Global Shop Solutions vs. Distribution One: A Comparison of ERP Solutions

Global Shop Solutions offers an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for medium and large manufacturers in any industry. Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+ solution is geared toward small- and medium-sized wholesalers and distributors in many industries.

Global Shop Solutions vs. ERP-One+ ERP software comparison

Both products can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Both manage business processes through integrated applications that expedite the flow of real-time data across departments, fostering data-driven decisions.

Product Overviews 

To summarize each product, here’s some information from our reviews of Global Shop Solutions ERP and Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+.

Global Shop Solutoins vs. ERP-One+ ERP comparison

Global Shop Solutions: Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software aims to simplify the manufacturing process for its customers. 

Every application a manufacturing shop needs is a click away, including customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, quality management, agile project management, job costing, scheduling and tracking. In all, the software has 34 modules that draw from the same database. Each can be used on its own or integrated with any number of additional modules. 

Global Shop Solutions vs ERP-One+ software comparison

Distribution One: Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+ is a complete, integrated, wholesale-distribution accounting system and warehouse automation solution. ERP-ONE+ aims to increase departmental interconnectivity while heightening operational efficiency through core procedures and automation. 

ERP-ONE+ has been designed to help wholesalers and distributors across many industries streamline processes, automate operations and access real-time business analytics anywhere and anytime. 

How They Stack Up

We’ve compared Global Shop Solutions ERP and Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+ to highlight some key differences and factors to consider before making a purchasing decision. 


Global Shop Solutions: Global Shop Solutions’ ERP modules give users all the functions needed to manage the business process. Some of the core modules include: 

  • Accounting – The company’s financial solutions enable managers and accounting teams to access data through one system for all their reporting, invoicing and payroll needs. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, budgeting and general accounting calculations are rolled into one system that can access an organization’s real-time financial information.  
  • Project Management – Users can obtain all the manufacturing project data, from work and sales orders to shipments and quotes, through the Project Management application. They can view all open orders and components for a single project on one screen and easily make sense of pertinent data.
  • e-Commerce – This module offers companies easier and simpler options for credit card payments and other electronic transaction options, which means they can get paid faster. In addition, e-commerce transactions are fully integrated into the complete ERP system. 
  • CRM – With this application, organizations can easily identify new prospects, see opportunities across the sales team and track leads that have yet to convert to customers. It also supplies details on orders, shipping and job status, helps organize the sales pipeline, and manages marketing and events. A mobile app allows for anytime, anywhere access.  
  • Product Configurator – The product configurator creates predefined options for product requests. It also automates current pricing and offers online self-service style pricing and ordering. 

Distribution One: ERP-ONE+’s functionality stems from its 18 modules that address most aspects of business management, including: 

  • Dashboard+ (Data Analytics) – This provides critical insights into the current health of the business. Integrated into ERP-ONE+, Dashboard+ enables companies to identify key performance indicators that are most significant to individual users. Through precise visualizations and real-time alerts, Dashboard+ helps management make informed decisions faster. 
  • Sales Order Entry – This tool offers immediate customer information and enables users to process sales orders and customize per-user engagement. It also lets users search inventory to give their customers information instantly as well as allocate or commit stock for them. 
  • CRM – A single-screen CRM lets users drill down customer information to extract immediate actionable data. It can also be customized per user and integrated with another third-party CRM. ERP-ONE+ supports sales staff by making it easier for sales people to contact and relate to their customers and prospects. 
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management – This feature scales to demand and allows users to manage inventory, going so far as to record its specific location within the warehouse. 
  • Sales Analysis – With this tool, users can get up-to-the-minute information that they can use to inquire, report, compare and track trends before making critical decisions about business planning. 

Bottom Line:  Global Shop Solutions provides organizations with all the applications they need to run leaner, more efficient manufacturing operations in one system. The ERP solution offers real-time dashboard and reporting features, so shop managers can have visibility into current jobs and scheduled operations. However, a long learning curve and complex menu structure can intimidate new users.  

ERP-One+ is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that encompasses nearly every aspect of a business’s operational processes. Because of the software’s ease of use, employees get their work done faster. However, unlike Global Shop Solutions, ERP-One+ doesn’t have an HRMS (human resources management system) module, requiring a third-party integration. 

Target Market 

Global Shop Solutions: The solution is geared to small to medium manufacturers in a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, correctional, machine building, metal fabrication, plastics, rubber and more. 

Customers include: 

  • GereMarie 
  • Corilam Fabricating 
  • Miller Welding 
  • Fullerton Tool 
  • Gear Motions 
  • Fabricating Specialties Inc. 
  • Kryton 
  • Pro-Fab 
  • Fima 
  • Lugar Fabrication 

Distribution One:  This solution is targeted to medium and large wholesale distribution customers in a variety or industries, including fasteners, industrial, retail fulfillment, janitorial/sanitation, HVAC, plumbing, paper and packaging, hardware, building supply and specialty tools.  

Some of Distribution One’s clients include: 

  • Colorado Industrial Packing 
  • Fast-Spec Inc. 
  • VLC Distribution 
  • Bay Fastening Systems 
  • Naxos of America 
  • A-Jax Fasteners and Tools 
  • USA Wood Door 
  • DriveKore 
  • On Time Supply 
  • Security Lock Distributors 

Bottom Line: Global Shop Solutions is aimed squarely at small and medium manufacturing companies, while ERP-One+ is focused solely on medium and large wholesalers and distributors. 

Customer Service and Support

Global Shop Solutions: Global Shop Solutions assigns a personal account representative to each customer. This rep serves as a main point of contact, answering system-related questions and connecting the customer to the appropriate department. 

Additionally, a service team is available 24/7 via email, phone or through a ticketing system. All support tickets/inquiries are completed online. The service team logs into a customer’s system to address any issues. 

The company also offers process documentation and training to guide customers through various system processes. And FastTRAIN, a video library, provides various training modules and weekly Friday Features webinars about different aspects of the system. 

An in-house consultant team is available for more intensive training, business process changes or customization work if needed. 

Distribution One: Distribution One provides live, personal software support. Customers can make unlimited support calls and will receive product updates included with maintenance.

During its extended business hours, Distribution One always has a person answering the phone. This includes emergency night and weekend support, if needed. Distribution One also offers an online knowledge base, user communities and a customer portal through which help desk tickets can be generated.

In addition, users also have access to searchable articles in an online knowledge base, peer support, user communities and a customer portal.

Bottom Line: Users say Global Shop Solutions’ support team responds quickly to issues and offers excellent customer service. One user says, “Global Shop has a great product, but where they really stand alone is on the service side. The consultants know the product very well.”  

Distribution One’s support team also provides excellent customer service for both implementation and customers’ ongoing needs. And, Distribution One offers assistance to help buyers that are migrating from another system to transfer data to the new system. Users also like that they can make unlimited support calls.  


Global Shop Solutions: Contracts are tailored to each customer. Companies should contact a sales representative for a customized quote. 

Distribution One: Contracts are tailored to each customer. Companies should contact a Distribution One representative to get a price quote for their business needs. 

Bottom Line: Neither company provides pricing publicly. However, some users say ERP One+ is expensive but worth the money. 


Global Shop Solutions offers everything a manufacturing company wants and needs, including the ability to combine a vast database of information with accurate, highly flexible reporting so that organizations can make the best strategic decisions for their business. Distribution One’s ERP-One+ solution is good for wholesalers and distributors. It’s a highly customizable, well-engineered, comprehensive ERP software backed by strong implementation and support teams.  

Before making a selection, it’s important for organizations to evaluate each tool to decide which best fits their needs.

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