everyone has access to the most recent versions of guides, manuals, fact sheets, policies, meeting notes and more.
  • Personalized Workspaces -With Macola’s Personalized Workspace capability, end-users get a more natural ERP experience. Efficiency and productivity are enhanced via role- or user-based workspaces that only feature the tasks each user must carry out, without any wasted clicks to unnecessary screens. Users can access this feature using their tablets, work or home PCs, and smartphones.

Target Market

Macola is intended for companies of all sizes in a range of industries. Here’s a list of prominent clients:

  • Corvalent
  • Nystrom
  • Solaire Medical
  • InterFlex Group
  • Foam Supplies Inc.
  • Rite Way Mfg.
  • G.L. Mezzetta Inc.
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Glemco

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Macola already has a hosted cloud solution, which many of its clients use. However, it doesn’t have a single-tenant cloud solution. Designing one is a major part of ECi’s go-to-market plan, so it should be available in the future.

The other deployment option is on-premise installation. Macola is compatible with Windows Server 2003 or above and Microsoft SQL. Windows 7 or above is advised for workstations. Its services and applications may be accessed from a virtualized environment.

Customer Service & Support

Macola users are eligible for the following support options:

  • Standard support – Customers can reach Macola’s support representatives by filling out an online form or by dialing 1-800-468-0834. This support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.
  • Online help – Users have access to 24/7 product information and support. That means users can find a solution for their questions or issues online outside office hours. Also, customers with a maintenance contract can access the Customer Portal, which offers a collection of product updates, news, help files and an overview of a user’s contacts.
  • User forums – Macola customers get access to dedicated user forums that include discussions on Macola ERP’s functionality, design, performance, issues, and more.
  • Macola Plus -This is a dedicated level of support and service designed to go beyond the traditional reactive support plan by building a proactive partnership with a business. Users get a dedicated account team, dedicated technical account manager, guaranteed First Call Response time and more.
  • Consulting – Consultants identify opportunities for productivity and efficiency enhancements in a customer’s system. In addition, they conduct frequent health checks to see whether a company’s information is being saved correctly and whether clients are making optimal use of Macola’s functionality.
  • Learning Pass – Learning Pass packages provide users with access to the software vendor’s full catalog of online courses. These are instructor-led, live training sessions that include a fully interactive virtual lab server so customers get the kind of hands-on training they’d expect from a classroom training course.


The ERP software company doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Contact Macola directly for a tailored price quote.


Some users have mentioned that specific tasks, such as creating reports, can be cumbersome, and that it can have a steep learning curve.


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ECI Software Solutions is a family of firms that offer business and e-commerce solutions through both cloud-based and on-premise platforms. ECI has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field service organizations for more than 30 years.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, ECI Software acquired Macola, which had owned by leading Dutch software house, Exact, in 2017. With clients in more than 20 countries and 40 years’ experience in ERP software, Macola will continue to help manufacturers and wholesale distributors plan, manage, analyze and control their businesses through innovative software applications, expert solutions consultants, synergistic plug-in partnerships and crack client support. Macola USA is headquartered in Dublin, OH.

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